Colloidal Silver – history and new research facts

West way on a homes work following is from educate yourself work colloidal silver January 17 to come dude ft and assertions the colloidal
silver still considered truck under their jurisdiction we forgive colloidal silver products
more products our Deluxe hotels generators personal failed see you can
make your and that’s my point you can actually
make your own colloidal silver it’s very easy to do so what is called also calls over a solution extremely fine so microscopic particles a curse or
suspended in water by pasta like charge on each particle particles remain
suspended throughout the solution because pasta
charged particles for culture with greater force and gravity can
accept on it a powerful germicidal silver exceptional
metal and that it is non-toxic to the human
body lethal to over 650 disease-causing bacteria viruses fun guy parasites and malls all
conventional pharmaceutical antibiotics are typically effective against only six
or seven bacteria some new strains of bacteria classified
as in Dr most drug-resistant have proved to be
resistant to all pharmaceutical antibiotics but not cool silver do to different
germicidal mechanisms deactivation or colloidal silver really
does is that the silver ions attached
membrane surface radicals bacteria comparing cell
respiration and blocking its energy transfer system
ok yes ok to make colloidal silver you will need phones lines make at least one cord
still water make sure you use to Stillwater not tap water or spring water or any
other type water it’s important that you still
waterson there’s no other contaminants cited colloidal silver generator or 12 volt DC battery is required you can also use three nine
volt DC batteries in series but they’re not as powerful and it may
take a bit longer to complete the process if you purchase the mansion blood
electrification Shoji earlier one other clubs has been
designed on the unit for this purpose you later jam jar or some clear glass
container to allow monitoring productions and silver and finally
you’ll need to purchase some silver wire make sure you purchase over wire up
quality of play 9999 that’s four mines heavy-gauge to use your preference
however I recommand a thicker gauge so that you can actually
use it again the process for making coral silver is simple although please take precaution when
working with water no electricity at same time what actually happens is when we hope
the positive and negative connectors to each piece absorber and place the sewer and water both piece
of wire near each other with charge causes the sort ionized and
this is all and tiny particles in the water what
you’re currently witnessing here is the ionization the silver as charge
missus the wires and the silver dissolves into the water
for demonstration purposes I view something other than distilled water only to show you effect but what is
happening to the silver as it gets into the water refusing to Stillwater shouldn’t really
notice anything at all the time to do this can vary depending
on the amount of power that you’re sending through the wires but typically a few hours is probably
good enough you’re using three non bowl better she
may consider using it overnight I wouldn’t go beyond that point hello gonna have a look at who bonuses attack healthy cells somehow colloidal
silver can neutralized the bonuses to stop them
from doing this first people to look at how viruses actually look basically they contain
abnormal DNA when a virus attacks a normal
healthy cells the deal this to this DNA is injected
into the healthy cell you have normal DNA did not skates inside healthy cell it didn’t work Cecil ans QP make more viruses which to
complete the process by going and it’s like an other cells know when this is good in the patents are advanced colloidal
silver the silver particles within the colloidal silver have a
magnetic charge be abnormal DNA within the finest is affected by the magnetic charger and
is basically tied up into a puddle in order to inject the peony into a healthy so the abnormal p.m. et needs to be able to Street Mount when is
tied up tight it’s a pointless incapable of injecting yourself into a
healthy cells the promises that poor neutralized this little particle is able to carry
your movement throughout the body is a nanoparticle so it’s very tiny they
couldn’t throughout the body and it continued to neutralize bonuses anywhere within the body that he goes
over most were going goal is needed me he loves me dollars medium and the see live a river is gone and gotten and a comb the no on my dayy years me here me me live years 3 needed me honey and and shared homes yeah greene et pattern the don’t you leave create me prison don’t you read created me real she even longer on land and he is
up only me and love movie these are very important thing won the ability to kill MRSA may save
your life for you kids life or your brother life
you can infection in the hospital you bet you’re talking about over a
hundred thousand people a year in the US died because of this but can
we kill yeah right now we’re after an FDA
approval to be able to kill that thing so that if
you get caught if you get shot if you get operated on
for any reason we can squeeze a stop in the hole so you up kill all the bacteria from the
inside out a map for that now will get just like
everything else we grind our way through it and till we get everything we need the next question that comes up is what
makes you think by internal usage this product can do
any good okay nobody has ever proved that using
the server product internally could do anything at all you
feel argument everywhere if the 124 persons study four different hospitals in Africa we didn’t go to them they ask us you’ll
notice on there as you go down they use it for things like I infections ear infections urinary
tract infection sore throat abdominal pain and diarrhea bronchitis vaginal yeast infection
sexually transmitted diseases like gonorrhea they have viral infections upper
respiratory tract infection the use of the product out about out
today at that level all one 124 those people where full recovery in
an average of less than a week day we prove that internal you could have the product
could in fact help your body to recover and recover
very quickly malaria the second leading cause of
death on the planet I touched on that we’ve done 54 cases that’s where they
asked us to go in and testified before Congress nobody can cure malaria okay the pharmaceutical products that are out
there are so nasty that their almost as bad as have a
malaria just the trial at a level view them out today in two divided doses we were
able to wipe out the protozoa from the bloodstream in an
average of 3.4 three-day full recovery walking out of the
hospital and an average a five-day nobody can do
that okay weekend now what we’re going to do
is go through a little bit testing you needed know what kind of information
is behind this product and this is actually probably happen the studies I have and you have to think about this not just
that the product but as a technology it’s not a product if the new technology and that
technology can help you me fisting uses a huge problem first one university of california-davis
they found that it would completely inhibit the growth I V second one huge study again a whole bunch over by back home
pathogens including you Veritas Obama biopharma candy today and it is the major cause I’ll diaper
rash for children a major cause a women’s basketball you infection okay I
just finished that there’s a path it’ll be at the end where we’re going to
get full EPA approval with a 10-minute still time alright well we have those we
have a lot of different group we don’t use
one lap you can’t use one lab we used to talk live in every area when you see it
you’ll notice that when we did stars we want to the
government NIH lab when we did abstracts we went to
illinois is instituted technology because they were the best when we did
food disinfection we went to Kansas stay because they’re the number-one when we
did you use we went to university of california-davis because their number one nobody can
argue with our numbers because one they’re all independent and two we go to
the top North when you start looking at be the first
one Brigham Young University they found that
it was more effective than one antibiotic from each of the five major groups have
antibiotic I have to tell you I’m not down on anthrobot I think they
have their plight doctors will be the first one to tell
you do not use antibiotics at the first line
in fact the problem is they become resistant so what do you do you have nothing we
have parents have nothing if we don’t use it how many
people going to the doctor and they looked of I want something now my kid he’s got a
viral infection doesn’t do anything but he give you one
because you demanded hey next time he’s sick with a bacterial
infection it might not work because you just cause
resistance what we’re saying is that you now have a
fur fly need defense you use it first and we’ll get to later
you can actually use it in combination with those antibiotics to make mark back
to MRSA number three is actually the number
one killer in pathogen and hospitals in the US question is can you kill dancers yes we can do it we can do it easily
pseudomonas aerogenosa staff are you Domino call a race with in
test number four and five we are talking about 1700 and 40 individual PAH this isn’t one path against the
