Considering a career in the pharmaceutical industry?

I think if the student is interested in the pharmaceutical sector it’s important they understand the breadth of the sector there’s a lot more to pharmaceuticals than just the drug manufacturer that’s discovery there’s scale-up process development all of which require different disciplines from engineering Northam scientists through to engineers it’s also a highly regulated industry and it’s important that students understand the impact of those regulations on the drug industry and on the work that they may be doing within the world at the moment there’s an increase in demand for new medicines at cost-effective price and there’s a lot of requirement for improved innovation within the pharmaceutical industry to deliver this yea the UK government recognizes that there is a need to bring the pharmaceutical industry back into the UK they are currently working with industry under a partnership called the mmm IP which is the medicines manufacturing industries partnership I mean I believe that with this mm-mm IP initiative that there will be an increased demand for graduates in order that the UK can become competitive again particularly looking at innovative ways of producing medicines there’s a number of ways in which students can keep up with the latest developments primarily if they’re looking for a specific job and they’ve got an interview then they should research that company that they’re making the application to there are a number of other opportunities with regards to websites there’s one particular one called pharmaceutical technology comm which will give students an overview of what’s happening in the industry another one particularly from the chemical engineering point of view the Institute of chemical engineers do hack Chua we have a couple of subject groups that could be of interest to students which would give them more general information as the pharmaceuticals and toiletries subject group and also the biochemical engineering subject you


  1. 1:22 This cannot be underestimated! Properly investing time to check out what the company is actually all about gives you immediate advantage over people who have half-assed taken a glance at the website… I directly landed my first job in biopharma after my first ever job interview, and I went as far as searching for the whole work history of the CSO at that time. Besides that I checked Google for: 'Most asked questions by an HR-department' to not fluke the secondary or tertiary interviews…PREPARATION IS KEY! (But also be 'prepared' for unexpected questions ;))

  2. They should also consider their impact. That they may make a product which damages as many lives as it saves or does not save any lives at all. In fact, most pharmaceutical products do not save lives. Sometimes they provide pain relief, sometimes they cause pain through side effects. If you want a career in the Pharmaceutical industry then think about a way to provide safe pharmaceuticals to patients within the current profit-driven model.

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