Confusing Yet Successful Feeding Tube Switch! (11/30/17)

– [Judd] Jaq’s all dressed
up and we’re ready to go. – Things got kind of confusing
at the surgery center and I’m going to explain it. (lively music playing) We’re on our adventure. – Ah, you’ve got freezing cold hands. (lively music) (couple laughing) – Good Thursday morning, everyone. Judd is starting his day
with some Cocoa-Krispies. It is early, it’s still dark outside. We had to wake up at
4:00, we’re leaving soon. I’m really nauseous but
not puking, so that’s good. Going to get my feeding tube fixed but we’re not bringing Harlow. – Um-um (negative). – Main reason, she smells. – Really bad. – Really badly, but also kind
of with outpatient procedures, we generally prefer to leave her at home so she can just chill because it’s easier for Judd to focus on just
me if Harlow’s not there. And she’s okay to chill at home, so soon we’ll be hitting the road. About to leave, I’m
just extremely nauseous but like I said, no puking, which is good. Looking forward to fixing my feeding tube. Judd is grabbing a sweater
because it’s freezing in the hospital and with
Harlow smelling bad, there’s no rule about how
your service dog has to smell, I just think it’s a nice
courtesy to make sure when I bring her in public,
she’s up to certain standards. You know, not smelling horrible, groomed and so she’s getting a bath today. Thank you babe. – Um-hmm (affirmative). – Walker, check, guess
that’s all we need today. Other items, check, Judd,
check, Jaquie, check, off to the hospital. Ready? – Yeah. – It’s early, it’s still dark outside. Hi, I’m checked in, I brought my feed, so as soon as it’s fixed, I can hook up, start getting nutrition
again and just waiting to go back to pre-op. – Jaq’s all dressed up and ready to go. – Talked to Anesthesia, I’m
gonna be getting some Zofran and Pepcid through my port to help with some
symptoms I’m experiencing. And then my sedation
cocktail is gonna be Ketamine and Versed and Fentanyl, which
I don’t usually get Fentanyl, but he thought it would be a good idea and anesthesia knows best. And then some Benadryl, just because I’m prone to allergy
issues so we’re being safe and I saw my doctor, we waved. My personal GI is the one
that’s doing the tube exchange for me and I have to be sedated because my anatomy’s kind of tricky. They have to kind of like force
the jejunal tubing through and it would be too
uncomfortable if I was awake. Plus he uses a scope
to see what he’s doing so that’s why I get sedated. Should be going back soon,
next time you’ll see me, I will have a new feeding tube. – (mumbles) Jaquie’s
come back from surgery and they are currently, they had a problem with the tube issues, not
the one that she ordered but a different one. She’d be able to explain
more about that then I would. But she went back there,
everything was going good, so she’ll be out in the
next 20 or 30 minutes or so. She’s just taking terribly long in hold, it’s just like super quick
in and out, but anyway, it’s going great. She’s sleeping off the anesthesia. (Jaquie speaking gibberish) She’s sleeping off the anesthesia. They didn’t have to change
the tube out at all. They went to unkink it and, I
guess, place it back in there so it’s good. That was not the original plan, the original plan was to replace it, but they didn’t have the correct tube. The tube that she was gonna
get wasn’t able to vent, which helps keep her nausea down from her excessive
stomach acid production. Which is awesome that they
didn’t have to go to that, they were able to fix the
one they had so that’s great, great news to hear. But she keeps on saying something about me and everything else is unintelligible. – I am more myself, got Lola and I’ve got all of the
wristbands and my name on there, so I guess there were a
few things here and there that came up, but in the end, I have a functioning feeding
tube and I’ll update y’all more when we get home. Hey, y’all, things got kind of confusing at the surgery center and
I’m going to explain it. But just know that at the end of it all, I have a functioning feeding tube and I’m running my nutrition. So we have to special order my GJ button, the hospital doesn’t carry it. Some of you asked if they
can have an extra one on hand to have for me in case I
need a quick replacement, but they can’t. Just how the system works,
I think it also has to do with the fact that my button
costs hundreds and hundreds of dollars, but the button is
overnighted to them anyway, so it’s always there
before my appointment. Unfortunately, the person
who ordered my button ordered a G-tube instead of a GJ, so it would end in my stomach,
only allowing me to vent. It wouldn’t allow me to run
nutrition to my small intestine, which is really important because we have to skip my
stomach due to the gastroparesis. Even more unfortunately,
there were no other GJ-tubes available at that very moment. They could give me a G-tube
or they could give me a trans-J, which would enter
the stoma into my stomach and end in my small intestine. So I would only be able to vent my stomach or run nutrition to my small intestine, but I wouldn’t be able to do both. By this point, I was
dry-heaving, distraught, Judd and my GI were talking to me to try and figure out what choice to make. It was a hard decision because venting gives me better symptom management but I obviously need the nutrition. Ultimately, we decided
to go with the trans-J and I was just gonna have to
fight through the symptoms of extra nausea, vomiting, bloating, pain and forego the little
amount of oral intake I was able to do because of venting and the symptom management it gave me. I wasn’t overjoyed but I was
