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Johnstown is big city medicine in a small town the quality is excellent the outcomes are great it's a community program but it's a very mellow structure and so you have a very friendly group of physicians and staff and patients and so you really have a wonderful opportunity to Train we have residents placed all over the United States you won't be disappointed the commitment is just unbelievable welcome to Conemaugh health systems Graduate Medical Education video I'm Amy Bradley director of marketing communications we want to share with you portions of interviews we conducted with kana Moss residency directors asking them the questions we thought you might ask to help you become more familiar with our programs allow us to introduce our graduate medical education program directors hi I'm dr. Richard Wozniak I'm medical director of Graduate Medical Education here at Conemaugh hi I'm dr. Russell dumar director of the surgical residency training program hi I'm dr. Jean Spencer I'm the program director of the Conemaugh family medicine residency program in Johnstown Pennsylvania my name is Luis Gonzalez I'm the director of the pgy one pharmacy residency program I'm Szabo Waseem I'm the program director for the internal medicine residency at Economo Memorial Medical Center hi I'm Matthew Perry program director of the emergency medicine residency program these program directors each have a personal commitment to our residents and strive to help each excel this begins by finding candidates that best fit our program so what do our directors look for in a resident oh I think a person needs to be honest reliable hard-working ready to learn I think expect somebody with an open mind somebody who's enthusiastic about learning accepting challenges and excelling in whatever challenge is placed in front of them somebody that has a great work ethic that can get along and work well with other people and somebody who's who's dedicated to their patients and really wants to improve their health or a level 1 trauma center we provide high quality care we take care of complicating patients we hope to prepare residents to work in any facility or any setting throughout the country off upon graduation and we're really interested in a resident who wants to come here provide high-quality patient centered care to our patients and learn while they're doing it so now that you know what Conemaugh expects of you what can you expect of Conemaugh let's look at how our residency programs are structured learning at Conemaugh as it takes place in a variety of settings obviously a lot of physician education takes place at the bedside or in the exam room with the patients we also have a variety of didactic opportunities classroom settings where the residents receive part of their education we recruit six family medicine residents per year for three years it's a total of 18 residents they participate in a variety of activities this includes inpatient and outpatient they participate in obstetrics surgery a little of everything each Thursday throughout the year the first two hours are evidence-based articles that we review in small groups with faculty present our third hour is a plenary lecture by one of our sub specialists throughout the hospital our fourth hour is our simulation lab or oral board review and our fifth hour is sort of a potpourri hour where we review interesting EKGs interesting cases cat scans sex rays so on and so forth the residency is structured inpatient and outpatient so about 2/3 of the training is inpatient setting and they go through the general internal medicine and all the subspecialties of Medicine so we pretty much have almost all as have specialties of internal medicine at this institution and then for ambulatory training we have the residents to a continuity clinic as well as to specialty offices outside the internal medicine so that gives them a broad view of the ambulatory setting outside the general medicine practice so we do many of the things that the other medical residents do for example ethics conferences that we hold we are responsible for those we're responsible for training physicians and educating them about pharmacology and that's something I think that is part of the environment the overall experience that you get when you come to Conemaugh well basically general surgery training or residency is a pseudo apprenticeship type of situation you expect we expect a baseline of basic medical knowledge that every medical student graduating is going to have and basically from the beginning to the end we're going to expect you to be present interested and gradually increase your level of participation knowledge base and comfort zone over the next five years and the other part that we have that many community hospitals don't have is our medical skills learning center or sim lab we're one of the few accredited sim labs in the country especially at a community-based Hospital with our patient human patient simulator and I think that adds a real value to the education that we're able to provide to residents and other learners I think simulation lab is a great asset for residents it's better obviously to learn how to do things before you do it an actual patient so that that's a great way to reduce the amount of anxiety when you're in a real life so before I started at an intern here we had similar simulation and you're an anxiety level will be much less when you know that you've done it before and especially the feedback because you are doing one simulation and then you're watching three or four more it's much better for me at least to do it right when you do it for a real patient they actually are the best methodology – for learning purpose so it it basically helps you to execute your plan your your thoughts and so I think that simulation is a really good idea especially when we are women we see these cases in the real time implementing