bacterium the 1740 individual to and yes we kill them and we passed the
EPA to nothing laboratory Burke you loath 97.3
percent feel in 45 minutes that 45 minutes is not overly impressive
tell you figure out that tuberculosis is the number one killing
pathogen on the planet day kills more people than any other pathogens millions a people a
year there’s a book out called time bomb it’s
a very interesting book because it could have been there that resistant strains of tuberculosis
will ultimately kill every person on the
planet we’ve made it so resistant that would
have helped you with antibody we can kill day we when I say we are not
talking about me i’m talking about. we Brigham Young University forethought
elective the birth of a Phil first published as they like to
call it we test against abstract because we’re working with US government they have some problems hey they had
abstract retin-a but for building with a huge problem we went and said
look we can fill we have done tests on have barracks
because you can test on anthrax if you wanted get approved for anthrax
by the US government you can’t do entrapped I said well they said no you actually have to do
both ottawa and also clustered its progeny K the average time it takes the
glutaraldehyde product that nasty products these are products made with chemical so
ugly that will rip your skin off the average time it takes for those to
kill those pathogens is about 10 hours you notice in the series of studies that
most of them were four to six one a hours we’re not only killing the
pathogen work illness or the sports hard because
it’s like a feed K it’s covered in the hard shell you can’t kill we did took about eight
hours eight-hour seems like a long time except
for the fact that we were much faster than the other than
the nastiest chemical products this is some you can have in your out
why in the world would you cover your house with plastic conduct a you actually have something in your
house now but can feel proven to kill bacteria testing wiper to wiper earth as a causative
agent Obama play with this test we stomp some the top scientists in the world I was sitting with two a pop fly into as
they discuss this for about 45 minutes I was done the fact that these two would actually
take time to discuss our product for 45 minutes has unbelievable in that test we want to impressed the
DOD Department of Defense US Department of Defense about the ability of this
product to kill pathogens bombing plaque killed millions of people
and Europe Black Plague you’ve all seen a but the
point is that it is a very deadly agent NY past is past a regular beat protest use about half a
million bacteria per milliliter in vitro is tested K you can’t give it
to people in past that cuz nobody wants have II very tough they’ve been the test
two and then why you do it’s a boost the
numbers to show how how affective your product is a regular
past like I said they do about half a million bacteria per milliliter in the past that 10 ppm we went up
against ninety 6 million bacteria per milliliter 160 times the normal amount we got greater than a 99 percent feel in
Cumana a seven la calle thats 99.999 99 on out seven-time kill and eight-minute with just 10 parts per million central
Utah water one of the things we thought it pay
these people are traveling if we travel we need to have something that we can
actually you buy bottled water in some other country special here in the US you our you don’t know what’s in there so we
decided we better do study these studies did two things one it sure
does have a very dilute levels we’re talking about .1 ppm that 140 a the amount you get in the news over solution at point 1 ppm
which killed all the bacteria in raw river water in two min actually
minute-and-a-half by I figure that probably could not long
to get that kept them okay at half that level 0 by ppm we killed at all in 20 min so the question is one if its deluded
out and your body you’re mostly water doesn’t have the
possibility of human pathogen obviously adds up and through have fun traveler I’m taking it with me
I may not be able to put it in my carry on right now but up they want to
be in my suitcase the number sixteen path we prove another
thing which was very important I just got that approved by the EPA half
part per million inside them waterline you have a
bacteria grow some got back through this called a
biofilm by a film for bacteria that group together in a symbiotic
relationship and what happens is that they cover
themselves with the swine they make it very difficult for anything
to reach through Kilda we were able to kill them and a half part per million wipe them
out on the line I’m keep them from growing back CRA labs
christianson lab which is one of the top 10 for testing
facilities in the United States they actually put a
letter out yen I think nine languages get it 10-year
study on disinfectants for the dental industry for water line a forty-two products they picked ours in the top four the only one that was non-toxic the only
one that was non-chemical it wipes out the smell that killed
bacteria that even called smell in line so her birth virus vis might be some the most important
data you see I am NOT claiming right now that we can cure any of those
things but if you look on their the ability to
kill virus is very important our first study
we said let’s see if we can actually kill the virus so we were working with a
partner out of India bio pharma company they said okay will put it up against a
challenge a billion virus K billion as the law that’s a huge challenge we killed it all
in 2.5 hours okay and two hours there were two left
out a billion 2.5 we kill them all so if the question
is can you prove that your product our product will kill the bacteria yes kill you yes you seen killer protozoa yeah more as a protozoa we prove that we
could wipe it out a virus yeah weekend we have that day and you have it now we did start with the National Institute
of Health the NIH that the government laptop lab in the country they prove that we think
you’ll start with the product address 60 min okay they have a huge problem with doctors
and a lot of country first chapter full everybody out of the
room then you just in fact venue if in fact
from the different rectum and then you can let everybody back yet
the first patient you bring back him re in fact that entire room hey and our point with this here K that fifteen-hour so what the fact if I can if in fact with you
sitting there I can become factor wheelchair with the
kid at I can disinfect the baby crib I can get
some facts anywhere where you live at work were group for gram-negative
gram-positive and no soco male hospital new to the
pathogen okay any hard surface the last one on his left are probably the ones that
are going to get your attention okay now I’m not mean to scare you to
death and actually I won’t give numbers then I got says I
probably should but the point here that it might be com
very important for you to have something in your house that has at
least proven in in vitro test to be able to
feel bird flu h5n1 we tested against three
different strain alright we’ve proven that we could kill bird flu camera flew her not they can’t kill in the past have a clue
was able to reduce the time you have regular flu 51.5 day what that means is that the drive the
government has brought in the US to save everybody from bird flu reduces so instead of having the flu for
14 days you only had offered to a point five day you P okay so if the question is have the new
server solution kill the pathogen the answer is yes have not proven that I can do it yen
live in saudi I’ve not yet I’m actually working on I
haven’t had any volunteers who would get but we are gonna mouse model study that
we’re setting up right now but the point is that if your choices
are one a product you know won’t work and through a product that at least have
been proven to do it in vitro K there’s no question in my mind how
important is that information you have done a great deal of work as I
said so that we can give you answers and data
that you need to protect your family your friends and
other people when you ask a question all either tell
you I don’t know or I will show you exactly where My after is where it came from of quote you
that page and the paragraph where that information
comes from were talking about safety now cuz I think its first on the
list if it’s a okay the biggest question that comes up
with safety is can I safely take this can I take it
every single day alright the safety studies the first one
we tested at two hundred times the normal adult dosage that’s equal under me sitting down 132
out that one sitting at that level was being completely
non-toxic to the test animals it was an FDA
requirement we do a lot to work with the FDA we do a lot of work with government
agency and a that the first one the second one
is provide bacteria this is part that’s hard for
people to understand we have created the only sober product
that I’m aware of that has proven to kill pathogens when I say pathogen just for
your information that is a bug that will kill you okay a virus or bacteria protozoa a youth a mall if if pathogenic it means it will kill you so when I say that probiotic bacteria is the stuff that you need okay that the stuff that’s in
your intestinal tract you use it for digestion and what we have been able to do a
showing two major studies that this product will not hurt the good
