Congratulations to the Class of 2018 | Weill Cornell Medicine

Hard a vision of a commences to train
the next generation of bees and share your knowledge and your wisdom with those following in your footsteps I’m feeling very excited it’s completely
unreal it still doesn’t feel like we graduated and I’m just really proud of
all my classmates ten years of postgraduate education to finally be
here walking across Carnegie Hall it’s it’s really exciting for me there’s just
so much excitement in the air with friends and family and faculty members
today I graduated with my master’s in health policy and economics we’re all
here looking to give back to the community I’m the first in my family to
pursue higher education so this is just not only to me but my entire family is
just huge I’ve come a long way come from very humble beginnings over in Jamaica
Queens very excited that my family and friends were here to see me I’ve met a
lot of different people been exposed to a lot of different aspects of Medicine
it very much inspired me to take in a alternative approach into medicine and I
plan to go into hospital administration I want to thank my mentor Shooping Chan
who’s been supportive of me and I gave me the opportunity to become a PhD
student in her lab and I want to thank all my fellow classmates and lab mates
I’ve gotten a great basis in science I’ve gotten a great sort of vocabulary
to talk to all sorts of patients from different backgrounds with different
types of diseases and most of all I’ve had a network of people that I can turn
to for advice and for mentorship today is the day where can bring all of our
parents and family together being able to share it with them is what today is
about especially these two ladies my Rowan and my Olive

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