College of Medicine White Coat Ceremony 2017

ceremony music Randall Worth: Good morning, and welcome
to the 2017 white coat ceremony for the University of Toledo College of Medicine
and Life Sciences. My name is Randy Worth. I’m the assistant Dean for Student Affairs
and I want to welcome you to the event today. The entering class of medical
students has achieved extraordinary academic success in order to gain
acceptance to medical school. Academic Excellence is not enough, however, to make
a caring doctor who has a genuine concern for his or her patients as individuals.
This is why the University of Toledo MD program has a holistic admissions process
that evaluates applicants based not only on their academic credentials, but also on
their personal qualities, values, and contributions outside of the classroom.
A major reason that these students are here at the University of Toledo College
of Medicine and Life Sciences is because they have demonstrated the personal
values and humanistic qualities that are desired in physicians. Characteristics
such as honesty, and integrity, compassion and empathy. Altruism, meaning putting the
interest of others before self. Respect for others dedication to service, Like
learning, professional development is a lifelong process. We started to build upon
these students innate human, humanistic values and attitudes during the weeks
orientation. The culmination of orientation and the start of the new
academic year is today’s White Coat Ceremony. Students, the White Coat
Ceremony is a symbolic one to emphasize that you are not just embarking on another
educational endeavor, you are entering what is arguably the noblest of
professions, where your true success will not be judged by your grades and test
scores, but how you serve your fellow humans. The White Coat Ceremony is a
unique opportunity for you as beginning medical students to bond with your fellow
classmates while celebrating your choice of career in medicine. The White Coat is a
mantle of the profession of medicine and symbolizes the compassion that your
future patients will expect from you. At this time, it’s my honor and privilege to
introduce Dr. Christopher Cooper, Dean of the College of Medicine and Life Sciences.
Dr Cooper. Applause Dr. Cooper: Good morning. It’s my pleasure
on the behalf of the Board of Trustees and Dr. Sharon Gaber, president of the
University of Toledo, to extend a warm welcome to the incoming class of students,
and to your family and friends. We are so pleased that you have decided to enter the
profession of medicine and have chosen the University of Toledo for your medical
education. Well, it’s the start of a new academic year. It’s a time of renewal, a
time of enthusiasm mixed with a sense of accomplishment, high energy, and maybe,
maybe just a little trepidation or anxiety Well, we share the excitement and energy
you’re feeling as you embark on this to fulfill the dream of becoming a
physician. So, who is the cap class of 2021? well, you’re our entering 49th
entering class. There are 175 of you. We screened 4,015 applications to find you.
About 4% of the folks who applied were admitted. Three quarters of you are from
Ohio, 20% are from right here in North West Ohio. The other quarter are from
states throughout the country; Michigan California, Illinois etcetera. your
previous degrees come from 69 universities across the country from Ohio State,
University of Toledo, Miami, Case Western, Cornell, Georgetown, Hopkins, Harvard,
UCLA, Cincinnati, Dayton, Michigan, Notre Dame, Vanderbilt etcetera. Your
incoming GPA, 3.67. Your average MCAT score puts you in the top 18% on average
nationally. You’re a really smart bunch. applause Dr. Cooper: You can’t see behind you, but
that’s your parents clapping for you, and it’s appropriate. 31 of you have master’s
degree’s already, and one has a PhD. Your average age is 23 and you range from mere
20, we’ll figure out later to 39, with lots of life experience. You’re eventually
split between men and women. So now that you have a better idea of who you are,
who is your institution? It’s the 54th year since the founding of our medical
school. We have 140,000 alumni and we have 22,000 students currently enrolled at
the University of Toledo. We employ about 7,000 faculty and staff, and we have 60
million dollars in research activity. We have 16 academic units and three major
campuses spread out over 1200 acres. The one that you’ll be intimately familiar
with is the Health Science campus, something you’re already gaining. We are
one of 17 state colleges with a professional rate as diverse as ours, and
