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[Music] hello there the human ego is essentially a sense or perception of a separate self what’s wrong with this nothing really but it doesn’t limit your perception a bit most especially because by virtue of having an ego you are obviously going to perceive yourself as separate to every other thing in the time-space reality you obviously identify yourself as you because you identify yourself as not this computer screen that you’re watching it through or this phone that you’re holding in your hand or your brother or your sister you identify yourself as other this isn’t the ultimate truth about the reality that we live in the ultimate truth is that we are all expressions of one infinite energy this means while you perceive yourself as different to something at the deepest level you are not different to it at all all things in the universe are connected to you and are influencing you and affecting you this is beneficial or detrimental depending on what it is that affecting you for a very elementary example if you’re not separate and somewhere in the world someone murders someone that has a detrimental influence on the whole and therefore you if someone falls in love with someone that has a beneficial influence on the whole and therefore you if you take into account the idea that at our most basic self we are all one and therefore everything is affecting us we could use this to our advantage by deliberately seeking out spending time around being influenced by things that benefit us everything in the universe is made up of energy that vibrates energy that vibrates in parts our impacts information the amplitude and frequency of energy is what determines how in what form that energy will express itself we call this a vibration so everything in the universe has its own unique vibration the first physical manifestation of vibration is light light is the very first thing that contains both waves and particles particles of what we associate with objects and color is really all about light color is about the way that light is either emitted or reflected or absorbed off of a particular thing including a vibration so obviously if all things have a different vibration light interacting with that vibration is going to be perceived as a different color this is why people have different aura colors this is also why chakras have different energies for more information about this watch my video on YouTube titled how to see it auras in this world entrainment is essentially love harmony simply put it’s that any two vibrating bodies will in train with one another if exposed to each other for long enough entrainment works massively to our advantage because it means that anything you are in the space of for long enough you begin to entrain with this has serious implication in a world where everything in existence is energy vibrating this is why for example married couples begin to look alike after years together things that are exposed to one another synchronize this concept works for absolutely everything it is the foundation behind sound therapy it is the foundation behind homeopathy and it is the foundation behind color therapy how does this work relative to colors it means that if you share space with a color pretty soon you start to in train with that color your own vibration starts to basically vibrate at the same frequency of that color that you are wearing focusing on spending time around this in turn aids you to amplify and manifest anything that is a vibrational match to the frequency of that color in your life color therapy also known as light therapy or chroma therapy is not just new-age hooey it’s a very serious healing technique now essentially how it works is that color or light is used in order to influence a person’s mental emotional or physical well-being it’s still considered an alternative modality which frustrates me of course but what we have to understand that it’s a serious therapy that some people study for years to fully understand and perfect I could never cover all the information about color therapy in an episode like this just like it would take me years or more to explain all there is to know about astrology but let this video serve as an in-depth primer okay one thing we have to understand about light and therefore color is that it doesn’t just enter our being through our eyes it actually is absorbed through our skin as well so even if you are completely blind color therapy would still work for you because it is permeating your body as a vibration even if you cannot directly visually see that color it’s just that when you look at a color that has impact on your brain in instantaneous it’s much more let’s say instant gratification an association is a very powerful thing the minute we come into this world we start to form associations that’s how the brain learns how to stay safe and how to categorize things so for example let’s say you are born into a society that says pink is for girls you’ve now formed an association between pink and girly nests or let’s say that you spend time in a white hospital room and let’s just say that you’re the odd person who feels really crappy in a hospital room so you associate those feelings of Terror and powerlessness and isolation with that hospital room which happens to be white your mind forms an association between that color and that feeling of powerlessness and terror and isolation so maybe white can be an amazing vibration in them itself but because you have formed an association with it that’s negative you will feel negative about the color white we can build up strong preferences and aversions towards certain colors in this way this is why political candidates have teams of people who select what color shirt they’re going to wear to what occasion it’s important to take associations into account when we’re thinking about color therapy because the Association we have with the color is not necessarily a direct or accurate reflection of the unique vibration that that particular color holds it’s just that the association is overpowering our capacity to perceive the innate vibration that exists in that color separate of our bias towards our against it now that being said noting people’s preferences or aversions towards color is an amazing window into their subconscious it’s a window into the things that are unseen about this person to the naked eye aversions for example can tell you ailments that a person might have or strengths same with preferences for example a strong preference for the color blue could mean that a person is naturally anxious or stressed and really