your thought process and basically rehearsing them beforehand is it helps you a lot to learn more about our skills lab click on the resources tab of our Graduate Medical Education website Conemaugh has several distinct residency's and there are many advantages to having multiple residences at one location Kodama is a selection of different multiple residences and we have emergency medicine we have family medicine we have general surgery we have psychology internship program we have pharmacy residency so we have a large selection our residents get a chance to interact with all the residents from other specialties you know that's what really I think makes us unique as well the fact that they've included non physician residency programs into the GME umbrella we train together as a unit so we work together and we train physicians to work well in teams anytime you have more than one residency program it's a definite benefit I mean patients that patients nowadays are not taking care of by any one individual it's a team approach so oftentimes the residents are interacting for instance from the surgery point of view we often get patients who present through the emergency room so we have a very close and very good working relationship with the emergency medicine residents they rotate on our service so they know sort of what we expect in terms of the evaluation we really think we benefit from having other residents here it allows us to have larger conferences so we call this collaborative training so we you know feel that our residents on a surgery rotation with surgery residents are able to learn more than they would if the only resident on that rotation our ICU rotation is taught by two intensivists which we could never do if we were the only residents in the hospital so we think there are definite advantages of being in a larger place with more residency's the communication lines are excellent between residents so it's always better to have more than one program it's good for your professional growth and development as well as it's good for the institution I think having the other residences here really helps them learn from each other and maintain that high level for the faculty so we have the expertise in surgery we have the expertise in emergency medicine we have the expertise in family medicine internal medicine the sub specialties so really elevates everybody's game if you will – by having all the residents here and it serves our patients well elevating everybody's game and serving our patients well that truly makes a successful residency program and that can only be accomplished if the residents are guided and taught by an excellent faculty that commits their time and energy to educating resident physicians and improving the programs we offer dr. Wozniak is the faculty at Khanna ma up to the task well I think the best way to explain that is the fact that we just had our hundredth year anniversary of Graduate Medical Education here at Khanna MA so our physicians have been dedicated to graduate medical education for over a hundred years and over 90% of our medical staff are considered teaching physicians it is one of our core competencies it's what we do I think you know everybody says they have an open-door policy but we really do have one you know our faculty like to teach we are you know frequently present in the clinic or in our offices and residents you know feel free to pop by and if they have a question both yeah for career development as well as as patient questions any resident that comes to Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center for their postgraduate training will benefit by the fact that every single one of our preceptors in our program our faculty are all board-certified in their respective specialties so not only do they gain experience across the broad range of pathology and disease states but they also are mentored by individuals that are board-certified in their respective sub specialties the biggest thing that we get is personal satisfaction of knowing that we're giving back to what we truly love being a surgeon in my mind is not it's not a job it's a profession and it's a calling it's something that you know that you want to do you don't know exactly why you want to do it but you're willing to do anything to get to that level to be a surgeon and to know that you're helping the next generation of people do what you need help to do to achieve your own hopes and dreams that's the social satisfaction that we all get from this so the nurses the ancillary staff the physician everybody knows that we're a teaching hospital everybody's dedicated to teaching and it really does elevate that and make it one of our core competencies a residency can be a stressful time a lot of vital information has to be passed on and absorbed for the resident to become an effective physician so it's important that the relationships among the residents and between residents and faculty don't add to that stress the camaraderie at Kannamma is exceptional from clinical environments to curriculum settings to fun outside of the hospital our residents and faculty create close friendships well you know Jos town is known as the friendly City and we Economo are friendly so we like to get to know our residents and we like to get interactions between the residents and the faculty the residents and the the other employees I think they're integrated into the community yeah we have a nice size residency where the residents know one another they know one another's families they know the faculty very well so it is a tight-knit group one of the things I'm most proud of in our program is the camaraderie our group is a very multi-ethnic group you know we have in addition to our us grass we have at times about 11 different nationalities in our program so it's a rich cultural program I think everybody brings a very good flavor from their from their country of origin and they they mesh very well