we have a one billion dollar impact on our community. We’re an institution which is
recognized for excellence in education, research, and the care of patients. and
we’re also very engaged in our community, something I hope that you as a student
will also do. So congratulations, and welcome to all of you. At this time I
have the special honor of introducing Dr. Michael McCrea, who is the president
of the College of Medicine and Life Sciences Alumni Affiliate. Mike is a great
guy and a great leader, and it’s my pleasure to introduce him. applause Dr. McCrea: So, I thought this was a White
Coat Ceremony so I brought a white coat, and I realize that maybe I should have
actually just worn my suit jacket, but I’m much more comfortable in this anyway, this
is actually what I wear to work, except not the tie and definitely not the button
down shirt. So i’m an emergency physicican and I work at St. V’s. I graduated, I’m
going to say in 2004, so too many years ago, but not enough yet, and I thought
back- of course, I have to do the corny “What does this mean to you, and why
should you care?” It probably won’t mean much today, and it may not mean much in a
couple years, but to those of us up here it means a lot. I think medical students,
you know we used to say the reason we had to give you white coats is so you have
somewhere to put all your books, but now because of these, I don’t know why we have
to give it to you. So we have to give it to you because it actually means something
and in a couple years when you actually start seeing patients, I know you do a
little bit in the first two years, but when you actually start in the wards and
you wear your coats, and yes they’re short so we know you’re a medical student. And
then they get a little bit longer when you get to residency, and then maybe you
finish residency and you actually go to your first job it’ll mean something. So I
actually just had that moment for myself, I’ve been out of residency for 10 years
this summer, and that seemed like a really big deal that I’ve been practicing
physician for 10 years. So today is the start. It is a beginning. The end is
decades in the future. applause Randall Worth: Part of the tradition of
the White Coat Ceremony is to present gifts to the incoming class to remind you
of the responsibilities of the profession you’ve chosen for your life’s work. As you
just heard from Dr. McCrea, the University of Toledo College of Medicine and Life
Sciences Alumni Affiliate has generously provided the white coats for each student.
In addition each coat has a gold lapel pin with a stethoscope in the shape of a
heart, just like on the logo of the program. The pins are gift from the
Arnold P Gold Foundation, a public foundation dedicated to fostering
humanism in medicine. The medical student honor code committee has provided the
medical student honor code lapel pins featuring the words honesty, integrity,
and professionalism. At this time I will call each student’s name and have you come
forward to the center of the stage where you will be cloaked with your first white
coat. Dr Paul Schaefer, Associate Dean for Student Affairs and Admissions, Dr Shirley
Bodi, Assistant Dean for Curriculum Integration, and Dr James Kleshinski,
Senior Associate Dean for Clinical Affiliation, will cloak the entering
class. There is a professional photo- grapher who will then take an individual
photo of each student with Dr. Cooper that will be available for purchase online
Members of the audience are also welcome to come forward to take pictures. Randall Worth: Olanrewaju Aboderin
applause Othman Adil
applause Matthew Agnew
applause Mahum Ahmed
applause Abdullah Alam
applause Alexander Altman
applause Melinda Amornwichet
applause Nkiruka Aniagolu
applause Robert Ariss
applause Mariam Asadullah
applause Nabila Azeem
applause Yetunde Badmus
applause Zachary Baker
applause Darshana Balasubrama
applause Alex Balboa
applause Hannah Ballock
applause Rajit Banerjee
applause Natalia Barragan
applause Abby Begezda
applause Matthew Belardo
applause Cara Bird
applause Rachel Blanda
applause Mary Bozsik
applause Christine Brennan
applause Justin Brown
applause Brenna Bullock
applause Nicholas Burkholder
applause Taylor Bussell
applause Andrew Campbell
applause Andrew Caras
applause Christian Carwell
applause Christine Cassidy
applause Jacob Ciricillo
applause McKenzie Clapp
applause Quinci Copeland
applause Stephanie Cordonnier
applause Rana Daas
applause Judy Daboul
applause Giana Dawod
applause Armelle DeRiso
applause Harsh Desai
applause Danielle Dever
applause Alexander DiScenna
