Complex Limb Reconstruction at the Penn Orthoplastic Limb Salvage Center

– This is a gentleman, injured in a motorcycle crash. He was treated in an outside hospital and he had a large open wound with exposed hardware and exposed bone. Dr Levin did a flap to cover the defect. So now at this point
we’re ready for the second stage of his reconstruction. The Penn Orthoplastic Limb Salvage Center is a program really
designed around the idea of using multiple service
lines like plastic surgery and orthopedics to help with limb salvage and limb extremity reconstruction. – We’re interested in patients who have had their limbs adversely
affected by trauma. Patients with chronic conditions,
chronic bone infection, vascular disease to treatment
of mal union and non union and functional reconstruction. – We’re literally set up to take care of any challenging problem of the extremity. We are constantly looking
at new ways we can innovate and help patients. New ways we can help
improve their outcomes from a functional standpoint
and a surgical standpoint. – With our sophisticated techniques and our multi disciplinary approach between neurologists and
neurosurgeons and reconstructive microsurgeons and our hand surgery group there are things we can do that very few places in the world can do. – Did you want to take
any of this tibia down? – Aside from all the technology that we have at Penn Medicine all the clinical research
studies we have going on. Some of the advance technologies like the limb lengthening nail. And the 3-D printed materials. It is really the personnel that make this program really special. – Not only do we have an incredible bunch of gifted orthopedic
surgeons, plastic surgeons, microsurgeons but we also have
all the ancillary services that are integral to running
a limb salvage center. – As an orthopedic surgeon and an orthopedic traumatologist for me that is truly a luxury. I listen to some of my
colleagues across the country and I hear them bemoaning
the fact that they don’t have people like doctors Levin
and Kovach at their disposal who are excited about
reconstructing extremities. – We’ve marked out the fibula
bone and then Dr Kovach has marked out the segments that correlate to the planning we did. – We really view our referring providers as partners in this
reconstruction endeavor for the patient. Many times the referring providers are and incredible intregal
part of the care plan of that patient. – For anybody who is thinking
of referring a patient refer them. You call us today, we’ll
see the patient today. Wherever they are in the world
we will bring them to Penn to do what needs to be done. – [Dr Mehta] Our goal is to get you stable and get you moving right away. We really share the
outcomes of these patients. Patients who are referred
to me will commonly say “I am so glad doctor
so and so sent me here for this problem.” They recognize the
value of that connection and I think that
connection is so important.

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