Code Blue at the Clinical Learning & Simulation Facility

oh really bad what's wrong sir really bad sir what's wrong we get Tim monitored another world star Jessica threatened police were in v-fib please begging you sir can be wide open and give them a liter bolus milder with epi please enjoy something asked you to push okay how much repair shop keep on keep on like just go straight yep don't worry about stopping we're all I'm just gonna go you're just gonna make it whenever you want okay let's create supercharged rainbow bringing them on okay over there at 123 adjust the pressure places so we're a needle for another two minutes you love me no choice when you're tired and I will you're getting an extra pressure waveform that's great do you want to suffocate to be whenever you're ready thank you and what do we have for rhythm we're still being bit you can continue test expression we get to recap the official ended he tips we've chopped twice we're doing ten chest compressions every times one from here the second dose of effort effort and we give them a be over 150 milligrams and we'll run the CPR in a minute and we'll decide if we're going to go see if there's any underlying okay do a pulse check there check for pulse no pulse here no pulse here so we're good he's gonna be there pressure we have appalls be upset we must give to excellent


  1. If I appear to "code" when my heart rhythm is pretty regular (sinus brady, normal or tachy) I want the treatment to be IV feeding.

  2. VF recognised but lets NOT rush to shock, the only thing that will possibly start the heart again, lets stroll on with IV, bagging and eventually shock lol

  3. this team leader has no idea what he is doing. you don't just keep compressions going and bag when ever you want like he tells the person bagging.

  4. No BakerM92 – if you are bagging a patient you need to stop every 30 compressions to give 2 breaths. Only after the patient is intubated do you give continuous CPR at 100/min and ventilate every 6-8 second.

  5. if youve got a bag on the patient (the guy standing at his head) you can do constant compressions only stopping to intubate or watch their pulse on the monitor.

  6. Hi! im a nursing student and I have a question.. are we suppose to start an IV line for the IV meds or we can just inject it directly to vein?

  7. not only didn't you use 300 mg amio, you stopped CPR to intubate, and you didn't wait 3 minutes between doses of Epi. Also, never charge the defibrillator in the air. I've seen some BAD things happen and you don't want your code members to end up in the neuro ICU. You don't have to be a pharmacist to know your ACLS drug codes. As an ACLS instructor, nurses/RT's,/EMTs & paramedics are much easier to teach than 4th yr med students who don't have a clue what you're doing.

  8. micger does not know the new guidelines. We no longer do stacked shocks. One shock and 2 minutes of cpr. And what is CPU? humbleman57 is right on with the ami dose.

  9. We should give 3 stacks of shock if the arrest is monitored! And CPU shouldn't be stop at all even when intubation is done. Intubation should be later. I wouldn't wanna have an arrest in manitoba

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