CNA Skill #19 Assist the resident with a bedpan.

skill number 19 assist a resident with a bedpan okay of course do your introduction wash your hands hello I'm CNA Christine is it okay if I can come in they say yes good morning is okay if I check your wristband before we get started okay mrs. Jones nice to meet you so today I'm here to help you with the bedpan is that okay that I assist you with that she says yes okay well I have to actually gather my supplies in either room so I'm going to give you your call if you need anything hit your call light and I'll be right back okay so verbalize wash my hands leave the room gather your supplies so your supplies you're going to be protective barrier of course to set your supplies on additional protective barrier to place under them for the bedpan two sets of gloves some paper towels and toilet paper bath blanket and the bed pad itself so in the American Red Cross packet it lists standard bedpan or fractured bed pad so this is a fracture bed pen and this is a standard bed pen for the state test you're going to be using this one so don't remember this one okay so first go ahead and close the curtain right privacy make sure the wheels roll up for our safety raise the bed to my working level for my safety to protect my back lower the side rail on the side rail that I'm working on okay mrs. Jones just go ahead and move these off to the side first things first mrs. Jones if you can assist me just going to go ahead and put this back like it on you so I can remove your sheets are your sheets don't get dirty go ahead just hold on to those for me of course look again with many of other skills unfold the best blanket to cover here and we'll be removing her top sheets to the foot of the bed okay mrs. Jones hold onto this top sheet this will promote independence for her I'll pull down the regular sheets okay thank you and this skill will be performed on a mannequin so it's going to be a lot harder because the mannequin will not be able to really assist you with anything so make sure that her sheets are at the foot of the bed she's still covered okay all right mrs. Jones I'm gonna have you move over closer to me and three portions of your body and I'm just going to move them okay ready one two three her midsection can you move closer to me one two three none of her legs one two three move over to me okay mrs. Jones go ahead and cross your arms and your legs for me there you go she crosses her legs okay mr. Jones on the country I'm gonna have you roll onto your left side and for support go ahead and grab onto that side rail okay ready one two three she grabs onto the side rail make sure that she's covered up I'll go ahead and proceed to put on my gloves at this point so what you're do is grab the protective barrier and place it on her bit so if it any tile or wastes get off the bed is protected all you have to do is a protective barrier just go ahead and tuck that under here like you would you cheat okay next you grab the bedpan you're going to place it under here so always remember this flatter side organ that's going to be for the flatter side of her back and this narrow part will be more towards her crotch area so just like how you would sit on a toilet so you can do one of two things you can arrest the bedpan on the bed and how mrs. Jones roll onto it or what you can do is also let her know that you're going to be placing the bedpan on her back and then she'll be rolling onto her back okay mrs. Jones I'm just going to go ahead and place this bedpan on you okay I'm just going to assist you on the counter you just go ahead and roll on your back okay ready one two three just holding that pen in place and just assistant mrs. Jones to be centered on the bedpan so it gets kind of awkward because it's a mannequin of course mrs. Jones yeah a little bit all right so going ahead and remove my gloves throw it away so the other thing is especially in your packet it says to raise the head of the bed so we'll go ahead and do that so she can be in a sitting position to use the bedpan so we'll go ahead and raise the bed to about thirty to forty-five degree angle okay mrs. Jones will go ahead and raise your side rail here's your call light when you're done hit your call light and I'll be right back here's your bed controls as well there you go thanks Jones I'm just going to go ahead and bring your side table a little bit closer with some tissues just in case you're able to wipe yourself okay there you go verbalize wash your hands and leave the room and then also make the verbalization you would wait outside the room for five minutes or until you wait until you see the call light so I see the call light so I'm going to knock knock knock mrs. Jones I'm back were you able to watch yourself mrs. Jones and she wasn't able to so you're going to have to do the wiping for her so I'll just set this aside and before I even start with mrs. Jones I'll grab one towel and set it aside paper towel because this will cover my fat pen when I remove it because you can't leave it exposed I'll sit I'll grab two paper towels and I believe in your packet it says you can set them at the foot of the bed or you can set it on like a chair or side table that's the area where you can put your bedpan I don't really recommend putting the bed pen at the foot of the bed because if the mannequin shifts they can knock over the bedpan and you're almost having to figure out what you're going to do next with that and most likely you have to change the bed again clean the floors because everything's got it everywhere so it's better just to find a chair close by and bring it closer to you or find a counter so there's a counter nearby so I'll go ahead and set my protective barrier to place my bedpan on here there then I'll grab three these are paper towels but I'd make the verbalization to the evaluator that these are three wet tissues that I'm going to use to wipe on the resident with and this next one this other one will be to pat dry and I just have an extra just in case so of course glove up Herbalife sanitize my hands put on your gloves and remember before we left