getting what I need, nutrition. However, when I woke
up, look what I found, it’s my GJ button. I was shocked and then
Judd explained to me that my doctor wasn’t going to give up without at least trying and
he was able to fix the kink. Now yes, this tube is
more prone to kinking, possibly in the same place, but because of where my stoma is placed, every tube we put in there
is very prone to kinking because the jejunal tubing
has to do this U-turn to get to the small intestine. And because of my anatomy,
there’s no other place to put a stoma in my stomach. So it’s great for venting, not so much for the jejunal tubing. This is why I love my doctor. He is compassionate and really understands why I need venting and nutrition. He didn’t just give up
and replace the tube with something else, he tried to save it and he totally did. The G-port’s working perfectly, the J-port is working
perfectly, I am on my feeds. I am not on my goal rate and
it’s probably gonna take me a few days to get there and I’m still feeling weak and rundown. I’ll probably need at least
until the end of Friday to feel more like
myself, but we are moving in the right direction. I also wanted to talk about
anesthesia very quickly. Some of y’all were wondering why it affects people differently. First of all, the most commonly
used anesthetic is propofol. It doesn’t tend to make people loopy. We use Ketamine on me
because my body doesn’t like Propofol at all and
Ketamine is much safer. Ketamine is known to make people loopy and you can also respond
differently to medications each time you get it. The first time I got
Ketamine, I was really loopy for about an hour, second time didn’t
really affect me at all, third time I was just
talking about a cracker and this fourth time,
I was really out of it. I think the biggest factor is
the sedation cocktail itself, what else in in there,
because that can vary from procedure to procedure
and doctor to doctor. And, also, just how
your body responds to it because even right now, I’m
still affected by the Ketamine. I don’t really know how to explain it. I’m kind of like hyped-up
but groggy at the same time. So I think I’m gonna go try to take a nap. Well, we both slept a bit,
Harlow’s obviously full of energy so Judd’s gonna take her
to the dog park for a bit to burn some of it. – I’m out at the dog park
with this beauty over there, and it’s actually pretty
beautiful outside. A little bit too warm for
Jaq, she doesn’t do well in the heat. And for the haters on the ‘stache, saying I look like Pornstache from Orange is the New
Black, you’re wrong. It’s Goose from Top Gun, so get it right or just stop watching
and that’s all I can say. Hippo’s heard a squirrel taunting her but she’s in the completely
wrong area for it. It’s actually way over there. Oh, she’s lost interest. – We’re off on a quick adventure. – They have many Christmas trees too. – When are we getting our Christmas tree? – I said tomorrow. – We can do it tomorrow? – Yeah. – Okay, anyway, we’re
getting Judd some Chipotle, he deserves it, he’s been amazing. And then on the way home,
we’re stopping at Publix to pick him up a pork chop for dinner. That’s why we don’t have Harlow, ’cause we’re going into
Publix and she’s still smelly. – She went to the dog park
now so she smells even worse. – Is she getting a bath tonight? – She is. – Okay. Judd has his burrito. – Um-hmm (affirmative),
double carnita burrito. – I was trying to figure
out how to describe what, I guess just all of the
medicine did to me today, and he described it perfectly. I was just jittery, kind of hyped-up. And it’s worn off now, I feel like myself. Sometimes restarting feeds
after a few days without it, like last time my feeding tube kinked, I can get this energy burst and then last time I crashed pretty hard so I’m not gonna push
myself, just take it easy and get more and more energy slowly. I think by the end of tomorrow I should be feeling much better. – Jaq wanted me to show you guys the cows. – The moos. – As we know, her obsession
is with cows and/or ducks. – Judd decided he did not want a pork chop ’cause, I don’t know why. – I’m full. – Oh, well after that burrito– – The burrito filled me up, burrito. – So I think we’re gonna have
baked potatoes for dinner. Potato is a pretty safe food for me. – In it’s many forms. – Yeah, mashed potatoes,
baked potatoes, potatoes. Thank you Boo. – You’re welcome. – We’ve got a clean hippo. Thanks, got everything wet. – She’s happy on this. (Jaquie laughs) – I’ve got a soggy doggy. She’s gonna smell funny until she dries. – She’s smelling like SeaWorld the farts. – When she dries, she’ll smell good. I am just, I hate the
hassle and frustration of how I feel and all
that when my tube kinks, and I was actually stressing about like, is it gonna happen again? But then Judd said it’s out of my control so I try not to stress. – Can’t change the situation,
change your attitude. – I like that one, Boo, I did the pfft. – (mumbles) be I don’t know. – I was really, like, they
ordered the wrong tube. I’m like, come on, but
that won’t happen again. Hopefully, I won’t need
to get this one exchanged ’cause it kinked but it’s okay. Everything worked out,
this tube was salvaged and it’s working well,
I get nutrition and– – Hippo’s washed and
you really smell like, I’m not sure what’s
better, worse or before. And now we’re smelling
(mumbles) apples later. – Things are okay now and
we’re gonna just keep doing the best we can so we’re
gonna watch a movie and eat our baked potato and
with that, I’ll say goodnight and thanks for joining
us on our adventure. (lively music playing)


