1. Hi! I'm not really sure what I have or if it's even a big issue but I've been getting really anxious and stressed about things that don't matter anymore. Sometimes I get weird episodes where I can't calm down, and my hearing gets fuzzy like I'm underwater, and my entire body starts to buzz especially around my face. Is this anxiety? I don't want to self diagnose but I've talked to my friends and family and they don't get this. I appreciate all of you for listening, much love to you guys <3

  2. "I kinda dont want to do this anymore" me 75% of the time i start to film a video hahaha ive made some videos about mental illness and i love the feedback and i love helping people but it takes a lot out of you!! you've been so amazing. you've helped me so much. can't wait to see what you put out next, no matter the content 🙂

  3. are you ok with saying what medication you're on? I have depression and anxiety and I've been on zoloft since this summer and didn't really see many significant results, what has been your experience on medication so far? if you aren't comfortable answering its totally fine! I'm so happy to see you open up about this and destigmatize (idk if thats a word) mental illness

  4. You wouldn't believe how many people make fun of diabetes, so to have both mental illness and type 1 diabetes- thank you for saying that… even if it was just a random disease you could think of at the moment! x

  5. Being heart broken+depressed+anxiety+panic attacks = worst combo ever. Time was my best friend. Meditating and concentrating on the things that really matter and make you feel happy are the most important things. I'm glad that you don't make only happy videos, because this is the real you. And life isn't always sunshine and happiness. Love you for your honesty

  6. Thank you Alexa. I recently found out that I have been suffering from depression and its really comforting to hear the raw truth about the issues that hit me in the face everyday. x

  7. Girl. I feel for you. I can relate to many of the things you've been talking about recently and really appreciate you sharing some of your story. It can be really hard to open up and talk about mental illness (especially on a public platform) so I just wanted to say thank you. I know these videos are going to help a lot of people feel less alone. Sending you a big virtual hug! <3

  8. Hii Alexa I've seen your videos and I totally understand, maybe you can erase arch about Kabbalah, check their site and take some classes maybe that will help you in this bad days, that helped me ly💓 hope you're okay

  9. Thank you so much for your raw honestly and I can truly say that being kind to everyone around you is so, so important due to the fact that it could be a tragic day and your kindness can uplift that. Every single month I'm experiencing some sort of death anniversary yet I have to go on with my day because of school and work, but I guarantee the people who go out of their way to be nice to me, make the day much less tragic.

  10. Thank you so much for your raw honestly and I can truly say that being kind to everyone around you is so, so important due to the fact that it could be a tragic day and your kindness can uplift that. Every single month I'm experiencing some sort of death anniversary yet I have to go on with my day because of school and work, but I guarantee the people who go out of their way to be nice to me, make the day much less tragic.

  11. You're such an inspiration, so thank you so much for making these videos. You're helping out so many people, including me. So thank you so much❤

  12. Taking care of yourself and mental health really is a full time job.. everyone is always like why are you so tired all of the time?? Like sorry I'm exhausted dealing with my mental illness and trying to function somewhat normally 😒

  13. I was just diagnosed with MS two weeks ago and I haven't been able to work so I've had no money to get new makeup for myself so this is really exciting😻😻😻

  14. i feel the same. people just feel the need to make a joke out of mental illness, and it just shatters me. its so insensitive. Luvvv you alexa ❤️

  15. Hi Alexa! I started watching a couple of your videos last week and I really like your content! Thank you for sharing your story!

  16. just a little fyi (not to be rude) but its not a "learning disability pass" its call an IEP or individual education plan

  17. I have a mental illness and I'm just learning how to deal with it and I really thank you for speaking about this because I needed to see that I'm not the only one going through it

  18. Just wanna say, I've been watching you for years, and seeing you come out with this is so inspiring. I know the journey isn't over, but seeing what a kind heart and strong soul you have is really encouraging and beautiful. You have been so open with us and I know that all of your subscribers really appreciate that. I have been struggling with anxiety and depression for a while, and the question concerning being heartbroken with depression really hit home. Thank you for making these videos. It's so amazing to hear your advice and your experiences. And to see the fact that you aren't trying to pretend that you're okay is incredibly strong as well. So thanks, pretty lady. We can do this. <3

  19. I think that you've been gifted with the ability to open up that discussion. Please don't dislike that that's who you've become as a creator for now. It has helped a lot of people. Thank you.