needs calming it could mean that their introspective and desire to understand others it could also mean that this person is struggling with inflammation disorders I could write an entire book on what preferences and aversions to certain colors might mean about a person and the state they’re in physically mentally or emotionally but I’m not going to do that today because of the impact I want this video to have instead I’m just going to share with you my perspective about how you could use each color to benefit your life given that I’m an extrasensory I might have a different color assessment than other color experts that you have listened to I’m just going to come at you with my perspective as an extrasensory watching vibrations watching the way that the vibration of certain colors interact with humans and their particular vibration I’m going to tell you what I notice in terms of the interaction and the unique innate vibrations of each color okay to begin with we’re going to go towards white and black now white and black are very odd colors in the spectrum they are the colors that are the most close to source frequency itself why is that because both white and black are not individual colors instead they are something that we perceive as a result of all colors interacting with a specific substance essentially one reflects all and absorbs none the other absorbs all and reflects none when light strikes a white crayon or a white board it appears white to us because it absorbs no color and reflects all color equally for this reason it is the color of purity and peace it has been used for thousands of years to break curses for divine healing it is also why it is the color most associated with the angelic realm it is the vibration of pure consciousness it brings your life purity justice perfection faith innocence the highest form of reflectivity nothingness divinity harmony neutrality peace truth inspiration and clarity black a black crayon or marker absorbs all colors equally and reflects no color so it looks black to us while most of us consider black a color it isn’t actually a color it is the absence of all color it is the color of potential energy and oneness it has been used for thousands of years in conjunction with the esoteric and the occult it brings to your life origin energy perspective protection respect solidness seriousness integrity mystery and power red red brings stimulation determination survival leadership ambition motivation desire surety warmth blood flow adrenaline strength movement vigor the capacity to reach ones goals sensuality sexuality passion progress courage bravery metabolism independence potency competition revolution and a solid sense of self orange orange brings freedom success encouragement willpower triumph creativity enthusiasm fascination fertility increased oxygen uptake new possibilities triggers vitality action and momentum endurance expression respiration and digestion intensity invigoration luck achievement investment dynamic indulgence and fun yellow yellow brings joy cheer lightness intellect optimism stimulation for the nervous system zest for life awakeness attention curiosity flexibility affirmation light heartedness freshness and newness socializing wonder ah aliveness spontaneity and healthy physicality often times when there is an ailment in the physical body the energy or auric field around that area will show up as a very unhealthy shade of yellow conversely when that area is healthy it will show up as a very healthy vibrant and clear shade of yellow green green is a healing color it heals by virtue of rejuvenating it also both soothes and invigorates green brings rejuvenation generosity reliability dependability restoration sympathy healing safety harmonizing recovering nature well-being judgment authenticity honesty growth basics understanding hope prosperity balance observation home Comfort and connection cellular regeneration and a healthy mindset blue-blue is also a healing color it heals by virtue of soothing it brings soothing cooling decreases inflammation quiet reliably no reliability calming relaxation sharing tranquility rest gentle book powerful speech patience purpose expertise integrity depth trust loyalty sincerity truth sharing of wisdom and truth and seeing things clearly purple purple is a healing color but it heals by virtue of transformation it is both stabilizing and motivating purple brings supernatural transformation elegance guidance decadence insight the possession of wisdom nobility spirituality inner knowing absence of opposition and dignity pink pink brings softness compassion gratitude affection caring tenderness friendship gentleness getting along youthfulness kindness nurturing romance and emotional caretaking brown brown brings the energy of the earth groundedness rationality stability discernment conservation decisiveness support belonging frugality comfort community responsibility practicality simplicity and family grey grey forces disarmament and non-attachment it is a deactivator grey brings indifference self-control stalemate control conservativeness neutrality compromise transition lack of movement reservation fixed miss tact moderation composure and refinement silver silver brings feminine power it is both giving and receiving it invites the energy of the moon silver brings psychic abilities intuition reflectivity prosperity sensitivity healthy cycles divine receptivity magic and healthy emotion gold gold brings masculine power it invites the energy of the Sun it brings authority Empire self-confidence wealth overcoming prestige illumination winning luxury of abundance the power of aliveness and the healthy ego every color influences your mind your body and your emotions every shade and every hue within these colors has a slight variation in their meaning in their impact on you it’s why you will love turquoise and not really like dark blue also every ailment you have has an Associated color and every cure also has an Associated color but you don’t have to take it from me instead look within yourself I want you to start to notice how colors affect you on an energetic level how do they make you think how do they make you feel both emotionally and physically I want you to ask yourself what does the way I feel towards this color whatever that color may be my preference or my desire to avoid it tell me about myself knowingness you can choose to focus on where or surround yourself with any color that you feel you need the influence of at any given time so feel free to do this today start experimenting with color therapy and celebrate your life with color have a good week [Music]