  1. Oh my gosh! So, I thought I was literally screaming out loud, saying โ€œLET ME SEE MY HUSBANDโ€ while I was waking up from sedation. Turns out, I was only doing that quiet mumbling you see in the vlog! Lol, I thought Judd just stopped filming to try and settle me down and that is why there were no clips of me yelling, but I was not doing what I thought I was doing. Does that make sense? Ha, in my mind I was trying to find Judd before he deployed againโ€ฆ Weird! Aside from that, I also called the nurses prettyโ€ฆ Many times, apparently. ๐Ÿ˜›

  2. Hey Jaquie, I am so glad that you have your tube back! Now, I know that everyone adding their two cents is sometimes a bit overwhelming so forgive me for doing this ๐Ÿ˜‰ I just can't shake the thought that the kinking might have had something to do with you stopping the feeds and going to sleep. When you move around an empty gardenhose it is more likely to twist and kink than one with water running through it, right? Sorry for the bad comparison it's all my mind could come up with ๐Ÿ˜œ
    I wish you the best of luck moving forward ๐Ÿ˜˜

  3. Oh my does Judd think I called him a porn star because I said he looks like a chip? That was a reference to the old cop show. Hahahaha porn star… ๐Ÿ™…๐Ÿปโ€โ™€๏ธ nada… although he looks good in a pair of short shorts…

  4. I always think my Golden's feet smell like Fritos, I think it's from the wet grass & licking.
    How often do you brush out Harlow's coat?

  5. Lol so happy you got your tube fixed! I'm obsessed with cows too and I always point them out when I drive by them! Haha.

