CNIB Emergency Intervenor Service – For EMS

Hi, Toronto EMS. Hello. Ok, I’ll take it. I am deaf… I am deaf and I have vision loss. Ok. Let’s go into the living room. Oh boy. Diego? Yeah. I’ve got a little tab here. It says ‘First Responders Tips’ To get my attention, please tap my arm. So maybe that’s how we should contact her. To identify who you are… Ok, it says please tap my hand and show me or let me feel your badge for a police officer, stethoscope for paramedic. Ok. And a helmet for a firefighter. So maybe let her feel your stethoscope. Good. Ok, it says for an emergency intervenor service, to call this number. Um, this number here – should I be calling? You’ve already? Ok. She’s already called. And here’s a book. It’s an emergency communication book for paramedics, doctors nurses and first responders. Alright. So its got a lot of information in here about me. Signs and symptoms, ok. Medical treatment and even history. That’s important. Let’s see what happened. Look at that. It just says event history. What happened to you. Can you remember what happened? Did you lose consciousness? Maybe show her that. None of that. Good. Fall. She fell down. From where? The stairs. The stairs? Oh! You fell down, and you? Ok. So it seems like she fell down and tripped. You didn’t hit your head. Ok, ok. Is there anything about an ambulance? Know what? There is. On I think, middle page I saw something. Middle page. A picture. Ah! Right here. Ambulance. You were right there. Good idea. Ok. Oh, hi! Hi. I’m Emily, I was sent from the CNIB Emergency Intervenor Services. Oh, ok! I’m here to provide interpretation for Lidia because she is Deafblind. That was on the book! Ok. Awesome. Come on in. Jump on in, just watch your step. There you go. Ok. And you can close the doors. Ok. Ok. We’re good to go. Alright.

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