Confessing My Love To The Man I Like in Japan


  1. omg!!!! I didn't think it was possible to luv you anymore than I already have, but seeing you describe and eat chocolate… I am in 💛😍.

  2. HI Taylor I really wish you did or can do a top favorite places in Tokyo. I think when you were living in Tokyo you didn't show places/food because I remember you saying you always felt uncomfortable showing food you eat. 🙁 I wish you showed because I can tell how much you enjoy good quality food and I think a lot of us would love to watch you eating delicious things. You always describe tastes so well. I would def go to places you recommend!

  3. Hi Taylor I just wanted to tell you that you look beautiful with your hair done like this!! you're so cute and youthful!!! Love it.

  4. I lmao when Taylor pointed her finger at Tom's face and got a little forceful in her speech. I was like whoa, girl back away from the chocolate you're already married. 😂

  5. White day is the day before my birthday!! I feel like I would be jipped on gifts. They would be like this is your bday present and your white day present

  6. Tay you were SOOO funny when you kept eating the chocolate even after Tom said, “okay, that’s enough”. You’re like I don’t think so! Lol 😂

  7. Best chocolate: Truffes du Jour from Sprungli, Switzerland made fresh each morning. You can only get them there. They are not that expensive. Their shelf life is only couple days.

  8. The EDITING in this video makes so happy! Who needs a Valentine? Buy yourself chocolate. That way you don't need to share.

  9. Makes me want to go buy exotic chocolates now. Oh and that poor baby screaming blood murder in the back ground, feed that poor thing.

  10. Oh my god, haha Taylor licking the paper was so funny.
    I think I'll go the Japanese route and buy some chocolates for myself. The real splurge is going out to this nice Italian restaurant in town :3 pasta pasta

  11. Thank you Taylor for sharing all these amazing places with us! I love such videos where you walk around the city and show different places!

  12. You do such an amazing job at editing. I really enjoyed this video so very much. Thank you for virtually taking us along and a very Happy Valentines Day to you and your husband.

  13. Traveling to Japan is dangerous because of radiation
    You had better not go 
    And it's a war criminal country that has a history distortion and atrocities

    Valentine's Day was the day Ahn Jung geun was sentenced to death
    The Japanese Empire is inciting it to be a weird anniversary to cover it up
    We need to know history

  14. @17:03 Melty Kiss! I brought those to the office for my candy dish, and they were gone within a day. "I didn't think the US had chocolate this good!"

    I've stopped bringing them in, just to keep myself from eating half the package.

  15. You are too funny 😂 Valentine’s Day in Japan are definitely interesting will all the delicious and creative products around!

  16. I really liked this video! sampling chocolate from various places, explaining a bit the reason behind the video, showing many places, nice music… giving ideas on how to serve a brownie cake.. The editing was good too. cool.

  17. Paying for the brand not the chocolat: bulgaaaaari … It's more showing off than a real delicacy ^^' But nice to have tried it Tay 😀 I prefer the smaller shops, cuter and less show off style :3

  18. I dunno how I feel… You could feed a whole family for a week with $40, but use it for one small bite of chocolate ^^ Branding and packaging…. Even the same white t-shirt that is $5 dollars, print a small brand logo on it and pay $60 to be a free walking advertisement for the company.. LOL This way the world manipulates us to value certain things is bizarre isn't it? I understand the temptation to try new things though…

  19. Taylor, I just want to stop by and gush about how much I'm loving your clothing line and reading articles on toat! <3 I've been following you for at least 5 years now and you've grown into such a boss woman but still so down to earth. You know that saying "everybody dies, but not everybody lives"? Well, I feel that you're doing everything you can to truly live your life. I just hope that you'll continue to bring us along for the ride 🙂

  20. In Finland, Valentines Day is called "friends day " and we typically and spend it with our friends! O course nowadays more an dmore people are starting to spend it with their significant other, but the min focus is still with friends 😇

  21. The beginning were you drop the chocolate is even better than the video of the person who bought the iPhone and then dropped it hahha

  22. Taylor .. that chocolate cake is the famous “flourless chocolate cake”. The recipe is ALL over the YouTube. And Nigella Lawson made it yeeeears ago. It is very easy. Just search for it and voilaaaa

    And .. happy Valentine’s Day 🌹💕

  23. This cake from Ken's café looks so delicious 😍 ! It's so interesting to see how expensive things can be less good than the cheap one ^^

  24. Taylor I love your vlogs and your so pretty omg!
    youre my inspiration.
    Im gonna copy your fringe cause its sooooo pretty.
    I cant really tell, but I think its like a bit of a fringe thats like swept to the sides, and a (slight) forward graduation style at the front? probably. uwu.
    its like a growing out fringe kinda look. I Love it!
    I really love your fringe these daysss.
    happy valentines day! have a lovely valentines day with hubby aww!

  25. I spent way more money on gifts in Japan during Valentine's than Christmas. Also had to try some chocolate for myself, there were so many varieties at the department store!!
    My favourite was a box set of "planet" chocolates, they had some really interesting flavors 😛

  26. This was adorable. I love the double Valentine's tradition in Japan… Told my mom about it and she said "Oh nice double date nights then."

    We had a non commercial Valentine's tonight at my parent's house. I got a gingerbread cookie candle (smells so good…. omg) and we had a nice lasagna dinner with wine/craft beer. Dad bought Mom flowers and Mom got Dad a small car safety gadget (it's for if you flip your car, they travel for work a lot).

  27. Loved when you asked Tom to be your valentine and then he said," Babe!" Cuz he probably got shy and red after you ask him that, that's the cutest thing ever Haha ♡ your the best Tay ♡

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