applause Christina Dubchuk
applause Joseph Duff
applause Alexander Edwards
applause Joseph Eid
applause Katelin Eing
applause David Farrow
applause Abigail Fogle
applause Steven Folkerth
applause Peter Fredman
applause Omar Gad
applause Korina Gaishauser
applause Casey Gallagher
applause Akhil Gangisetty
applause Julie Gartland
applause Gabrielle Gear
applause Allison Gerren
applause Elham Ghaderian
applause Emily Gibbons
applause Vinaya Gogineni
applause Sarah Goldman
applause Nityasri Gopinath
applause Nicholas Gozza
applause Michael Haddad
applause Armaan Hasan
applause Charles Hawk
applause Saloni Hegde
applause David Hein
applause Andrew Hendrix
applause Nicholas Henkel
applause Anay Hindupur
applause Benjamin Hinkel
applause Kasandra Hoeksema
applause Jennifer Huang
applause John Jackson
applause Angela Jacob
applause Bryanna Jay
applause Esther Jung
applause Swaramsi Katragadda
applause Jesse Kelso
applause Muhamad Khalid
applause Trisha Khambadkone
applause Samar Khan
applause Shafwan Khan
applause Ana Khazan
applause Ji Kil
applause Ina Kim
applause Jason Kleppel
applause Jay Kumar
applause Meghan Lark
applause Austin Lee
applause Jacob Lennert
applause Brandon Lewis
applause Amy Li
applause Patricia Liu
applause Christine Lu
applause Daniel Lubarsky
applause Sherry Magrey
applause Jacob Maier
applause Cameron Marcus
applause Allison Martin
applause Esther Mburu
applause Mitchell McDaniel
applause Ciara Metzoian
applause Ethan Miller
applause Nicholas Mitchell
applause Randy Moore Junior
applause Shyla Moore
applause Kavya Pai
applause Jennifer Park
applause Jordyn Purdue
applause Alex Petrak
applause Matthew Ponder
applause Josef Pontasch
applause Mahbod Pourriahi
applause Ankur Pranjal
applause Rafid Rahman
applause Ryan Reagans
applause Aniroodh Reddy
applause Rahul Revan
applause Clayton Rice
applause Luke Ritzinger
applause Eric Roose
applause Brandon Rosolowski
applause Emily Rowland
applause Kaylee Royster
applause Jeffrey Russel
applause Danielle Saevig
applause Olivia Sagan
applause Mario Sahlani
applause Natasha Samanich
applause Tarek Samman
applause Jack Sample
applause Samantha Seibel
applause Arvind Senthilkumar
applause Shivam Shah
applause Medea Shanidze
applause Devon Shannon
applause Erin Sheehan
applause Michael Sheehan
applause Sabeen Sidiki
applause Hannah Simmons
applause Angela Sipes
applause Samantha Smith
applause Racquel Sohasky
applause Rachel Speakman
applause Jennifer Springer
applause Jigisha Srivastav
applause Stravos Stefanpoulos
applause Cory Stein
applause Aladdin Sufyan
applause Matthew Sullivan
applause Grace Sun
applause Sriya Sureddi
applause Emily Symes
applause Subhan Toor
applause Christina Varghese
applause Brent Veerman
applause Lekha Vemuru
applause Alexander Vonderau
applause Jason Wanamaker
applause Li Wang
applause Logan Weghorst
applause Stephen Werner-Sleva
applause Adam Wheeler
applause Reid Wilkins
applause Kayla Winters
applause Maggie Wong
applause Daisy Wu
applause Rachel Wyand
applause Akul Yajnik
applause David Yatsonsky
applause Luke Zona
applause Randall Worth: At this time I’d like to
call upon fourth-year medical student Ibitssam Gad, UT college of Medicine
Chapter of the Gold Humanism Honor Society who would lead the first-year class in a
recitation of the medical student pledge of ethics. Ibitssam Gad: If you can all please stand
up, and the students, yeah just the students, thanks guys. All right and then
we’ll go ahead and recite the student pledge of ethics together, I publicly
acknowledge and accept the privileges and responsibilities given to me today as a
physician in training and dedicate myself to provide care to those in need. I will
approach all aspects of my education with honesty and integrity, embracing
opportunities to learn from patients, teachers, and colleagues. I will always
maintain the highest standards of professional conduct. I will certify only
that which I have personally verified, and I will neither receive nor give un-
authorized assistance on examinations. I will value the knowledge and wisdom of
the physicians who have preceded me. I will recognize my weaknesses and
strengths, and strive to develop those qualities that will earn the respect of my
patients, my colleagues, my family, and myself. I will respect the humanity,
rights, and decisions of all patients and will attend to them with compassion and
without bias. I will maintain patient confidentiality and be tactful in my words
and actions. I will value the diversity of patient’s experiences, cultures, and
beliefs because it enhances my ability to care for them and enriches my education.