  6. I'm so happy the doc figured how to save your button. JMHO, They need to reprimand the person who ordered the wrong one for the second time! Judd, I love your stash! As long as Jaquie loves it too ;-). When I got married in 1976, my husband had a beautiful stash I really loved it. Some people can't grow one, maybe they are just jealous of yours. Unfortunately haters will hate, but thankfully and most importantly, the lovers will LOVE, and you and Jaquie have a bazillion of people who LOVE you all. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. What you and Judd said about things being out of your control really hit home with me I also have Gastroparesis and I've been waiting 2 months for the insurance to approve a Smart Pill and they're taking forever and I've been super stressed but you're right it's out of my control

  8. Its a relief that the feeding kink is sorted out for now. I am hopeful that you will find a long term solution to it. I did not want to comment on this earlier since you had a lot to deal with. I suffered from allergies and happened to live in a country that heavily affected by annual haze and PM2.5 pollution. At home I have HEPA air cleaners in every room and wear mask outdoor (mostly N95 but when the pollution is severe then I use N99). The new mask that you are wearing are not fitting your face well. There is a lot of gap around your nose area which means you are breathing in unfiltered air.

  9. Anesthesia is some weird stuff. Iโ€™ve never seen myself come out of it, but it is probably better that way lol. It does make me really, really sick to my stomach though. I have no strong feelings about Juddโ€™s mustache. I think it looks pretty good ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ. Not sure how a red head looks like Porn Stache but ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™‚๏ธ

  10. Glad to see your procedure went well. Hope you are feeling better soon! Don't know if you saw this, but Harlow was featured in the pet of the week collective. Several clips of her doing helpful things…..& the Ranch Dressing!

  11. I think my favorite things about your vlogs are that they are raw and real. Too many vlogs on youtube are just too edited but you actually show what it's like to live with a chronic illness. You are a HUGE inspiration to me and everyone around! I tell everyone about you because you are a role model to me! Bless you!

  12. Omg people are so rude!!!! Lovinโ€™ the stash! You rock it well. And I LOVE GOOSE!!!!!! She glad youโ€™re doing ok after your procedure.

  13. Jacquie your eyes look so pretty in the thumbnail! Hugs and love to you and Harlow!
    Iโ€™m praying for a Judd like husband. My last boyfriend left me because of my health issues.

  14. Hey jaquie just a quick question:could you explane the medicine fentanol and how it affects you. Because all I know is how people use fentanol as a drug

  15. Youโ€™re amazing Jaquie! I admire your strength. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis, thought my issues were pretty bad, and then I see your health struggles and I am amazed with your willpower. You really are inspiring!! Love Harlow too! Makes me miss my golden Molly (sheโ€™s been gone 3 yrs now-lost her due to cancer). And last but not least, your husband is pretty awesome too! His support is so great to see. Love the videos-very informative. Keep going strong-youโ€™re doing great!!

  16. It was such wonderful news to hear everything went well for you and your back on your feeds again. Iโ€™m glad you have such a terrific gastro who cares about his patients so much. Trying to find one for my G.I issues.

  17. It bothers me that anything medical costs so much money. Other countries get it much cheaper. The system can get away with it here for some reason.

  18. Judd maybe I heard you incorrectly did he say if we said we didn't like the mustache we shouldn't keep watching? Cuz if that's the case I love the mustache it's the greatest mustache in the world. Jaquie I'm so glad it had a good ending with your feeding tube and everything. But it is kind of odd that they would order the wrong part for a surgery you know. I'm just glad it's all coming out okay in the end and I like watching you mumble but I kind of understood what you were saying in your post it must be really weird really something that's just hard to explain. See you next time. take care

  19. Lol ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ Judd, I love you but it's true! Guess I'll just have to get used to it though lol

  20. I may have to go back to the er tonight, and tomorrow is my husbands birthday. But i really need to have an MRI so they can see whats going on and i dont like having to go to the er, but i cant help it if im sick and in pain and have literally nothing to help or anywhere else to go. The problem with going to the er over the weekend is that no one is there to do the mri, so they would need to keep me til monday and have it ready for that day.