  1. Black is all color combined. In art to get Black all colors are mixed. It is everything and nothing at the same time. It is point zero. It is all potentiality. It is the Great I Am. When the Great I Am extends itself it is The Light. The vibration of that Light determines the color. It is "I am being…" vs. I am doing…" One must Be before he can Do. They are not juxtaposed. They work in tangent.

  2. hmmm… for some reason I tend to be a real big fan of anything that has a somewhat turquoise, aqua, or cyan color to it.

  3. yay, thank you for the old intro and thank you for this video! everyday i will wear my stones of one of the chakras! today it is orange carnelian, tomorrow is citrine, wednesday is green chrysoprase, etc. thank you for enlightening me, reminding me about power of colors!! namaste!

  4. Teal, I just love you and your super shimmery earrings. Your videos are always so relaxing and uplifting. This beautiful giant rainbow cube background made me smile right away. This is such an awesome video idea, I love how we know which color to choose now, with your descriptions. I don't wear enough color, so now I will start.

  5. I'd be interested in seeing an episode on what exactly happens with the energy field(aura or whatever you wanna call it)around a being when they feel strong emotion,I'd like to hear Teal's take on it and an explanation of how it looks from the outside.Also if the auras of people with different traits look very different or not so different.For example an old man's aura compared to a child's,or a homosexual person's aura compared to a straight person's aura.Just everything about energies and auras fascinates me 😀

  6. It was very interesting! I loved when Teal told some of the meanings of the colors and I also loved the background. I felt like I'm a little kid and I want to go play inside of the cubes . I love all the colors except for grey.. it makes me feel cold :/ and empty .. I don't know why is that but yeah all the other colors are fun 💖 .. I don't hate the color.. I have few shirts that are grey but if I'd chose what color I want my room to be then def. not grey 😀

  7. I though about every time something horrible happened to me in my entire life, I was wearing either black or orange at the time.

  8. As far as white and black go, I've been trying to explain it that way, word for word, for years. I'm just glad a louder voice finally cleared them up.

    Also, when I'm doing reiki, I see avacado coloured sparks fly when i reach heavy resistance.

  9. if anyone can answer the following please comment!

    Teal, I'm searching for one of your YouTube videos where you ask the viewer to write down a series of questions and answers in order to heal after a relationship. Questions were like I appreciate you for, you inspired me because, it makes me angry when, etc. If you (or anyone!!) remember which video that was please let me know because I really need to do this project, thank you and thank you so much for your channel. 🙏🙏🙏

  10. I feel like to bring myself out of an anxiety attack I have to find my color and when I feel an attack I need to concentrate and focus on its energy after that I need to slowly connect myself to the world around me as a whole

  11. I always wear white, grey, or black shirts with different shades of blue jeans and black shoes. Not because what color therapy may say but because I lack a sense of fashion and I have little money to spend.

  12. Did you know that the color "Teal" (bluish green) is good for manifestation? This is the color of the higher heart chakra

  13. Ive always visualized songs with a specific color(s) associated with them and could only listen to some song during the day or night depending on the color, interesting. deffinitly want to look into color therapy now

  14. Currently reading this book "Light: The Future Of Medicine" and synchronicity is pulsating right now. Guides have been telling me the importance of full spectrum lighting, sun gazing and Plasma. I feel like the "third eye" is a mouth too where we can eat colors

  15. I LOVE this! I work in branding as a designer and I manipulate color to affect psychology on an almost daily basis. I consider it a powerful ability and I hate using it for frivolous or dishonest purposes. Even the most subtle shift in color can completely change a persons perception, like you mentioned with the different yellow chakra hues having a different meaning towards health. This is true for the perception of the color too; I dont think I've ever used an off-yellow-green in a positive way in my career as it represents sickness.

  16. Sorry Teal , if you pay attention to black you will notice that it does reflect colour, albeit not so brightly. Any painter worth their salt can tell you this. The most efficient colour therapy that was banned by the authorities in America was Dinshah colour therapy ; even though he was supported by many medical doctors with provable evidence in court.