I will not forget that there is an art to medicine as well as science and that
warmth sympathy and understanding are integral to patient care. i will strive to
earn the trust my patients place in me and the respect that society places upon my
profession.I will recognize the privileges afforded to me as a physician and training
and promise not to abuse them. Even as a student I have responsibility to improve
the standard of health in my community, to increase access to care for the un-
deserved and to advance medical knowledge. As I accept these new responsibilities, I
will not forget the importance of my own health and well-being. I will continue to
value my relations with those who have supported me in the past, and those who
will share in my future. Knowing my own limitations and those of medicine, I
commit myself to a life-long journey of learning how to cure, relieve, and comfort
with humanity and compassion. I make these promises solemnly, freely, and upon my
honor. Congratulations everybody. applause Dr. Cooper: You guys can be seated. Ladies
and Gentleman, doctors to be, friends and family, we have all been witness to a
remarkable event. We’ve observed 175 men and women commit themselves to a special
journey of growth and discovery. The commitment to be a physician, the symbol
the symbol of that commitment today is the donning of the white coats you all look a
little different in your clean white coats Are you different? Have you changed? It
will come. Before I get onto my next comments I’m going to actually address
you family and friends for a moment. So family and friends, I want- I make a
promise to you that we’re going to take care of your students, your loved ones,
over the next four years. You’re going to find out how hard they work. They’ve
worked very, very hard to get here. Theyre going to work far harder these next four
years. Simply put there is much to learn. The coursework, the requirements, are sub-
stantially more than many of them experienced as undergraduates. For most of
them they’ll work far harder than they have at any time of their life. There’s a
lot to learn. There’s a lot of information to learn and there’s a lot of professional
growth that must occur. I want you to know that I, the Dean, my associate Deans, the
faculty, the staff are fully committed to meeting the needs of your students, your
friends, your family member during these four years. We’re here for them constantly
day and night, weekends, anytime they need something we’re available, okay? So under
stand that your loved ones are going to work really hard and we’re here to
shepherd them through that process. I also believe that all meaningful change begins
with a promise. A promise to yourself, to a loved one, or to a room full of people.
A few moments ago you students made a promise upon your honor in front of all
these witnesses. you promise solemnly, you did so freely. the oath you took speaks
of accepting the privileges and responsibilities given to you today. You
spoke of honesty and integrity, humility and compassion. You committed to
recognizing your own strengths and weaknesses and developing the qualities
that will earn the respect of others. You promise to all of those here in this room
your mentors, your teachers, and your community in which you’ll serve, and
most importantly, most importantly to the patients that will rely on you and trust
you with their care. There will be challenges, you’re going to work hard, you
just heard that. You’ll live with difficult decisions. Decisions that you
will need to make. To measure up to the promise won’t be easy, but none of you
would be in these seats wearing these white coats if you were looking for easy.
You’ve already proven how hard you can work. I thank you for your promise today
to join this wonderful journey to become a physician. It was the smartest thing I’ve
done in my life except for marrying my wife. So enjoy the rest of the day with
your family and friends. This is the celebration- Okay great. Thanks James.
A little he- keeps me in line. This is a celebration of the beginning of a
marathon. For those of you who’ve run the 26.2 miles which is a marathon, you under-
stand that the balloons and the bands playing at the beginning of the race have
very little to do with the completion, but they’re celebrating the commitment to run
the race and the preparation that leads to the journey. With that I wish to
congratulate all of the incoming students and your families on the magnificent
achievements that you’ve already accomplished, and on walking this path
with us together. Today we’re going to begin a new page in all of our lives. You
are the best and the brightest. You are the best suited for the professional quest
ahead, and so we most sincerely welcome you and give you our warmest
congratulations. Welcome to the University of Toledo College of Medicine
family. applause Dr. Cooper-Now what I’d like to do is ask
the audience to dismiss, and our students could I please have you wait until folks
have exited, so we can get a group photo? Thank you very much.

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