  21. Love this Channel๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜.#Roadto100ksubs๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

  22. Not to offend but I have a question for you do you have trouble with you jaw. I've noticed that on days when your not feeling well or have had surgery you seem yo talked with your teeth gritted does it have something to do with some of your othernillnesses

  23. I actually heard you saying something about "the boys", lol. I was wondering Jaquie, can you eat some yogurt? With the probiotics in it, seems like that might help settle your stomach when it's so empty. But I'm saying for a good day, not when you're having issues, of course….and I'm sure you've probably already tried it. But just thought I'd ask. Also it looked in this video at the end, when we had a decent view of your upper port, that you may have had a second "op site" covering on there? Is that normal? I see the big one that goes completely around it and extends more towards the center of your chest, but noticed what looked like an extra one on top of that, just seemed like a weird placement to me. I dunno, just was wondering, that's all. I'm sooo glad your Doc decided to work on your existing GJ button's tubing instead of putting in the wrong one just cuz it's there and your were too, ya know? Half azzed, forced adaptations due to incompetence never end well for the patient. (as in them wanting to just put in the wrong one cuz it's there and the person ordering it didn't get the correct one, but yeah, they don't care cuz THEY aren't the one who would have been forced to make do as a result huh? GRRR)(can't tell I'm bout fed up after dealing with 62 yrs of incompetence in the medical field, lol?) But I'm thrilled you're on the mend again hon! Does my heart good to see you happy! And poor stinky Harlow, lol silly pup! Judd is so good to wash her so often, I know what a chore that is doing that with big dogs. My service dog was a German Shep and so yeah I know all about keeping them clean and presentable when you are out and about. And don't worry bout what you say during recovery from anesthesia, it's kind of fun to see what you're going to say during each one now, lol. And when I had my surgeries they used versed and that's what had me so jittery afterwards. It also blocked any pain meds I took for 12 hrs post surgery as well as the hassle of being so jittery. The Ketamine is what blocks you from remembering everything you said or did post surgery. Anyhow, I'm glad that's done and you're out of there. Hmmm, maybe you should make this "work in your favor" by investing in some stock of the hospitals that you frequent? It's a thought, lol.

  24. Are you sure it's the ketamine and not the fentyl that made you feel that way this time? I have had fentyl and hated it but I developed a serious allergy to it so it's not my favorite drug… when I first had it I felt weird and different with it and later I developed the allergy…

  25. So glad your tube was fixable!

    I've been having decent luck keeping down crock pot baked potato soup on my gp flare days. Potatoes in most varieties are generally safe for me too.

    I use this recipe as the basis, and add or subtract whatever comes to mind

    I hope your tube behaves for as long as can be! โค

  26. If you like Ducks, you should watch the channel 50 Ducks in a Hot Tub about Matt Goose and his Dog Dug who raise Ducks to help feed the homeless.

  27. I personally like the stache, Judd. It looks good on you.

    You look so much better, Jaquie! So glad to see your color back and looking so much happier. I thought you were mumbling something about the boys. What is the significance of Lola (I think that's what you called the pink bunny)? I had a teddy bear my Dad gave me when I was 6 months old. One of our dogs got out of the crate four years ago and tore it to pieces. I kept the larger pieces, it was 57 yrs old. Now that my Dad passed in May 2016, it really upsets me that it's gone, too. Anyway, glad the tube is working!! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜ท

  28. Thats wonderful your doctor was able to resolve the issue. Yay to no more kinked tube! ๐ŸŽ‰ How is Judd's arm? โค๏ธ

  29. usually when I'm on life support they give me a cocktail drip of fyntenal and profofol. keeps me pretty knocked out while my lungs rest….

  30. I feel like every-time you have to get a tube replaced they order the wrong damn one! >_< thatโ€™s gotta be frustrating.

  31. LOVE! "Can't change the situation, change your attitude!" omg. This is so so SO important. And that fist bump at the end <3 So glad that it all ended well today! (Can't wait to see what christmas tree you'll pick out!)

