1. Oh bc. Video bnanae ki jarurat padd gayi fake btane key liye , sare coaching wale pareshan hai ki yeh rule aa gaya to unka dhandha chaupat ho jayga , but tension na lo bhut jald yeh hone wala hai

  2. Sir, you are right, this is last year news, but, some one was telling if a guy scores more than 245 marks, he is not required to do one year internship in India.

  3. Sir..i wanna do MBBS in abroad..so..is there is need of neet..exam. ..for tht. …i jst now completed my 12th this yere only…

  4. Sir Do I have to give a entrance exam before admission in Crimea federal university?… And is it tough?.. Because I heard that the passing marks is 50%… And if I failed to get it I can never get admission

  5. Useless idiot ! Do you have any sense ?
    Its you who are circulating these non sense . You last video said , no need of MCI . Now this .
    What if an aspiring student of 12th standard just sees your thumbnail and decides. ?
    Stop using clickbaits . You're a Dr fr fucks sake. Have some sense.

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