mrs. Jones room raised her head of the bed now we have to reverse that and lower through head of the bed Miss Jones let's go ahead and lower your head of the bed and then we'll be putting the Sun rail down on the side that we're working on of course just moving these out of the way okay all right this is Jones you're going to be rolling onto your left side again when you roll onto your left side go ahead and have that side rails for support so what you're going to do now is you're going to use one hand place it on your shoulder just to the corporate earns this other hand that's going to be considered dirty at after touching the bedpan you'll use this hand reach under and hold that bedpan in place because if you don't and you roll her that's going to tip and everything is going to get on her bed so Kay mrs. Jones on the count of three over there pressure on his pressure legs for me on the count of three go ahead and roll hall to your left side okay ready one two three all right mrs. Jones just go ahead and hold onto that side row for me of course just make sure that her sheets are covering her but I have to be careful because this touched the bedpan so make sure she's covered all right so next that paper towel I set aside we're going to go ahead and cover the bedpan because you can't leave her valve women exposed set it on these two paper towels I set aside at this point now that she's on their side I'm going to verbalize these are wet tissue papers and I'm going to use these to clean mrs. Jones so you'll get one paper towel wipe from front to back just like you do with um perineal care in the packet it says have a cuffed plastic bag ready so I votive verbalise I have a Clough plastic bag right here or verbalized I throw this in the trash there we go throwing away the plastic cup bag next what tissue toilet paper I'll go ahead and use this to what the other butt cheek from front to back throw this in the trash next one for down the middle this is extra one I'll just go ahead and do one more swipe down the middle put two back never that way throw this in the trash last one I'll go ahead and Pat drive and I can only use one because she's already clean there's no cross-contamination Herbalife's notice in the trash and now that she's still on her side I'll go ahead and take the time to remove her protective barrier out of bed verbalize the notice and the trash and so at this point your your gloves are dirty so I do take off my gloves take off my gloves sanitize my hands throw this in the trash and I'll assist mr. Jones back on her back hey mrs. Jones go ahead on count three all on your back ready 1 2 3 ok mrs. Jones so I'm just going to head over to the bathroom to dispose of your bedpan I'll be right back ok so here's your call light future call light if anything and I'll be right back bet is lowest position hobros a lot I'll go ahead and put on new gloves let's just say I put on new gloves just make sure that I clean up the rest of my area lifes notice in the trash with my gloves on I'll proceed to grab the bedpan and these tissues and go to the bathroom so there's no real bathroom there so we'll pretend this area's the bathroom so go away go ahead and run away run tissue grab the other tissue and then I'll look at in verbalized checking mrs. Jones species for any abnormalities ok so I'll go ahead and dump it slow and low to the toilet verbalize wash clean sanitize and store in her bathroom I'll take off my gloves verbalize sanitize my hands go back into her room ok mrs. Joe in the back almost finished let me go ahead and switch out your blankets in the bath blanket can you do it okay so for mrs. Jones she's fine can you assist me by holding your blanket so I can take off your bath blanket she says yes and she's doing so so I just remove the bath blanket from one of her sheets verbalized put this in a soiled linen barrel sanitize my hands okay now it's all about Danny reading it's making sure mrs. Jones okay everything looks neat is there anything else I can do for you mrs. Jones she says no okay well I'm going to leave here's your call light in your bed controls if you need to get your call line I'll be right back bed is in the lowest position double check that the wheels are locked once again one side are all up on the side around out for the state test I'll go ahead and make sure no belongings are within reach always go to the foot of the bed one more time just to check her alignment she's kind of crooked so I'll just go ahead and help her scooch over okay all right mr. Jones I'll see you later open the curtain wash your hands and document


  1. We have been taught to put some water or wet the bedpan before giving it too patient so that feaces wont stick with bedpan!is this we suppose to do or not

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  5. Aren't you suppose to wash your hands as soon as you enter the room before touching anything? She touched the call light and then washed her hands…. contamination on the call light right there – no good!!

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  8. Would this be the same for prometric in Florida . We use a bed pan procedure with a person I think 🤔… would there still be so many steps??

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  13. Just passed the class in San Bernardino.. If you make a mistake you have time to fix it!!! I put the bed pan without the bed protector at first I just said "oops hold on Mrs Jones I forgot to put this I'm so sorry " what failed some of the students were small mistakes like side rails and call lights and not making a correction when the proctor acts you about your principles of care after the skill

  14. Got my cna certification last June and haven't worked as a cna since getting certified and I feel like I forgot everything I learned

  15. I'm from Michigan, and we are being told in CNA class that we are not to use side rails at all, because they are considered restraints. That's apparently just for nursing homes, because when I was in the hospital having surgery, I absolutely had side rails.

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