Continuing Medical Education with ClinicalKey

welcome to clinical key the world's most comprehensive clinical insight engine built to expedite physician workflows and positively affect patient outcomes this brief tour will show you how you can gain free point-of-care CME through the Cleveland Clinic Center for continuing education just by searching on clinical key first if you do not have a clinical key personal account create one by clicking on the register link in the top right hand corner of the clinical key homepage once you've created a personal account and logged in perform a search to answer a clinical question next access journal book or first consult point of care content from the results of your search after you've studied the content and found the answer you need click the CME icon a window will automatically open to the Cleveland Clinic Center complete the form and submit to obtain free 0.5 am a PR a category 1 credit it's that easy and to review your credits earned simply click on the CM II link in the clinical key header to access the cleveland clinic site take advantage of this special feature and earn your credits today visit clinical key com to start searching and continue learning

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