Complete Relaxation Hypnosis, Mindfulness Meditation to Overcome Stress & Anxiety by Glenn Harrold


  1. If you're a standard Youtube pisstaker, give it a miss. Otherwise give it a go. I find it very useful.

  2. Lol I'm going to use this in a video because I like the background 🙂
    But Im cutting off the voice
    I'll give you credit XD

  3. I've had problems with sleeping.  Anxiety just like anyone else.  LIfe's problems and issues.  I hated staying up for hours and then my mind was consumed by the thought that hey I've been up for 2 hours in my bed and Im only getting x amount of hours before I go to work and last time I only had this much time to sleep work was this much harder and man its getting this much harder for the coming day and Its longer than before so its worst than before and blah blah blah blah.   Now I come home from work I get ready for bed.  I put this is my headphones on my phone.  Deep breaths relaxing every part of my body and mind and before the audio track is over I'm gone.  It's what you make of it.  It's changed my life and better than any sleeping aid pills that become addicting.

  4. You know, I watched videos with a hypnosis of relaxation and they had monster faces pop up and it screams very very loudly. That trick does not scare me. I am totally use to it, it is a old joke, really boring. That joke is becoming dumb. Just in case, I always pause the video and check the comments to see if it is one of those dumb monster tricks. I don't waste my time watching stupid jokes. I have no idea if this is a trick because I did not watch it, but I don't think I should watch this.

  5. @euroteres1 its just telling you to relax.
    @sendmethepicture Well stop looking at the movie. you need to find a place to lay down like your bed, and close your eyes.

  6. So, did anyone else pause the video and check the comments first to see if it was a pop-up? 😛

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