Hi everyone! welcome back to my channel So, in this video i will share to you guys my skin treatment experience in Korea i did the treatment in Banobagi clinic so now without further ado let’s start the video~ So, right now i’m here with Sanly Hi San~ we’re here at the Banobagi clinic (Dermatology) now for my skin, for now i’am having breakout because i just finished my period the acne is quiet a lot right now so i want to do treatment for the skin now we’re waiting for the doctor, iam going to consult with the doctor and ask what kind of treatment i should do and after that, continue to the treatment procedure They’re going to do cleansing first and after cleansing, i’ll take before after picture They’re doing cleansing first and after cleansing iam going to take before after picture. and after that, i’am going to consult with the doctor So, from the consult with the doctor he said that my skin already included in Adult Acne so, the treatment that i’m going to do are Fraxel laser, it’s for my large pores also i’ll do PRP and laser to reduce my redness lastly i will do Ulthera, it’s for tightening my cheek now i’m on my way to clinic with Sanly today sanly will take off the bandage for me, today i’ll do skin treatment for acne i’am using Beautique and their services are free!~ also we got this car for free so if you guys want to go here for plastic surgery or maybe skin treatment you can contact Beautique korea~ so, i’ll explain a little about Beautique Korea Beautique Korea is a Goverment approved agency their purpose is to increase tourists in Korea that’s why all the services are free so, if you guys want to do treatment or maybe plastic surgery in Korea you can use their services Beautique Korea is really make it easier for the process when i did the treatment there some service that we’re going to get are First, a pick up service from airport and hotel everytime we’re going to do the treatment Second, care package for all the patient they will prepare all the medication and medical advice for people who wants to do Plastic Surgery or maybe treatment they can give consult first best clinic for you and also what kind of treatment you should take for your skin if you come here alone , they will accompany you during the consult and the treatment and also after the treatment they can help with hospital and hotel reservation and now they have Indonesian translator everything will be more easier with indonesian translator, it’s all managed by this Beautique Korea for more information about Beautique Korea , i’ll put the link and all the details in the description box just like usual, don’t forget to check description box!! <3 so, the Plastic Surgery Banobagi Clinic and Dermatology Banobagi Clinic is different the Dermatology clinic is here they told me to sit here i'm with kak Ara <3 She is Beautique translator if you guys can't speak korean, don't worry because i always use Bahasa Indonesia here with ka Ara everything is already managed by them, so we just follow their procedure i will change my shoes into slipper first so, inside the locker there is a pair of slipper now we're going to start the treatment I'ts for removing my dead skin, it's not hurt at all~ what's this cream? you should stay here for a while okay, stay here that's how she looks right now they took my blood for PRP hi guys >.< now i'am waiting for the anestesi cream eheh there's lipstick on my teeth my face looks really round now i shoud wait for about 20-30 mins and after that, we're going to start with the procedure they said, the Fraxel laser treatment is the most painful one so yeaa, we'll see. I hope that it's just like i was bitten by ants First treatment, laser for reducing redness how is it feel? nooo, it doesn't hurt at all it's just like shocked a little no sensation at all? so this is the one that's hurt? not yet, this is okay? this laser is for tightening my skin oh yea, it's a bit weird i did this treatment because i want to make my cheek more small and also the v'line you can see it already over here like more, sharp how does he do it? he pull my cheek up so actually the process is really takes time she said it's 200 shots it's hurt here and here, the one which is near the bone is hurt but the pain is just like more sore and also it's hurt here this is the.. Fraxel the function is for minimize the pores for? this is for pores it's gonna be super red yeahh, i can already see her forehead it's turning red don't move don't move she's holding to it really tightly Finally~~ what are these injection for? it's for reducing the inflammation you're kinda bleeding all over beauty is pain so this is PRP, and PRP in here it's like this guys it's not hurt at all it's your blood? yeah, it's my blood my children yeayy, great job! perfect~ just a second, i can help you with the final touch she said, her face is feeling quite hot it's really hot, not quite hot it's burning that feels good it's for your skin to be cool so, she's gonna do this for... 40-50 mins to cool down her face you look, very prettier really? like your jaw is like... baam! ready to cut some haters so this one is about 10-15 mins why that she has to hold that? cause it's to help you to transfer the electromist you can see this, connected to this one so basically it helps balance the electricity flow in her body so, she doesn't get like too much flow and it's goes through this machine and then goes there i feel like my face is really tight you look like Song Hye Kyo eh eheheheh sthappp how long does it takes for her to be able to put on makeup? actually, putting the makeup is anytime is fine but when she puts some makeup anyway the scabs will fall off but, to see the best result it's better if you keep the scabs as much as you can okay so now, iam on my way home If you're going to go home Beautique Korea also will call taxi for you sanly already took off the bandages How is it guys? i really like it and look at my face, usually when i got treatment in Indonesia, my face will be very red just like boiling crab XD i need to put on mask here and here but this time, it's not like that it's not that red it's not that red like usual okay, so now i'am here at the hotel they gave me this it's precaution and after treatment care the details, and also the prohibition They also gave me sheet mask 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 6 Vita Genic jelly mask lifting, it's a mask from Banobagi i will use these mask everyday so the healing process is more fast they also said that i have to put moisturizer often because my face will dry because of the treatment okay guys, so this video is all about my skin treatment in Korea and later i will make a part 2 video for my skin update and also if you guys have any questions about the treatment in Korea you can just comment below i'll wait for you comments okay? <3 alright guys, so this is the end of the video thank you so much for watching, don't forget to like and subscribe~ and i'll see you in the next video! <3


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