1. someone tap into her google searches, i bet she searched symptoms of opioid addiction right before this

  2. I was addicted to Painkillers for 3 years and trying to get off, but after being clean for a few months, I relapsed and eventually got hooked on heroin, so I know both sides of the story and I can tell as someone who experienced it on my own skin that opioid withdrawals are the same intensity and symptoms presence. Only difference is lasting period of withdrawals depending of drug of choice. If she is withdrawing, her legs would be restless and twitching constantly, Not relaxed and calm for 22 min in the video!!! She didn’t even mentioned “Restless Legs which are main Symptom withdrawing from opiates”!!! I had excruciating Restless Legs symptoms, Diarrhea, aches and pain in my knees, my legs were twitching constantly for days, hot & cold flashes, constant sweating, chills, insomnia lasting for 5 days and vomiting, stomach cramps were present for 2 weeks minimum after being 3 years on painkillers !!! It was pretty much similar intensity from heroin years after!!! I’m clean for 5 years and grateful I went through all this hand I’m free of drugs now, but please don’t underestimate the opioid withdrawals and think you can do it on your own!!! This video is a shame and mocking of every person who’s really dealing with opioid withdrawals and recovery !!! Is Trisha aware of the message she’s sending to people, “that they don’t need professional help and can detox at home by their own”??? Are you aware how many people died going through withdrawals trying to detox alone without professional help or OD’s trying to prevent withdrawals???
    Please be careful before you protect this Drama Queen using serious problem as addiction to get more views and clicks!!! Real addicts and people in recovery recognized her bullshit and 🤥 lies. She owns public apology and admitting that she lied in this video and manipulated her fans! People should unsubscribe from her channel immediately after this drama!!!

  3. There's a horrible respiratory virus going around and it's lasting over 3 weeks and sends you to the Dr. for antibiotics. I have it, my husband has it and you sound so congested as we do….you're a damn azz

  4. But your mother says she was ill and believes she passed it on to you😆 You're a damn idiot🐷

  5. I can’t fucking believe you would put this on your fucking channel . 89% of people watching videos on YouTube are CHILDREN ! Why the fuck would you put this out there for CHILDREN to see . Thank god you don’t have any children ! Wow this is a whole new fucking low for you & I honestly didn’t even think that was possible for you . Wow you need fucking help ! & I don’t understand for the life of me why your & Tanas manager Jordan would stand behind you after posting something like this ! Wow Trisha, you’re way below rock bottom .

  6. 18 days?? And still withdrawing…. I am withdrawing right now from subutex after taking it for chronic pain for 10 monthd. and alcohol. I cant even leave my house. I am on day 4. Subutex with drawel is aweful.. I have a hard time after 18days u still feel like this. Unless u where taking subutex. That withdrawel lasts wayyy longer than an opiate

  7. Babe as a suffer of harsh addition to pain killers, your withdrawal makes no sense? and dont promote cold turkey it can kill people. If your addition is real i hope you can come off them but this makes no sense.

  8. Stop discrediting her because she chose not to video tape an actual withdrawal happening. Y’all should know better than to sit in a comment section and trash talk someone you don’t know personally. You don’t have to believe her but you definitely should never cyber bully someone just because you don’t want to believe her.

  9. As a recovering addict all of yall should be a shamed of yourself who are yall to tell someone they are not going through withdrawal because its not as bad as yours was my was horrible but it's not my place to judge someone just because theirs is not as bad do not get me wrong she could be lying no one really knows but this is her truth so let her speak it without attacking her she is still a human anf if she really is going through this yall should know this is one of the hardest times in her life and she don't need hate she need support

  10. Hey im sorry for saying you're not in withdrawal.
    Dependence and addiction is different. If you take it as prescribed your dependent but if youve take it in excess then its addiction.
    But withdrawal shouldn't last more than a week. Maybe you can see a suboxone clinic? It helps with addiction. I hope you get better soon

  11. Beautiful Trisha you dont want to hear this but…You need to go to rehab to balance all these emotions to dig deep to change. Cold turkey is not safe! what your doing to your heart and body is a huge stress with withdraw. Peter Mon is NOT being mean he is has honest points. He is a real friend speaking facts on experience with addiction. Anna Nicole she needed help and people failed her. Show people you have the courage to get the help you need and go to rehab. First step to getting better! You wont read this but it needs to be said. Someone needs to do a intervention with this woman.

  12. Stop with the videos go to rehab z go to a half way home where v you are c amongst others like you and have two to recover properly. But whatever you won't listen

  13. Withdrawal is a disabilitating thing and whether she realizes it, she is making a mockery of rehabilitation.

  14. Soooo you guys constantly call her a drug addict but when she makes this video you call her a liar….make up yourfuckin mind

  15. Wow. People are really rude. You can have withdrawal symptoms from opioids MONTHS AND MONTHS AND MONTHS LATER. How are you all going to sit and say she is a liar? We don't know. For fucks sake, even if it's a lie…. She isn't hurting anyone. Back the fuck up.