bacteria in your system and yet we’ll go through it whilst on
you what pathogens we can kill and at what
levels you’ll also see that we did injected ingested which means they took time they
injected up to five thousand milligrams per kilogram directly into the animal’s no toxic fact even at white the dosage that you have
up to 32 parts-per-million no toxicity completely non-toxic the government also came out with their
own numbers the EPA thats Environmental Protection
Agency they are the people who control toxicity
worldwide I mean almost everywhere there and
everything but mostly here in the United States their nasty nobody plays with the EPA the FDA is one
thing the EPA you if you take up the PA they can come
in drill holes in your door put a big came
through it and your business is done but the EPA came out with a wrong number is called
the red document registration eligibility documents on the second page in the fourth
paragraph it states that you can safely consume point 005 milligrams per kilogram a day now by
translate that into English what it actually means that that the
average size dole could drink about 4 teaspoons the new server solution every day for
their entire life and have that be deemed completely say every day this gives you the ability to know that you could use the product
everyday to boost your immune system to help you fired of pathogens and you
could do it safely every single day by their number
but if you don’t believe their numbers and
I’m to skeptical about something there the fact is that
we have 8 major safety studies injected ingested
in vitro in vivo of showing that it’s completely
non-toxic when I went to the EPA for a number of approvals that I have
they give you a toxicity rating okay nap you were dis- bill three bottles of core ox that have been EPA reportable spill when I went to have
the talk about hospital this infection with the technology the number that I was given for
reportable bill for us was 12 million 500,000
gallons okay so if I can if I can actually get
twelve million five hundred thousand gallons into one spot and I spill it I have to
report so shut up I senator pretty new to the whole concept of
silver like about silver thing with history what chords result facture all really details really so first our own all children historic
perspective you have a situation where you have fact
that first time we actually start hearing about serious
we talk about King Cyrus pressure you have Russell
silver actually used it line all these vessels kept both water also why that was something use very
much when was out five his horse silver was actually keeping produce
fresh bacteria phone is in the water and we look at what happened later on we
talked about Greek people people criticize probably
about guy the action is yeah actually used silver powder to put into stuff had a bacterial infection of three fives actually get superpower bud yeah today you know that silver actually takes care of both fungus virus as well as songs while so parasites so we’re its continual if you look at the you times when we
have the play Europe happy all ruling people usually refer to us those fact behind the expression many people would have to factor use just love silver through having food even from silver
plates was yeah they also have goblets drank supplied everything track actually got some super into it that’s
because the fact that if you fruit silver into a liquid silver actually the release a lot of silver ions into the
liquid so it goes 24 cause actually heard a rumor sell Argentine
actually why his soul country if they exported they have to actually sulfur so on this I know from my own experience K cast cast part to make cooking to help is that the same principle is
the same the same yeah having said say so was cooking cost cooking choose I went okay as we all over fees girls and trace
elements fortunately today get for peace this cause very much because the chemical
fertilizers use like three 2526 its so you said before we know whose we know well everybody who has the experience
from corns research into super research activities going on with soup the other day that was actually studies
from Belgian versity taking Lactobacillus feeding them so rice so that they start extreme silver articles on their bodies and this is something that use to was
very whose or just calls so even stomach disease so this is being proved right now
scientists working for you versus which is a really interesting
fact and I say it’s its making it a little
bit more complicated using product called ask will for past twenty thirty years United States there’s supposed to be
some uses use it for anything getting rid of a cold to Healy rooms for fires parasites russian reports from Africa
saying that you can use from area faster have to see sounds like nicholson for prop changed now once me to the fluency after taking off the
production to me it sounds said I’m complicated the same fate and then there’s the taken with his the
excuse for this one where you actually because few runner a pharmaceutical company need to help harkin to invest all has to go into creating a product doing the testing so inefficient was tradition with the complicate to the extent snow well okay thank you so another interesting fact that week
also what we’re talking about all use a silver is the old saying the born with a silver spoon that goes way back also few years back actually who that giving or child child silvers to suck action official for the child because haz insisted protected of iris I have much Swedish sees but I feel for written many because I smoke was within books taking out or passed on their origin so I know for a fact receiver pacifiers Michael water classic pacify was super to the top interest that should be shoes that if we go a few hundred years wrong look bus was actually say that should always so water action for less from spoil last college thats also spoken to a few sweet life this water records look at other countries for example child holes each this see if you were ok babys you should always keep silver court super something rub it into the
and interesting for somebody has to try this in order to spread this information the
interesting part about raises suppliers is actually proves that all knowledge also call this
is the fact that people skiavo’s I was myself my stuff from Ikea say ship I’m he said that when city always keep always keep few always keep a few and I was don’t feel you mom but it gives me the at the that maybe
it’s an African Collins said his name was mister overhauled right trick as well you recommended Super Bowl put a whites side this actually with it up into a creek is very the whites within is Silverlight so
that’s of wrong top top others if you look at are were I culture consume masses actually use it silver for fin pieces of silver uses of
pastries even hot food its forms sports most the user ice cream cake I yes this silver your tradition is probably use because somebody that this would how’s that body so it
tolerate iris way well interest so much enough do is bore relook at the the modern world silver came fashion he’s that’s the first time
that we start about use researches calm silver was actually first mention he’s was something they develop the nice method of producing we have today use electrical oil version our product
is using electricity to produce the product
in the of actually crying catechal way actually creates silver particles
thousands and thousands of times orchard we the smaller particle you can
create more efficient so in the 1880s from cool in summer first
came out actually used for things like contracts
and syphilis and you can’t get up there’s actual
peepers doctors giving advice choice souls these chords there are so many versions tales that talk people were so sick think for to death somebody with cumin this shop summer to repeal body hoodie to feet well so this was what they had to use before Alex came life he’s post yes sure what angry of so first expert said see call group article 40 single scientific discussed stories various forms searches really really like please kanzi he said it was the same effect as rate
which is hi rate Fraser published all results the server it’s a its scientific scientific when confronted 14 for during 1900 first part people start using the product for for
from action guy for example to whopping cough from sections various
forms see so knowledge about silver was really interest this was before his and i’ve
seen references to the fact that was about the different types of products history from pharmaceutical things before at the Starbucks was was fortune
yes was some last for thirties everything shift to so one resist soup way so sad because with silver coverage from by this this its forms so size with said so it was a little bit like downgrading meantime the RX could effect so sees I would say of actually to keep us out everybody just lost interest college super 3 on this we all know what happens if takes it it’s interesting for studies is call knowledge but silver this for smaltz effect call area is that possible these or settle for less by Phyllis first goal the secretary of call ground positive who sicker cell that the silver dust his his we ingest for example to tease this product that
you could do was about it was actually be ups or very quickly maybe all that historic or small test best when what it was about the fact is that all official through start us well the product if the product what come for for sore large intestine is sore feel with us black for a little bit us generally pretty dry sick so the cell was only affect if it would