  17. Plants are a perfect example of this. At least how light and color soaks in the skin. Besides the fact that we receive vitiman D (or at least it is activated in the body) from exposure to sunlight, plants are much more effected by this, considering that's part of their staple diet. Plants cannot thrive or live(don't quote me on that but I'm pretty sure this kills them) in green light. The plant is reflecting the light it does not need as the color you see on leaves, which is green. If you shine green light on a green plant, it will be as if the plant is in a dark room, and it will (probably) die. This reflection thing is only in plants, but I find it interesting how she incorporates light and the colors to help people heal their emotions. I guess it's kind of a known thing, but I know that brighter colors have always helped my depression, no matter which color it is, as long as it's bright. (I know, a lot of run on sentences…. bare with me.) I feel passionate today… but at the same time I'm working on keeping up with myself without worrying about what others think, or rather, understand that it is okay to follow my best self and not have to feel guilty when my loved ones disapprove. This is a fairly big theme I'm seeing in her videos, and it's exactly what I've needed… ahem, my random and nearly unrelated tangent is finished. You may proceed in reading the other comments now. 😊*nods*

  18. Until I was 7-8 I was obsessed with pink. After my parents divorce people used to make fun of me and I attracted many sad experiences. Then turned into green and blue on my teens, also brown and a bit of orange and red, and hated pink which made me feel like vulnerable. Then I turned to black, on my 20s, it made me feel protected and more powerful (even dyed my hair black) until this year when I naturaly felt attracted more to grey and blue while healing many wounds and experiencing changes on my perception. I like pink again and also white.

  19. Now I know why I only watched 2 minutes of this before. A clip of someone getting shot dead? Ouch. I can't even think about the rest of the video after that!

  20. I recently discovered your videos through Infinite Waters. Your videos resonate so strongly with me, I have found myself binge watching all of them. I love the raw truth you are discussing. You have helped ne to have so many epiphanies over the last 48 hrs, I can't even begin to describe the way I feel at this moment. You are truly amazing and I'm so glad to have found this channel. Much Love! Blessed Be!

  21. So how close(as in how many feet) does 2 people need to be in close proximity to start "entraining" and how long does it take to entrain?

  22. I want to know did this come to you in awaking, like  many colors of  light surging through your body awaking that lead me to here for  you

  23. I LOVE your videos!!  I gain a sense of grounding and seriousness that I could do well to apply to my life as a lot of people, including myself, believe me to be a little bit flighty or silly at times…one thing I noticed is that you used an interesting word for green and it was dependability…I had this word on my resume as one of the words for my objective statement…last time I googled it it wasn't technically a word according to Wikipedia or google…oddly today I googled it again and there it is!!!  WTF!!??………ok?……anyway thanks teal your shits awesome as usual 🙂

  24. I used to really hate yellow and orange, for some reason. I still don't appreciate bright yellow or bright orange, but I can appreciate more muted tones of those colors. I sense that this might have to do with chakras ?






  26. On studying history of alchemy, there are references of physical healing of natural base tinctures made by color of fruits, flowers, powders of metals and stones. Those prescriptions were very colorful 😀

  27. I have experimented with a home made device. Flashlight, hand cut color filters and quartz crystal. Orange on inside ankle reduced excessive menstrual bleeding in 5 minutes. After ten days, purple on a scary mole dissolved it completely, after terrible finger burn, Indigo touching the burn relieved the pain immediately and reduced the healing time. I hope one day the Indigo light will be used to reduce suffering in Burn Units of hospitals. At 66, I am starting my own Youtube channel on Energy Healing. Would you enter that place in your heart chakra that I am and Bless my new project? Thanks, Your Sister.

  28. your green rather looks blueish, like teal…as a color expert: how can you skip the color turquoise? www.color-buresch.atgreetings, color sister!

  29. A good overview of colour therapy by Teal Swan, whose personal energy is a powerhouse of wonder. Colour healing in another subject entirely, which can be used to cure virtually any illness or disease, and in many respects, is superior, having better and faster results and zero side effects than conventional medicine. The tyrannical and damnable American Medical Association destroyed the work of an amazingly successful colour healer and teacher by the name of Dinshah Gladiali, (as they have done to many great and successful alternative medical doctors). But Dinshah Gladiali was was not a medical doctor, he invented and promoted the Spectro-Chrome System for healing with colour. It is the only colour healing system based upon real science, with specific colours for specific medical conditions. See: Spectro-Chrome System

  30. I am taking a colour therapist course to become a colour therapist. I have done colour therapy sessions for about 2 years. It's amazing and yes there is scientific facts behind it.

  31. About a year ago I, without being told about it, started doing soul energy paintings. So long as I have permission from a person's soul I can paint the picture of what their soul needs. I never charge. I have painted for some and asked them how accurate the painting was, knowing nothing about them or their situation before or what they're going through and was accurate every single time. It's important to know this has nothing to do with being against God as some falsely believe. I definitely believe in God and have had miracles happen to me that cannot be explained through scientific fact, nor do I strongly believe could they ever be.