  16. I cant imagine having bad withdrawals after 18 days…I have had anxiety attacks (addict myself) after a few weeks due to wanting the drugs but the real HELL is the first week after stopping opioids and I had to do it with rehab, suboxen and anxiety meds. How she is detoxing at home without ANY help..blows my mind. I certainly couldn't lay down and talk for 30 mins…I was too busy shaking, crying, and wanting to use. I still pray for her recovery but she needs interventions that actually HELP

  17. Stfu with the self pitty. Grow the fuck up, boss up, and move on. You play victim and soak yourself in this miserable little bubble YOU have created. Everyone hates you right now because you are TOXIC. What you put out into the universe YOU GET BACK. Your need for attention and validation is disgusting and ruining your happiness. Take responsibility for your life, and stop with the pitty party. You will never heal if you are constantly posting on social media, which any dumbass knows. You don’t want to be better you WANT to be known as broken and a victim. Everyone see’s through that bullshit. YOU ARE A GROWN ASS ADULT, THIS BEHAVIOR IS NOT CUTE, ACCEPTABLE, OR TOLERATED ANYMORE. You have the mentality of a 14 year old. Grow the fuck up Trisha.

  18. Some of you need to stop undermining another person's suffering. REGARDLESS of the cause, she's obviously not doing well..
    And this is coming from someone who has gone to the ER twice over withdrawals. Be more understanding if you know full well what's suffering feels likes yourself.

  19. Man everyone in the comments need to lay off it. None of y'all know her or her situation. Stay strong Trisha and I hope u get to feeling better soon. Ignore the hate comments!!

  20. Trisha, thank you for being so open and honest, noone should ever judge you for sharing everything with us. Love to you! At the end of the day, we all go through hard times in life. Just know I'm siding by you and care about you. This is what being human is, you have many layers..you are sweet, beautiful, talented, funny, and most importantly you are real. ❤❤❤❤

  21. Damn people if she's struggling with not taking pills then she's struggling just because she's not freaking out at this moment doesn't mean she's not going through it. It's not like she was putting that shit in her arm. Just don't watch. Don't let it get to u Trish your aloud to be sad your aloud to be lonely don't beat yourself up it'll get easier I promise

  22. SMH is it that bad you need attention from all these viewers I think it’s a mental health thing…Now you disable your comments on the new video because u are pathetic looking for someone attentions”

  23. I watched ur other vid where u disabled ur comments. Ur right everyone can and should shut the fuck up. Everyone goes through shit differently. Everyone is different. None of us have camereas on u 24/7 , no one has the right to discredit you. Blehhhh all you guys suck. Leave her alone.

  24. god, the comments are disabled on your two newest videos but wow, i really needed to talk about this, you seriously need to just stop, all this shit is really getting old, especially all this shit about you being lonely and depressed, we get that you had a tough break up but seriously? theres people out there who had terrible TERRIBLE shit happen to them and then your making a billion videos because you had a break up, seriously? it actually makes me mad because i've been depressed in my own life about terrible fucking things and the fact that your making all these videos and acting so depressed and lonely because you had a bad break up is really sickening to me. like i get it, but you really just need to stop. this video as well, i can feel the lies in it, you manipulate people so much, i do not feel bad for you at ALL anymore, i used to feel some pity for you but now this is just way too much.

  25. You don’t know if it’s withdrawals?? If you’re going through withdrawals you’ll fucking know about it, it’s there’s no gray area, if you’re withdrawing from Ativan your in a dangerous situation because it can kill you and put you into seizures, I’ve been through it, your slapping every single addict or recovering addict in the face, if this is real you need help, full on medical help and I hope you get it because no one deserves that and if this is fake then I’ve never been more disgusted

  26. You've disabled comments off your "I'm sick of it" and out of the hundreds of people I know whive done rehab and withdrawn off medications…your the only one compelled to tell the world. This process should be self discoverey and it can call into questions your intentions and motivations being altruistic.
    The pot little old me doesn't work here.
    You could have taken time off to go to rehab…and say that your having time out to work on personal issues like KIt from game of thrones has done.

    Your an attention hore.
    Your motivations are whack, and seems to be about preserving you financial legacy rather than righting all the wrongs that AA teaches.

  27. She really comes off as a Bipolar & a habitual liar, the scary part is she really believes her own bs stories. I’ve been around people who have REALLLY struggled with with addiction and it looks and sounds NOTHING like this. What a complete mockery to the brave souls THAT HAVE withdrew on their own and those who HAVE LITERALLY DIED trying in the process. I detest this. Trish you need to get off the Internet.

  28. Imagine how popular you would be if instead of reveling in your insanity, you made your channel all about taking your life back and overcoming mental illness and toxic behavioral patterns

  29. She just uploaded a video of her eating bacon and eggs on her other channel 😂😂😂 "can't even keep water down" tho right girl?? And turn your comments back on! Stop being a little bitch! 🤗

  30. I love when you make good content videos (mukbags, try on hauls, etc.) And i understand you’re going through a hard time, but c’mon girl you gotta bounce back and get yourself together.

  31. I’m so triggered by this bullshit. You need help. Mental help. Pretending to be going through something like withdrawal for views,or whatever you’re doing this for is just wrong and you look stupid cause people who REALLY have been through opioid withdrawals can see through your shit from a mile away. I’m embarrassed for you.

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