affect anything very outer part to this part silver
today work the way most work needs call choroidal fire cordless actually
sis small particles liquid so milk for some small particles protein Kelsey just around water call smalls microscopic particles water that’s what we have in our bodies look at true look at the way cells intracellular extra sup which is water were base fish the cells that’s where this this for myself the
crop i’m looking for. from no book financial so fun stuff this inside test people have seen signs when eat too much soup might get small perforations test makes can the fungus going plus her things like guys actually official this if they are killed off by its first which does happen Sony this because you killed fish when they are
gone can’t from causes living in symbiosis fish once it doesn’t find anything to go through the test mystery if you have a real cases history few see you don’t your time
because you can see white like called trash I have and I sold acted ski and was even confronted that the doctors were toukie like see these back I had to sneak nurses doctors so that is another story it is so
interesting to me having been given Center first image them I’ll his using and it gives that to to mine the people’s will you please continue we we’re
talking a little bit about the server historic perspective liked saying that after the so foster’s hosty for twenty thirty years before so huge uses has created cause cylinder think they saw you few years so could create this is the streets be killed so so that’s why they started new forms
Alex problem with the with the whole thing is
that they came up sixties resort to find something else cause so forms sis week there were a few doctors who actually found her way back to sell so in the nineteen sixties silver became actual fashional sir areas whatever it was bird us this is we are still inside house indigenous creams specials so free which is has use doctors since sixties so can you say he stopped to sue I think one was doctor marr of it sits out what happened to these
doctors physical for them sure i mean fees for doctors
researchers develop these flowers word we know even though many of them I know it’s a happens silver is used for a little bit more about the sites also silver next a this super I actually doubles helix who he keeps it free from bacteria phone
this piracy and its especially special for calls us is the virtually guess equity resist since so that’s why they actually saw his that’s why it’s this this is the
gold standard for whose as well as I’m so that is there is absolute evidence that’s it survived answer some same successful not it is this uses macro work there any of them other acceptance in
modern times with still being for example the way its out now if I are you can use it as a general disinfect surfaces for cell kitchen as well or effort went yeah way we sell today actually what you this that has to do with that way changes it comes to food supplements first January is self citrus it still is estate for sale users so it’s not the fact that silver from
the beginning 2000 dangerous were toxic said this form is for sick both his show just 60s lows day each day for eighties be toxic being phone safe limits what we call absurd verse thats fancy word for savers so they say
as long as you keep 10 Rams just that silver the smells are actually not totally
scientific because their face on fact soon the halls just States we have so many studies general
knowledge says about 92 percent said just today house X room excreted within 48 hours so that’s a natural way avoid take girls he’s especially excess its how come the Kansas ok yes things and so problems well it’s it’s all a matter of laws and
regulations force but I know for a fact that there
are actually said back positive this yes safe foresees this girls too so he said was 2000 was about forty different girls trace elements was bad from uses sort one of the more use useful girls you lacking from his a very capable working against his first catch this I have heard about goals these are trim always mention for why from well it’s it’s unfortunately its it’s
not based on facts and science it’s more based on interests were pharmaceuticals cause rules and regulations that we are
getting today actually some this from wish list forms or forms go area see to get sir fortune is our best interest my focus see reliving economical world people companies just crap think there’s the little guys fortunately was so the consumers people diseases him fortune thats can can’t see information for us why we’re sitting here today so yes we have to spread the information the
fact that nobody’s really looking up all big companies are be look after authorities call see too much intervention right now laws from of actually is little bit unnecessary cause we have for example reference Eva the whole 2008 your 2008 was one instance somebody kill from what’s up in the meantime there’s these 100,000
people according to official information from make Association say is a hundred thousand for medication US only and sweet we of five to seven thousand people we’re not talking very much about it
it’s like States for its or which makes in the meantime we have people from car accidents for example or so 3 for people which to this yet we want to get that down 20 this week spending money to get it down to zero possible talking about deaths related 24 I’m it’s not that’s unfortunate but we have to inform
people this is the situation fortune future when do you think free from bacteria from if fix escape from with that said that’s
right the social II that you are really interested
in getting to know is cool us x4 what is it work so closer is basically very interesting but very simple its basically composed pure water soon right report most products it’s real I sparkles your use distilled water or use which first resources sources makes product which is silver pure
silver and this I saw articles fraud my to years goals showed said us soon his quarter size she sent his quarter see and Flickr a product just one cubic box want sites can’t contain billions see posts its even though the product is only
milligrams sold this you can attach to to basically anything microorganism was his stride actually 3/8 chemical ok 36 electrical disturbance microorganism cannot continued itself yeah compassion and for example the this is fun for example so silver is like doctors magazine article it’s like throwing ball tax cell all creates electrical ok ok you course inside key fights with the day so that the cannot online Esther is that preventing it from from
you assistant yep because croat action quick action as long as you see to environment think it overseas rights us is that it sounds like a soup if was to be this I mentioned that strength is milligrams is just Ruth ground silver actually whose so little silver most doctors just says Calif causes if you look at all products pic products were pharmaceuticals because as high called citrus 300,000 fortunately is the sprite authorities more this on people try to use equal so they try to to put the same safe here they say space see this product here’s usually created by sold its acid which creates here we have non-toxic which is pp toxic you can of wife well it’s basically because they want to tried to convince
you that it’s the same product basic to scare you from using it because
look at work that’s an interesting thing with all
these products give to people his really strong or scientific record was that you could
actually to so it’s a cosmetic side that’s really interesting we are scaring people to use a product
because maybe smokes look at the pharmaceuticals cue hundreds of thousands of people each
year he’s trying to scare you dozens first up we’ve had at Casa Swedish authorities talking about you problems our small toxic people they are looking all products silver action this product human distinguish between said actually product and on electrical hussein silver knowledge that makes me because makes it possible for you we or our web pages following information: wanted yet the interesting thing about using still resides dissecting anything
else we no soon this form does toxic effect cells ourselves Voice is a very nice distinguish yourselves but serious we also see that research shows textile have it you system his response chick shop for example this product so reaction through Huber for example from poison ivy your are just straight sensation which of for us just inside burning sensation pain way usually up mister mister way this hours i’ve seen so fascinating stories for cases from this you mentioned before that it’s
being used in hospitals of for on suspicion yeah sry where we use were water medicine actually use force I’m is means I’m I’m surprised with all these but it’s it’s a
constant attack people stage between forms try to to convince everybody its say strangers here come up with is that people get for make change I see are possible here my understand few said and aspirin information and also to for to balance this information impression since it seems to be so its it’s not so strange because look at