  32. I found this to be a very telling video! As Ive moved throughout my life, my preferences for colors have indeed changed! When listening to Teal explaining what various colors associate with, I see where they have affected me! Interestingly enough, the colors I decorate with, especially on my walls, are different than what I'd wear, with one exception…pink! Color therapy has definitely taken on a new surge in many areas of study! This is another fascinating subject!

  33. You have 64 727 views on this video at the moment. Let's suppose we are all dull and bad people, wouldn't that influence your video and also you? You would probably risk posting more videos. Will you?

  34. I was researching color therapy and your video popped up. I wanted to tell you it was very informative and you have a very peaceful way of explaining stuff. In fact, I have a really bad anxiety/depression disorder but you might be the only youtuber or possibly person I have ever come across that just made me feel peaceful. I can't explain that one, but it was just nice breath of fresh air to say the least. Anyways have been doing research on colored therapy glasses and wonder what is the best for generalized anxiety? These are the general colors offered (Aqua, Blue, Green, Indigo, Magenta, Orange, Red, Rose, Violet, Yellow). From what I gathered from this video and various color charts, blue, green, and aqua all seem to result in a tranquil state of mind but wasn't sure if that is exactly the right cure as anxiety can also be a result from depression itself.

  35. I love the intro its relaxing, doesn't get old, and your videos are always visually appealing. You're beautiful in every single one!

  36. Wow this is really interesting.
    I want to tell you how my favourite colour has changed over the years: yellow-green-purple-orange

  37. I am looking at this for the first time. I don't even have a favorite color. How can I find help using color? I want to oxygenate my body. Is there color that does that?

  38. I have a business (project) called tarotpeutic. I use color cards to create affirmations based on the readings. Working towards becoming an art therapist 💕

  39. I once spent time in a hostel, Lucky Lake Hostel, near Amsterdam, where everything was painted in bright colors. People stayed in small cabins and trailers and every trailer and cabin was painted in a different color.

    I felt so happy there. And ever since my stay I wonder if it was because of all those colors and if I should paint my home like that.
    Also I wonder if people in the 1970s for example were happier because the clothing and all the home textiles were so bright and cheerful then.

    Nowadays everybody likes neutrals. Why is that?

    Any thoughts?

  40. Black has your back
    Brown is a mound
    Red is your bed
    Orange is the door hinge
    Yellow is mellow
    Green is the scene/seen
    Blue is the clue
    Indigo in the know
    Violet is the pilot
    Purple's in the circle
    White is a knight

    Teal is the deal!!
    Turquoise make some noise
    Pink don't sink
    Silver is a salver
    Gold is bold

  41. Orange-freedom success willpower new possibilities triggers vitality endurance intensity luck achieving endulgence
    Purple-supernatural insight possession of wisdom inner knowing dignity
    Yellow-joy cheer lightness optimism attention curiosity light heartless fresh aliveness freshness and newness and ownes
    Brown-belonging comfort community practically
    Gold-masculine wealth prestige winning luxury of abudunace and a healthy ego
    Green-healing color reguvanating generosity dependability sympathy recovering authenticity growth basics hope understanding obeservation comfort and a healthy mindset
    Grey-difference self control stalemate conservatives compromise lack of movement moderation composer and refinement
    Silver-pyshci abilities infusion magic and healthy emotion
    Pink-tenderness gentle youthfulness getting along care taking
    White-absorbs no color of purity and peace purity justice perfection faith innocence nothingness harmony peace truth inspiration and clarity
    Red-determination leadership motivation desire warthm strength sexuality passion progress bravery metabolism competition and a solid sense of self
    Blue-reliability calming relaxation tranquility rest patient trust loyalty truth sharing of wisdom and truth
    Black-absence of color oness Oregon perspective protection respect solodiness

  42. Talented, informative, classy, giving and well spoken. You’re an amazing lady that’s come through hell (man made creation) and back. My sincere appreciation for what you do for mankind. 🙏🏻🌻 Sweet, kind and loving, too.

  43. So if I am resistant to the color orange, yet the qualities orange emits are all the qualities I would benefit from the most out of all the colors, does that mean I have disowned an aspect of me that has those traits??

  44. Thank you….this was so beautifully said……
    ….pure undyed linen naturally brings a range of shades between a nearly luminescent silver and soft beige silver….It does feel deeply connected with the moon….we should all be careful about the vibration of synthetic dye in clothing…..also alum mordants being added to plant dyes….

  45. This video is surprisingly non-fluff. Its thorough, stated with clarity and confidence. And i dig the style. I'll investigate. Thanks.

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