it's a very nice community and nice place to work and I think it's a tremendously beneficial collaboration that you see where they develop lifelong friends that are not just pharmacists but they could be physicians that could be psychology interns it's really kind of cool to see that to grow and develop and then after they leave they maintain contact with with these individuals we hope our video is giving you a good look at what a residency at Conemaugh can offer but there's more to life than just what happens within these walls Johnstown is a welcoming community that provides hospitality to our residents and their families you know it's Conemaugh is a fantastic place to be educated because you have the whole package you not only have an environment that's very conducive to Graduate Medical Education but you also have the Four Seasons you have a lot of opportunities to do things outside of the hospital and most importantly you don't have a commute so you have extra time to do it and when you add all that up it really translates into a wonderful experience we did feel very welcome here we've been here for four years now and day one I had a great experience here I went during my interview I got along with everyone it was very warm and very welcoming very inviting everyone so nice here which is great yet well you know when I interviewed here I just really liked I liked everything about Johnstown and residency itself it's a regional level one trauma center and so as surgical residents you know we get exposed to a lot of different traumas I feel like all the residents are really impressive and I want to be like them so that's why I think yeah that's why I wanted to go to kanawa all of your life is good I feel like it's good raising our kids here it's been very happy very in this place you can feel comfortable with the kids and they a lot of activities for families it's a great family place to be if you go to a bigger program you may just be able to like fade into the background but here you know you get personalized teaching you know there everyone's available and everyone notices you and gives you the teaching experience that you deserve instead of just being another number in the residency and did the training here and be able to work anywhere in the country and be able to be a great physician come and visit great advice Kodama just might be the best place for you to complete your residency a residency that prepares our graduates to explore their interests and pursue their passions as physicians our residents really have been able to choose wherever in the country they want to to practice so I think the training that they get here prepares them from any kind of careers they want to pursue we have an amazing success rate in terms of placement of graduating residents into fellowships our board passage rate is second to none just about a hundred percent for the last ten years and I've been here long enough that I know graduates of our program that are spread throughout the United States and also internationally and the feedback we get is their successful parts of you have had residents going to fellowships who have had residents going to primary care we have had some residents who chose to pursue academic careers and we have residents going to hospitalists so whichever career they've chosen you know they felt very well prepared for it and our Conemaugh name is becoming well known throughout the United States because of I think the type of education and the work ethic that these individuals bring the biggest measure of our success is over the years a large number of people that we have trained gone out to major your Institute institutions for cardiothoracic vascular surgery general surgery minimally invasive they've come back here to be faculty here that's the true measure of your success when people go away and realize that this is a great place to be and come back to work and live here with their families choosing a location for your residency is an important decision we hope that this glimpse into our graduate medical education program is helpful and showing you some of what you'll experience while a resident at Cana MA we welcome you to visit see our facilities meet our faculty and staff speak with current residents and tour this beautiful area we think you'll love it as much as we do if you want to come to a program that gives you a wide range of opportunities being educated in a very collaborative work environment with other healthcare professionals including physicians and is a great place to live work and play come to Cana Memorial Medical Center for your postgraduate training I think Johnstown and Conemaugh is a small town but it has a tertiary care hospital and so you have a very friendly group of physicians and staff and patients and so you really have a wonderful opportunity to train you won't be disappointed you'll find a top-notch residency program that I would say can compete with any residency in the country when I ask people who have graduated you know what was the best thing about Conemaugh that you feel after you have been here and you're working some of their places and they they would tell me you know the best thing was the best training they got in addition to the great work environment it was never seemed like a work to come here well I think what the residents come here for is good education to start out with they want to be good physicians and I think we Economo want them to be good physicians and provide them with the necessary education and skills that when they graduate from here they are able to go out and be good physicians in a variety of settings whether that be urban suburban or rural whether that be a large Hospital a small Hospital whether that be an inpatient practice or an outpatient practice we have to Train physicians for a variety of things after they graduate that were successful at now

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