paul karos first this is only users US alone there’s one gets all your time that is the for carers the store using colloidal silver crews himself about 40 use 14 said years for he produce product that people talked tours to strong I suppose our he drank said whose day this from 40 mistake exit soul accelerate process would 38 use so so its speed up the process do with you you sold he creates fluoride Salvatore law larger particles so they will stock cells eventually walkout some cells silver cells box black you different look just house cares us I us calculation probably just 35 so 40 years if you use our product massive
sixties day for eighty were still house and senses smaller particles X actually Voice systems proteins outside just place to to carry see call around boy also get the excess so the body’s most us his using it Texas has this human was can you see something yes useful he’s been on every morning show United
States Oprah and what is he saying he says that is a great product his release or use too much still using
the product today okay help ass help various forms problems this said about actually using it how to see be this him think he sorted sorta Joyce same as well so people are walking up hello caller how are you so everybody knows but looking at your silver their mention he profession agency people look environments actually studies silver reforms rivals actually crew forms this States services when the looked at research scientific data so silver reform so say you can actually tolerate about two to three graphs per kilo play before yes dangerous so Persepolis you Rangers that means that was he’s this message well yeah dangerous I say guest mercilessly what he doesn’t like
it so before you reach that limit presumptive
reach say that way eight kilos you can just 160 grams of silver pure silver one single before it starts getting policy yeah that would if you actually use coincide ppm strip that would mean 16,000 beaches how many were you have his and that something one cindy’s 16 sixteen thousand teachers our
products that staters ok yeah but I can also say you you drink a features watcher through this you have to do it 1 well see time AP water watcher so so you can’t yes probably so you can actually say
that sooner watchers actually 2000 times more toxic sundress this from says a little bit about say this we have to do something about another interesting thing is that citrus
actually low colour agent whose we have symbols which is a declaration case for ice cream does research these are for civil walk into a supermarket and buy it so even though we have a situation today
where supplement should equal through same
laws we have a situation where from
supplements with children is you to locate supermarket by peaceful bowls uses operations case while these fools containers much silver
as 64 teams are about 300 for as you walk into a somebody has Korea because for sp K decorated the Super Bowls it’s not there yet comment 2-year-old
child use about these fools and it’s like drinking
three hundred million years cool in summer know he’s complaining about this from
you torrent site just complaining about you look at somebody uses a little
sooner and 2 teaspoons per day for here most 30 us Trey key kill person looking at child just one birthday party is about 25 September if you convert child waiting kilos be so it’s the same miles child can get follow yearly dose silver 340 as you would use consuming 2
teaspoons per day way non-toxic product knowing you that you know that knowledge that it still available or actually is available is soap review agreements with the
authorities sounds like it could birthday cake this
and I’m tradition children’s to protect them and
it’s for and actually X should birthday cake Super Bowls saying that their reasoning behind back something which is equal working equal area people’s these whose sup something thought through very well that use your reason to go where does
this come from are you saying that we should
investigate has been well we know that this economic interests nice shoes I’m because K question who was that we is me work with supplements see stringent laws comes from you we’re talking about
codecs about authorities our or less controlled
by larger is what we do anything to change that do
anything change I mean I see behind show so that now courses so the want to purify for I’m just long do you know anything about the future you know cold it’s the same is it would it be band want to choose work do you know anything they and how can it be so not to consume
being who s I mean uses commune have one-man
producing States he can go I’m country totally yes and we see here weekend because it’s a and you even being jailed talking claiming things that can be done in the
US how can sweetened in a situation where you can K for
talking up that might can go back to the states and
by houses that’s a good question think were fortunately type lost us to our situation us just around the corner to United States
for example fortune his by way to call this works choruses this regulating whose his own WH world organization this since the 1960s but its escalated accelerating right now he’s my views course place this three basic just gain larger
corporations us codex does is you source here this stream our site smaller pictures actually abide by the same laws us be pharmaceutical corporations we won’t get close approve this sup good this yes dollars this science to testing product put the same strain loss firms first thing that we have to do so still his loss which is calls this basic he’s to see how much stake harlem the city school talking about States information come from one is saying Obama sign codex and backwater speak test tortoises site known as disinformation strep to Alexis’s his if you don’t harmonized code call this yukio World Trade Organization sue your ass or less side trade agreements us away European law latch United States from behind you very good loss take a row making sure people in the US can use informations it just sits in the bones
and Irene your information skip more symbols and I’m use sprint this information publications and is relatively cheap but
I see TV specials specialists Davis 50 explains redeveloping the drug
may not fit into the business plans of the big
pharmaceutical company so large companies and institutions lining up to get behind us well first of
all why didn’t the initial report back asleep because the drug evil
patented global drug give someone invests in research in yet
they’re not going to make a profit because anyone who may be getting so we’ll have
my name is an old friend and I am the author of confession seven Arts Trust
pressure I’m a 15-year better and the
pharmaceutical industry and I left in the year two thousand and what I would like to do today and I
would like to dispel the myth the pharmaceutical industry is in the business but hope and healing
because in fact what the pharmaceutical industry have been a business and doing is disney’s maintenance and some time management they are not in the business
to cure cancer cure Alzheimer’s to hear part did the because if they were they
would be in the business of putting himself out a bit I’m for well iPhones my name is Mario serve only and on the developer at the silver ones
generator I’d like to take some time with you to review my core product
offerings and explain more about how the silver
lungs generator works this over lungs generator is a professional grade highly
cost effective device that enables you to generate in was
colloidal and I on its own the solutions quickly and easily every time the silver ones generator is the premier
colloidal silver generating device that clearly stands alone when compared to
other devices that are more likely to be seen as copycats although the general process of
dissolving silver ions in the solution is relatively straightforward and simple there are many variables a physics that
must be understood and controlled in order to produce a truly exceptional
Silver Solution the silver lungs generators designed
around custom internal circuitry and mechanics to ensure that only the
highest quality silver solutions are produced the unit features very large seven gates
silver electrodes which greatly increases the silver to water ratio these large electrodes help to extend
their life span and also help to produce very small a consistent particle sizes know whether silver generator on the
market use a silver electrodes have this size as well the purity of each electrode is
guaranteed to 49 superiority this means 99.99 percent pure elemental
silver this over lungs generator features
multiple concentration settings ranging from ten to thirty parts-per-million dynamic current distribution across each
electrode an automatic shut-off feature which simply means to set it and forget
it a co-production vessel comprised a
high-quality Erlenmeyer chemistry flask dynamic polarity reversal magnetic
stirring and dead silent operation as well this over Los generator only consumes
for lots of total power this over lunch generator can be
tailored to produce purely ionics over solutions or colloidal rich solutions ion it means
that the majority in the solution is comprised of silver ions local oil-rich means that an abundance
of silver particles are present there are two species of silver particles
produced when choosing a colleague rich solution the first is pure metallic elemental
silver while the other is a silver compound
called silver oxide all three forms a silver meaning ions metallic particles and silver oxide have
all possessed well-documented historic use as antibacterial agents


