Cory Booker on health care, gun control and 'governing to unite this country again'


  1. Ok, don't debate on the gun lobbies terms. How bout you debate my freedom stick down range. Come an take it. I dare ya. BOY…

  2. This man is literally talking about confiscating legally owned property God himself has to come down in order for Booker to win anything 😂😂😂

  3. Bring your party down. You mean the
    you can stoop any lower. " I have tears of rage in my eyes"
    Millions of Americans are hurting do TO YOUR FALSE ALLEGATIONS AGAINST AG BARR. Fuck head.

  4. No… the 2A says what you cannot do. It is free will that allows humans to "choose" to do evil shit. You'll never take our guns or infringe on our fucking rights. You have not earned it shitbag.

  5. likeable guy…..he wld never get my vote cause i do not believe he is standing in his truth……i ttly believe he is gay….it seems very suspect that previously the only women he has ever been linked to publicly has been gayle king….while running for the Senate there was some made up bullshit story about him n a stripper…..then no sooner than he announced his candidacy for president that he is linked to rosario dawson….ummm…ok……what i find odd is that for years there have been speculation n rumors of usher and puffy being closet homosexuals……meanwhile chris brown n bieber have been on the scene for years….have never heard any rumours related to either…but fuck do i knw if anyone had said to me years ago….bruce jenner will live as a female……i wld have said bullshit…your crazy….

  6. #MandatoryCarry saves lives; Prove me wrong (win $1ØØ):

  7. "us black guys don't get away with it that often"

    You're whiter than Carlton from fresh Prince of Bel-Air

  8. Did he just describe his relationship as “this incredible love affair?”. lol 😂 Man she’s definitely a pawn for the Latino vote

  9. Cory Booker yeah you're right even Buddha judge has white privilege over you. You asked me white privilege because let's see your both gay you're both stupid you're both morons so what else could it be but white privilege. So I guess that's why you're behind the Buddha judge.lmfao. now why are you in that judge's robe are you trying to be a Buddha judge. Good new go to let's say Harvard. and how did you get into Harvard Cory Booker being the poor black boy that you are. Do you think there was some prejudice to let you into Harvard Corey just wondering or did you have Indian blood in you like Pocahontas. LMFAO LMFAO LMFAO LMFAO LMFAO LMFAO LMFAO LMFAO LMFAO LMFAO LMFAO LMFAO LMFAO LMFAO LMFAO oh I know how you got into Harvard you told them you were a reincarnation of Spartacus and you just hadn't had your moment yet. LMFAO LMFAO LMFAO LMFAO LMFAO LMFAO

  10. If he had a Chance before this interview..haaaahahahaha, he just killed it by throwing 75% of the country who believe in the second amendment under the bus by basically saying your going to end guns! Good job there BOOKER! Trump 2020 and make no mistake, just like God said, Trumps gona win! Hope your still laughing???

  11. Stupid Nigga! Came to Northern Nevada and twenty people showed up! That's right! Twenty Senior Citizens with nothing else to do were bused to the dicks location! This Guy is a Fucking Communist Maggot and all here realize it! Get the Fuck out of Nevada Nigga!

  12. Like you stood up for Elizabeth Warren. You f**king lost me. The dnc Democrats are going to make trump the winner again. You better show more respect for progressives.

  13. Over 3200 people are Killed every year over "Distracted Driver's"… Where is the Outrage? Where are the Protest?? Where are the Control Laws???

  14. Senator Spartacus is a blow-hard, opportunist, and will say anything to garner funds from the radical Left Wing of the Democratic Party. His hyperbolic rhetoric doesn’t unite people; it divides them. Booker is a demagogue; his anti-Second Amendment stance is anti- civil rights. He’s not going to be fighting the NRA; he’s going to have to fight against millions of gun owners that are not going to allow him and his ilk from the well-funded anti-2A movement to infringe on our Constitutional rights. Health care isn’t a right. Nobody has an absolute right to any product or service unless you want to make slaves of those who provide or fund those services.

  15. All my god this guy more people in all the wars combined have been kill by gun violence in 50 years lol
    Battle of arras April 9-16 278,000 casualties
    Do i need to add any other battles?

  16. Hey Cory, take away the gun violence stats in the top 6 democrat controlled cities in the United States and we rank as one of the lowest gun violent countries in the world! Proof that your beliefs on gun control hasn’t worked and will not.

  17. No. We just got one black out of the WHITE house. And of course he’s the one mentioning racism yet trying to get his dope and kfc into the White House.

  18. I don’t hate him for his color. I completely disagree with his lake of integrity! He is going to continue to run on his race by projecting America as a racist society. That’s all the left can run on.

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