  32. I thought a service dogs have certain grooming codes? But I happy you are able to feed again !!! Hope you feel better!! ^_^

  33. Judd is a cop right? So it's a Super Trooper's 'stash! Judd, have you ever been distracted doing the repeater? (None of this will make sense if you haven't watched the movie.)

  34. glad you got the RIGHT button..hope you feel better.
    also, you guys don't like to blow dry harlow after her bath? mmm soggy doggy lol

  35. The all tubes ARE available in the hospital purchasing center which is like a small warehouse of ALL items that are used in hospital. Its more of insurance saying REPLACE IF N ONLY IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO UNKINK instead just unkink it….or we will not pay. Thats the ONLY reason n I as a nurse of over 18yrs who wrks as a surgical nurse n has ordered from purchasing…… this is all the devil aka insurance.

    Regardless feel better!!!!

  36. I'm sorry for my question but I'm from Germany and don't really know anything about the health system. Who pays all the surgeries, medications, equipment and other things?

  37. Really found a lot of good in "If you can't change the situation change your attitude". Thank you – to you both for sharing your lives with us. I have gained a lot of strength for my own illness from your strength. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! You are all in my prayers.

  38. I came across your you tube videos as I was researching G-J tubes. I have been dealing with many autoimmune diseases among other illnesses for years. Chronic nausea with vomiting has been a big problem for me, especially trying to maintain any kind of proper nutrition, I'm also always dehydrated, who wants to put anything in their stomach when all it causes is pain, nausea and vomiting. I have been tested for everything, being a diabetic we have concluded has a lot to do with it. I was pretty much holding my own at home, a couple of hospital admissions for dehydration. that all changed this past June when I totally lost my appetite on top of everything else and was literally gagging to try and get food down and stay down, the nausea gets so bad it actually wakes me up from my sleep. I saw the video of you with the NJ tube that is what I have been dealing with since June. Every time I finally start to feel better from getting good nutrition the NJ tube clogs and I have to pull it, then by the time I get back into the GI lab for a replacement, several days later, sometimes even a couple of weeks have passed and it is like starting all over again. I decided to talk to my GI doctor about a permanent tube, he agreed that it is time. I am scheduled to have mine placed 12/12/17. Watching your videos has put my mind a little more at ease. You are an amazing young lady, you have so many health issues to keep on top of, you are well educated about you disease processes and know when something is amiss, if you don't catch it your beautiful smart dog Harlow does. You manage to keep a positive outlook on life, we all have our bad days, you know they will pass. Thank you for sharing,

  39. You are right about no specific standards on service dogs cleanliness, but one can be refused if a dog acts up or creates a problem, that said being dirty or infested is a big no-no especially in health focused places. It is one of the hardest things for disabled people to deal with because bathing dogs is not easy, even with easy dogs. Something for all of us to ponder and pray on in considering how to deal with things. So very happy things are better with your tube and feeding. Bless your Doc and glad you can move forward again with your plans. You are funny when you come out of the anesthesia and glad you were so wrong about Judd being deployed. Memo to Judd-if you are serious about keeping the 'stache then trim it often and even consider shaving and growing it back a few times, it lets the hairs grow in thicker and fuller and in the right direction for a smoother look. My guys-dh and ds have done this and both the 'stache and beards grow nicely. Now about keeping it- I totally am on Jaquie's side- having sensitive skin and waiting for 'staches to grow in and right is uncomfortable, and personally feel for Jaquie and her discomforts-just saying. You are comical with the 'stache and flower shorts. Jaquie you would love all the cows upstate New York, yes even the ducks. Good way to live- can't change circumstances change your attitude. Prayers and blessings always, keep the faith.

  40. I like your feeding tube video's! Very educational because I have a nasal feeding tube and probably getting one in my stomach/jejunum.

  41. Judd and those tiny shorts make me laugh every time lmao! What is the story behind the use of them when bathing Harlow.

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