  1. fuck society people if you want illness follow the rules if you want freedom and greate health do wat you want make your own colidal silver ingest as much as you please and do not let anyone stop you from doing what the bloody hell you want in terms off your health as it ios your god given right!!

  2. Blueman turned blue using tanning booth also…95% people of USA are so gullible.I thought he passed this year 2013.

  3. About Colloidal Silver:
    I have struggled with an inflammation in "Prostate" more than two years an costing $ + 2,000 in medical consultation.
     After 5 days Colloidal Silver I felt definite improvement cure 30 days inflammation free.

  4. This is great. At times it seems a bit … contrived, but the discerning know otherwise.Quite informative/fact-citing. At times the gentleman on the left is just histrionically brilliant, inadvertently. It feels like a movie scene at some points. 

    The blueman, RIP, Consumed gallons of salt-ridden homemade silver water. Bad move. 

    Keep up the wonderful presentations. 

  5. Alternative medicine is Modern Medicine,less than 200 years.  Tried and true medicine that had been used for thousands of years !!  Think people !!!!

  6. What Keith Moeller (presentation from 7:30 in) doesn't realize is that THE GOAL of the system (and those witless many who mindlessly serve it) is to poison everyone – this is proven by the fact that the #1 science guy in the USA (Obama's sitting White House Science Czar) wrote a textbook on how to secretly sterilize (and depopulate) everyone by poisoning the public water supplies – and much worse.  Since you didn't know this and incredulously do not believe it, you can go read it for your stupid doubting self —

  7. I've just bought some Medisilver Black from Amazon and it looks like ditchwater in colour and tastes really metallic even after 14 hours of only taking 5mls. Is this 'black' variety less safe than the 'clear' type please???

  8. I have a Doberman that has a cancerous tumor which was raw, with no skin on it & oozy looking. I had tried everything & finally began giving him CS internally as well as putting it on the tumor. Now it's beginning to grow new skin around it and it is dry & has shrunk to half the size. YAY for Colloidal Silver!!

