1. You would think that farmer coops would advocate for food and diet remedies to our national health problems.

  2. I would drink too if my name was Doug Stanhope.
    I don't drink anymore because my name is not Doug Stanhope.

  3. Ha. This fucker posts stanhope bits in addition to the cawls.

    Thats one stand up snotty nosed pimple faced cawksugger…

  4. Am in UK – NHS is crap, why do I have to pay £400 per month national insurance, dentist last year cost me £300 for root canal. I'd rather PAYG (just pay for stuff if/when I need it), not this socialist bollocks. God bless America – you have the right idea (i.e. medical insurance).

  5. I'm an American, I love America, but this is EXACTLY the type of shit America does that makes me shake my damn head lmao

  6. People watch explotation TV so they can feel better about their pathetic lives. I'm fat but, at least I can waddle from the handicapped spot at Wally world to a motorized cart just inside the door. Life is good !!!

  7. I never realised there were Americans who were so accurately self reflective and introspective and so American about it! In Britain this would have come dripping with layers of sarcasm but Doug just gives it to you straight. He should be mandatory viewing for all Americans from the age of 7 upwards, it might stop some of them being so retarded and teach them the value of critical thinking

  8. Healthcare in Canada costs the average worker 35% of their paycheck, It's not free, For fucks sake, research it, Doug.

  9. It's driving me nuts. What is that classical piece? Not Hail to the Chief. The classical one. I must have listened to it 500 times, but I am suffering from CRS. Ungh.

  10. I've searched high and low, from thrift store to thrift store, and I have yet to find a pair of "slacks" like Dougie is wearing here. I'm serious, I need a pair like these.

  11. Well i'm sorry you've been troubled by t.v but so have i. In fact i too have spent some time in the United States. I couldn't believe how they would show commercials after a programme ended then showed the end credits followed by more commercials.We get a lot of US television here so i know how cruddy it is. Best keeping it off regardless of where you may be.

  12. Deathwatch on Stanhope starts now, or at least one for his career. He's just repeating himself endlessly, and talking about things he knows nothing about – he's getting lazy. Hoarders are sick fucks, but they are mentally ill – it isn't a habit. Should some weasel be making money off of them, of course not.

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