  20. These videos have really helped me get help. After watching your first mental health video I got help
    For my suicidal thoughts, thank you so much

  21. I'll pray for you Alexa regardless if you aren't religious, no person should be living in pain I just hope my prayers towards you will make a difference or a life change, I once was struggling with a mental illness called bipolar and anxiety, I'm just thankful im not back to that dark room again which I thank God. Again I just hope you'll feel so much better.

  22. I love your eyes!! that sounds weird but the color of your eyes and your natural makeup is amazing and gorgeous, I know this is off what the videos about but I just need to pont that out. and you are amazing and gorgeous just your amazing!😘😜😎😍💕❤

  23. Great that you're opening up and it will probably help others going through the same thing. Man sad I missed this great giveaway.

  24. This is so incredible that you r brave enough to share this w the world! I have an illness as well ! Not many people know what it is!

  25. I battled depression and still deal with anxiety… so watching you talk so freely about this is really comforting

  26. I've been through a shit ton in the last week including an overdose suicide attempt that lead me to the hospital, getting diagnosed with depression, and my parents trying to understand why i self harm. listening to your story's and how you deal with your problems has made it so much easier for me, knowing i can hopefully get though this eventually. <3

  27. Heartbreak doesn't just magically go away, but I've learned that with time it gets better, and it's so important to realize that you're never alone<3

  28. This video was absolutely inspiring to watch, I deal with depression and anxiety and I've gone back and forth between going on medication or staying away from it. It gets to where I have to just walk out of class or just skip school altogether. I can't go to certain events that I love, concerts and festivals are my absolute favorite but I get to the point where I can't breathe. I also recently went through a break up with my boyfriend of three years and it was the most painful thing I could have gone through, it's been 6 months and it still hurts me. You are an inspiration to m, thank you for being so open because you being open about something that's really hard to do so has helped me. Thank you Alexa.

  29. check out the Linden Technique. Only thing that CURES people from mental conditions. And it's just that, a condition (temporary). Worked for me.

  30. this video is really awesome, i love when people are honest and raw this way, it makes me feel not alone with my struggles. thank you for that.

  31. I low key wanna get admitted to a mental hospital because I've been feeling so bad lately but after telling my parents about how I was they said plz don't cause anymore problems cause we have things to do and don't have time to deal with things like this so idk what to do

  32. Medication has helped me SO MUCH with my anxiety and depression. I used to be so anti-medication but I have found that it just makes coping with life so much easier

  33. Yo lo vi en español y me parece que estàs incomoda con el tema , el tema de la medicaciòn es que debe adecuarse a las horas porque sino te da sueño. la ansiedad es totalmente incomoda, quiero mi pase!!!
    Respeto al estigma . claro que lo es !!
    Màs feo es recaer.
    Nunca dejes tus pastillas
    Y no te olvides de Dios.

  34. for a few weeks once i was hearing like my mind calling me stupid, if i complained it would become much worse, visits to monasteries and asking if they could pray for me seemed to work almost miraculously, particularly with hearing demons goading me they went instantly and never came back

  35. I might have to check into a mental hospital myself .. my brains fried from all the meds , drugs and drinking!! I'm 24 & I can't snap back fully like I used too. I'm living in the past cannot be present & I don't feel in my body and I over think everything I'm shutting down . I over think things that once made me happy because of a thought I made up . I can't enjoy anything because of this and I don not know what's going on with me but my brain feels like it's declining the pscripts aren't even working any more … feeling hopeless I stopped smoking weed bc it made me paranoid and the negative thoughts I can't stop ..

  36. Jesus loves you he died for you and the bible says that if you will believe in Jesus you will be saved and have everlasting life. get to know Jesus he loves you so much. Jesus is the answer, not suicide

  37. I love this listening to others experiences with mental illness. We really all are in this together.

    I recently uploaded a video on depression and how I work through it! If anyone is interested in checking it out, please comment down below so I can respond!

  38. Every video I watch of you, brightens my day. Honestly don't know what I'd do without these videos. You have changed my life and I just found you the other day. Absolutely love you.

  39. This was really hard for me to watch because I've never related to anyone more especially when you said you're just in a mood and don't feel like doing anything. Ily thank you for this

  40. Alexa I feel like I relate to you a lot. I’ve been through a lot of the same things bar a few. Stay strong I know this video is from like a year ago but u should be so proud of how far you’ve come

  41. I went through a few of your videos talking about depression, but I don't think I've heard you addressing the origin of your depression.. is there not one? Or maybe you had already addressed it somewhere but I didn't see

  42. What kind of therapist do you have that allows you to flexibly see them more than once per week? Most therapists I know are very busy and have a hard time seeing patients every week. Where did you get your therapist?

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