  9. A family dr treating my cousin's food poison for 2 days didnt see any improvement. Then I gave my cousin CS and 6 hours later she were cured XD

  10. Ok that was interesting right up till he started going on about TB. I dont believe those numbers. Plus all these kill times is basically laboratory work.

  11. I 'm using it and it truly works wonders, I was so sick, I thought I was going to die, I took some antibiotics, and feel even worse, I didn't know what to do until my sister call me and told me about this product, it's been a week that I've been using it, and I thank God for it, because I feel so much better

  12. There is a newer better way to make silver water with MORE benefits like Bio Energy enhancement.
    See joecellwaterscience and look for SilverJoe cell.
    The whole concept of colloids is based on false particle science.
    Matter, as stated by Tesla and others (electric sun etc) is energy, frequency and vibration.
    The use of Field science to make silver water does not degrade the wires.
    Field science is about energy fields like high tension power lines only made to heal not kill or degrade.
    To enhance the Bio-Field energy with silver water to boost the immune system, allows the body to do what it does to all pathogens including viruses, naturally, with the added benefit of silver frequency. The takes away all the medicinal claims and FDA controversy but keeps the silver.
    Much better than degrading two silver wires to make a dubious quality solution targeted by “not in your interest” groups.
    It is dubious quality because magnetically created electricity is different to chemically or battery created electricity when both are recommended but not considered as a change of procedure.

  13. ou  la la, just got a love message from a masked anonymous  "ass bandit "Super hero .He saves the world by  making sure the right silver doesn't get into the wrong ass ; looks like my ass  isn't worthy , Thanks anonymous for your kind advice , keep up the good work, My faith is restored in human nature.. You are a real hero..

  14. we are using it for a massive tooth ache and swelling..3 days into it and he's so much it's "fine" now he says..he could not eat it hurt so much…I am tired of a hole doctors (yes they do have there place in the world) and FDA etc. with crappy prescriptions…this stuff is amazing

  15. I am amazed at the success people are having with colloidal silver.  I have been making Colloidal Silver for about 5 years.  The first 3 years, I made it with my own kit.  I did everything by the book and I got a nice clear ionic solution of about 9-11ppm but it took a lot of "babying" to do so.  Unfortunately, it never did what it was claimed to do.  I concluded that I was making an inferior product so I invested in the Silver Puppy generator (as pictured here in your video) a couple of years ago.  It certainly made making CS much simpler but it too has not delivered as expected.  In my experience taking it internally, it never shortened the time of a cold or a flu virus, did nothing for a  sinus or lung infection.  Only success I had has been using it externally.  I had a bacterial infection on my hand and I put a colloidal silver soaked band aid on it and it sped up the healing time.  Oh yeah, and cracked skin of a hand rash (I guess that would be fungal) that had a colloidal silver soaked band aid placed on it.  Healed in a couple of days when nothing else helped.  But, internally, it's been very disappointing.   When researching generators a few years back, the battle raged (and continues to) in the colloidal particle vs ionic silver debate.  Silver Gen had a link to a page showing ionic was better than colloidal but the tests were done in petri dishes outside the body.  Not internally where, as the silver particle advocates claim, the stomach acids turn IONIC silver into silver chloride which (they say) has no medicinal effects.  And, unfortunately, my experience seems to document this.  sigh

  16. So I just read that drinking silver colidoral that the stomach acids ruin it and becomes useless but that preferably to put it in other bodily parts then not to drink it.

  17. Making Colloidal Silver the opening needs clarification if you boil the distilled water to increase it's conductivity & use a 27Vdc source applied to the immersed silver electrodes you can make the colloidal silver in 15 minutes. Note the higher the voltage the more current flows & therefore the more power & the quicker the colloidal silver is created, so 3x9v batteries in series(27V) is more effective than a 12V car battery.

  18. for people that think silver won't kill germs ,there is a pool filtration system that uses silver and cooper its called nature 2 the silver kills the germs and the cooper kills the algae no chlorine needed

  19. Although bacteria reside in many parts of your digestive tract, the great majority are found in your large intestine, where they perform essential functions. According to experts at Southern Illinois University, your colon contains about one billion bacteria per gram of stool, mostly members of the genera Bacteroides, Bifidobacterium and Clostridium. These bacteria help stimulate digestion of food and absorption of nutrients. They also destroy toxic digestive byproducts and synthesize vitamin K. Silver is good if it's used to treat a medical cond BUT you must replace the good bacteria after the medical treatment. Some folks drink this stuff like it's orange juice or a health drink and it is not . Our digestive tract has tons of bacteria. Some are beneficial and promote good health. These are called probiotics (meaning 'for life'). Other bacteria are harmful to our health. These are the bacteria that often require the need for antibiotics (meaning 'against life').
    Probiotics are present in many cultured foods such as yogurt and kefir. Humans have consumed these foods for centuries. Much research confirms the multitude of beneficial aspects which probiotics confer to good health.Bacteria is composed of proteins. If you are needing to treat a bad bacteria problem, you might want to add strong proteases, such as Peptizyde. Protease enzymes tend to have a synergistic effect with silver making the bacteria control more effective.

    Strong proteases can impact bacteria killing them off. While No-Fenol can be quite helpful with bacteria and colon problems, the die-off from No-Fenol is not nearly as pronounced as No-Fenol on yeast. No-Fenol contains cellulases which act on yeast but not bacteria. Yeast is composed of proteins and celluloses (much more cellulases involved). Chronic yeast overgrowth is a complex issues because various factors impact it and it affects health in many ways. Most people report an effective treatment involves addressing and correcting the factors that predispose an individual to candida overgrowth

    Factors That Promote Yeast Overgrowth:

    bacteria infection/ Colloidal Silver treatment without following with probiotics
    lower digestive acid secretion
    poor diet
    some medications (can be hard on gut integrity)
    low or weakened immune system function (anything that weakens the immune system)
    weak or impaired liver function
    nutrient deficiencies
    chronic diseases
    other factors
    Eating a lot of processed and prepared foods can promote yeast. Many of the commonly used preservatives are antibiotics and kill of bacteria. But when you ingest these, they don't just automatically stop acting as preservatives…they can kill off the more beneficial bacteria in your gut, and leave an open door for yeast to expand and grow. In combination with silver, you will destroy your gut. YOU MUST USE PROBIOTICS AFTER ANY ANTIBIOTIC or Colloidal Silver treatment. People that self medicate without a health professional need to remember this and please pass the word. I have read nothing about probiotics on any of these youtube pages promoting Colloidal Silver. Don't be a fool !

