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[Music] It’s really important to dress in
layers in cold weather. Those layers keep the warm air next to your
body and insulate each other and they add together to produce the warm you need in order
to protect yourself against the cold. One of the easiest ways to keep your self
protected is to stay inside during cold weather. Stay in the heat. If you have space heaters, make sure they
are at least 3 feet away from anything that might be flammable and never use anything
that uses fossil fuels like natural gas or oil to heat your house that isn�t supposed
to be. That puts you at risk for carbon monoxide
poisoning. So the people that are most at risk for having
bad things happen to them in cold weather, are the people that are very young and the
people that are very old. So if you have elderly neighbors, make sure
they are taken care of, that their heat is okay and maybe even help them clear out their
sidewalks so they don’t slip and fall. The best advice during the cold weather is
as far as to travel is not to do it unless you really have to. There are increased risks on the road and
we see an increase number of patients from car accidents that show up in our trauma center. If you do need to drive, make sure you give
yourself extra time. Give yourself extra distance to stop and of
course, always wear your seatbelt. So there’s actually a recommended kit to
have in your car that the CDC has on their website that recommends what to keep with
you. So that includes having your cell phone, having
extra chargers and extra batteries so that you can call for help. Having blankets in the car and having things
like sand or kitty litter so that if your car gets stuck you will be able to get some
more traction. So wearing wet cloths wicks the heat away
from your body. Wet cloths will make you colder then if you
were if you just take your cloths off. One of the first things to do once you get
inside if your wet is to take off those wet cloths so you can dry off your skin. One of the most important things you can do
to protect yourself from frostbite is to make sure you’re covered up. The areas that are most susceptible are your
extremities. Things like your fingers, or your toes or
your nose, your ears. So make sure you’re wearing gloves, your
mittens, have a scarf around, keep in the warmth and put a hat on your head and make
sure you cover up your ears. One of the things that people will do in order
to keep themselves warm is to increase their intake of things like coffee, or tea or hot
chocolate. And that really does work. You get some warmth from the inside. One thing that doesn’t work is the intake
of alcohol. Even though you feel that warm sensation on
the inside, you’re actually dehydrating your body and it actually may make you more
prone to getting ill. [Music]

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