Community Outreach: Community Health Needs Assessment — Penn State Hershey Medical Center

[ Music ] [ Background Music ] >> Healthcare is moving in a direction much
more toward the consumer, and toward the individual. And understanding the individual’s needs is
so important. It becomes the building block for all of your
future planning with healthcare reform, and it also provides you a chance to work in collaboration
with a whole range of other providers in a whole new model. >> It’s really important for us to know what
our community needs. Because in order for us to address that, and
to give them the best advice, the best care, we need to know what’s important to them,
and they need to develop a trust with us. >> In most communities around America, hospitals
and systems do their own assessment because the federal IRS regulations are that every
hospital has to do their own. But here, two competing health systems plus
an academic medical center all came together in what I call a very unique partnership. >> You know, there was great value for us
to partnership with [inaudible] and clinical. We do live in one community, and so now we
have one comprehensive plan to look at that we meet the needs of all the people of our
community. >> This is probably the richest data set anywhere
in the United States. The beauty of that is every year you can go
back and check and see where you are, and to see if we’ve made a difference, and see
if people are becoming healthier. >> People are recognizing that healthy lifestyle
and healthy living is primary important to them, and that we are turning the coin, finally,
that we’re not looking at disease, and that our focus should not be disease. But if we as individuals care for ourselves,
we will be healthier, and we will have a healthier life. >> The long-term goal is healthy people. But I think the bigger goal is the transformation
in healthcare from being provider-centric to personal-centric, that you the individual
become the guiding force in your own health, in partnership with a provider. >> I think it’s finally getting the media,
I think it’s getting the schools. I think parents are recognizing that we can
be in control of this, and that our children can be healthy, and that it needs to start
with healthy eating, and exercising, and being in charge for ourselves and for our health. [ Music ]

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