  20. Hello friend liked your explanation but I do not understand, some people talk 9v other speak 24v other 27volts which the correct voltage and that the use of time for each of them, one more detail what each correct color speak of dark color, others speak yellow color which the correct color

  21. This sounds very interesting and seems to have all the benefits and very little side effects,but,adding METAL to your body just sounds bad.Humans have electrical charges in the body to engage muscles, now if you flood the body with metal you are creating a much larger contact point,which either creates multi contact points for the charge or the charge is spread far among the tissues and doesn't keep enough power to activate muscles.You know if you have two metal fillings in your teeth and you eat acidic food it creates an electric charge that accelerates the rotting of teeth?,it's like having battery acid in your mouth,what if colloidal silver creates an acidic environment throughout the body that is perfect for disease?Has anyone on colloidal silver checked their body Ph levels?It is something that is not in food or water,that we are artificially adding to the diet,there's got to be long term side effects.Metal is the body just sounds VERY bad.Don't tell me we have iron in our blood…..that iron is a totally different type that has nothing to do with metal iron,there's iron we can absorb from food and then there is iron that we cannot like the type that is found in quarries,I'm not bashing colloidal silver but,if it aint in the body naturally,I don't want it.The very same thing applies to calcium,the calcium added to food is calcium carbonate-from ROCKS,last time I checked we don't eat rocks,that type of calcium hardens our arteries and makes us sick,where do cows get their calcium?from grass,from the FOOD they eat.The same goes for us humans,plants are full of calcium,Kale and Spinach, all the dark leafy greens will give you more calcium than milk which is full of fat,hormones and steroids.

  22. I pour a QT. in my girlfriends crack. She's an X stripper before we… know. Cleans her up. And Chuck S. you need to get a hobby. another know it all.

  23. I suspect military labs to have a colloidal silver resistant flu strain since i take colloidal silver for the past 20 years without any flu all these years but last year i caught the flu and it was naughty.

  24. After 25 years using silver inteligently with moderation home made….. not one bad result with our family or freinds.
    Our doctors could not help cronic viral infections and severe strep, asma.
    Use as a mouth wash, brush, hold some in mouth for a while to absorb under tongue.
    One Blue man does not condemn silver.
    thank you.

  25. He said 6 teaspoons per day. wow we use 2 teaspoons for kids as a mouth cleanse as long as possible. brush teeth.
    more when sick. Adults more. But we also take a break for days or weeks until were in contact with people or flu season.

  26. How do we know Blueman wasn't an agent purposely put up to doing that by gov to deter people from using silver? What he was doing was dumb as hell and I have never seen another blue man like him.

  27. I just started watching the part where the germ goes into a ball in the cell making it dormant. This explains why my ailments came back because i stopped taking it. Question is so it doesnt KILL the germs it puts them to sleep? Then if you coninue to take silver you are waiting for your own contaminated cell to die off while the virus is in remission so to speak? Is that right? how much do i take and how long? I have tons of questions.

  28. No idea why they always say use high voltage. Think of it like vibration, you plug in your high voltage and they vibrate your silver wire so hard or fast, large chunks of micro metal shakes off. But use low voltage, and smaller particles of metal vibrate off. You could even imagine it like a tower make of chalk. If you vibrate it fast with a strong vibration then large chunks of chalk shake off that tower. But if you vibrate it with a lower vibration, relating to less voltage. Then smaller powder like particles vibrate off it. Its really simple science, but seems its all highly misunderstood by most. Just cause you can use high voltage and make it fast and see the silver coming off the wires in the water does not mean that is a good thing. That means your flacking off larger metal particles in the water faster, but faster with larger metal particles is not what you should be after.

  29. interesting article at #hisnameisYehoVAH #RONWYATTWASNOTAFRAUD

  30. im using it when normal cold throat infection skin allergies bothers me 🙂 colloidal silver is so powerful and very cheap

  31. The Comprehensive Stool Analysis detects the presence of pathogenic microorganisms and also evaluates beneficial bacteria levels.  Why haven't you had this test performed with your silver product for the past 80 years ??

  32. on 1-26-19 I made colloidal silver from tap water strength about 100ppm i didn't strain it through a strainer to get big material out. i took like 3 to 4 tablespoons and a hour later I start having tingling burning pain all over my body including my eyes and everything it hurts like crazy.i can feel the Nano particles moving around by my eyes inside my eyes.i been drinking lots of water for 5 days now but nothing is improving I guess I took to much how do I clean this stuff out my body ?do i need to go to the emergency room? ?

  33. I'm new to using this product that's been around for centuries. Better late than never. It makes me very sad that greed is keeping colloidal silver out of the hands of human beings. It is GREED. Companies can't patent a natural element therefore cannot make money from it. But they can patent synthetic compounds therefore make millions and millions. Their drugs rarely cure anything but only treat symptoms. Silver kills bacteria, molds, fungi and viruses. Anything that will kill viruses on contact with virtually no side effects is like a miracle cure. Shame on companies and governments that place regulations on silver rhat prevent people from enjoying the health benefits. If you don't have your health you cannot truly enjoy your life. Shame shame shame!!!

  34. I am so grateful to have this information. I believe it was divine intervention that lend me to it as an answer to chronic sinusitis. I will keep this natural cure all in my home to treat whatever ailment that comes my way from infections, colds, cold sores, flus, sore throat, cuts, skin conditions, yeast infections, urinary tract infections, ear aches, pink eye, sinusitis, ring worm and the list goes on and on. Lessening the symptoms of HIV. Shame, shame, shame for misleading the public. I hope more and more people learn about colloidal silver for themselves and their families. This is very exciting news. I also hope that Europe changes their laws.

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