Coronavirus Epidemic Update 16: Strengthening Your Immune Response to Viral Infections (COVID-19)


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  2. You need to stress that the CCP is not releasing the real numbers. They arrested doctors and journalists back in December in an attempt to hide the outbreak and WHO has done nothing but praise the CCP, when in fact the CCP tried to hide this from the world and allowed 5 Million people from the Wuhan area to travel around the world, the CCP also allowed people to travel into China and Asia for weeks back in December of 2019 when they should have shut the entry to their country. The CCP needs to be called out for not allowing anyone besides a small group from the WHO into China. The CDC should be in there right now working to develop a vaccine, China does not have the means necessary to do this, the world needs to demand that the CDC be allowed access into Wuhan so they can begin the process of finding a cure, China does not have the science needed or the equipment needed to find a vaccine on it's own. Use your voice to help end this virus, the scientific community has already stated that this has the potential to reach 60% of the worlds population. China is not allowing outsiders in to help them, it is a political move by the CCP, no one can be made to look in their eyes as saviors of the Chinese people except them, this political BS the CCP is using to block the very people who could find a cure needs to end. Their entire medical system is overrun POTUS Trump has offered the CDC to China three times only to be refused each time and the deaths and the unfounded numbers continue to climb, the crematoriums in the Wuhan area of which there are 49 are running 24 hours a day, each one can process 1,200 bodies a day, you do the math, why would this be the case unless the death toll is much higher. They are now even finding the evidence of an huge increase in certain chemicals the vapors of the smoke plum these crematoriums create. Please stress to your viewers the need to have the CDC in China right now and that China must open it's doors to the scientists of the world so that they can end this pandemic as quickly as possible, no one wants to see this infect 60% of the worlds population.

  3. Note to self, need to sleep 8 hours/day. Check the time, OMG, I have too many things to do, I haven't slept yet😱😖😰

  4. Dr Seheult. I get it. I need more sleep🤪 BUT I have two children – one an early owl and other late owl. Which child's needs shall I ignore? 😭

  5. This is absolutely true. The times I have actually come down with a cold or flu in past years I almost always can trace it back to a prior sleep deficit. I have also worked the midnight shift for the last 26 years, so getting the proper sleep is difficult.

  6. Good night, sleep tight, and don't let the virus bite…
    Actually, this reminds me of an experiment that was carried out at some US university decades ago, where flu infected students was isolated completely in sound and light proof rooms. Results showed that 72 hours of such isolation cured those students from the flu, while the control group outside under "normal" living conditions still had all the flu symptoms left, and yet to recover from.

  7. I struggle to get 6-7 hrs. However, i ALWAYS get what I require. It IS necessary! Add 30 minutes of exercise! Daily.

  8. I think Dr. Roger Seheult is genius
    He is very kind to the human kind and he prescribes a drug that is free and very effective. Thank you Doctor Seheult!

  9. Ive had insomnia since Sept 2019 and this year I have been sick a lot Im home now with flu have to go back to work tom and still feel bad..please cover insomnia cause I have tried everything over the counter and prescription..I have no trouble falling asleep but it is staying asleep..I wake up 5 hrs after then cant go back to sleep it has really affected my life for the worse..any suggestion helpful

  10. When this whole thing started there was reports of a bird flu epidemic making its was through China now we have this bat flu are the two related

  11. 1.62% thumbs down and 98.32% thumbs up …. I am glad to be in the majority. But…. who could watch this and give Dr. Seheult a TD (thumbs down) ???????

  12. I only know a few people who don't have problems getting to sleep or staying asleep. Those few are my grandchildren or young nieces and nephews. For decades the public was told they only needed a few hours of sleep a night. I always knew that was a crock.

  13. I would have expected that good quality food and staying away from behaviors bad for the body, smoking, drugs, and alcohol would also be important to boost immunity.
    Perhaps that "is understood" and Dr. Seheult wanted to emphasize sleep?

  14. why don’t they try putting patient’s in sauna room since the virus don’t like heat?? maybe will cure them after 30mins in the hot sauna room

  15. Fortunately, I live in Portugal the place were I was born, a nice little country which these kinds of virus are not as "reachable" as I can describe.. As on other many countries! That we know until now, there are no cases by the work of great hospital and airport control and prevention, nice global peace and trust worthy relations including China of course, I hope I'm not wrong and we(Portuguese people) are not being fooled like China or North Korea does to their own, but sometimes being that less talked, less recognized or known country is not that bad. Somehow I'm glad and with pride I can say that not being the best all around country we are doing a great job, thank god this was not on summertime, since Portugal is an attraction to tourists like blood to mosquitoes and I surely hope this ends as soon as possible. Stay well and keep strong!

  16. I think we should figure out how to hibernate from middle November to mid March. We could sleep through this miserable time of year, we would avoid flu season, use far less electricity and get our bodies all sleep enriched for Spring and Summer.

  17. if GH is the precursor of enhanced immunity then it would stand to reason that (intermittent) fasting will provide similar benefits? also I'm curious how 6 + siesta type of sleep systems pan out. Does a siesta create some similar benefits or is it too short to be of significant physical advantage. Only mental ?

  18. Yep, I always get 8 hrs of sleep and I never get sick. Even when I develop a sore throat it goes away in 2 nights. But I also eat healthy and exercise, I just need to drink more water!

  19. Is insomnia more lethal than nCoV? is it pandemic? how many deaths are caused by insomnia in terms of deprived immune system?

  20. Is insomnia more lethal than nCoV? is it pandemic? how many deaths are caused by insomnia in terms of deprived immune system?

  21. That's a stupid name. I've taken a close look at the gene assemblies from SARS, MERS, and the Wuhan and it is only marginally related to sars. It will be alot harder to contain an epidemic if everyone thinks it behaves or functions as Sars did. It infects you by releasing a chemical that interacts with the APC basically it tells it to eject it endoplasmic reticulum just for a moment the RNA is let in and then the RNA works on mapping out the T cells. This strain of Corona is also highly contagious so much more contagious than Sars. Luckily we have the technology to help us slow down its spread. Worst of all is a none of the recovered patients show evidence of new antibodies or antigens as soon as the meds wear off and the immune system levels out they are gonna get sick again.

  22. Question: Why are so many people immuno-compromised during an epidemic? When all is said and done, and COVID-19 is further analyzed, will they be able to answer this question? I hope so.

  23. I enjoy so much of your video your way of explaining and rectifing the issue is so much good i eagerly wait for your updates yor analysis is so fine all i can say is thank you

  24. I have a night owl symptoms….made me work on evening hours and sleep at day. Will i have immunity problem when i sleep in dark place ( good air circulation, no electricity all signal turn off ) after 7 AM ( i need sunlight usually in the morning…i just dont know why i feel i must have see sunlight at morning before i sleep )? My time of sleep usually 7 AM – 1 or 2 PM non stop or undisturbed.

  25. OMG this hit me when I was watching about how you need sleep. What if we were all sleep induced? Perhaps for a three day period. They spray something in the atmosphere to place everyone in a sleep state in order to help protect them. Our atmosphere already has crap sprayed in our skies everyday. Why not spray to help people sleep? To aid in their immune system? Sounds crazy but I am living a crazy world at the moment.

  26. Nice work. Six hours sleep/with two hours exercise, or eight hours sleep and no exercise?
    Contemplating an equivalence.

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