Countdown to Match Day: Amanda’s Journey | Perelman School of Medicine

(upbeat music) – [Amanda] My name is Amanda Labora, I grew up in Miami,
Florida in Little Havana. I actually studied history at Brown and didn’t always think I was gonna pursue a career in medicine, but found my way to medicine by working as a scribe in
the emergency department. And I’ve been at Penn Med ever since and now I’m an aspiring OBGYN. I just felt like Penn was a place where they were interested
in removing barriers to help you get where you wanna go in terms of your career. I just had to figure out what I wanted to do and Penn would show me how to get there. I had done some previous
women’s health work in Mexico and then when I came on my rotations I felt like I really found my people in the department of OBGYN. I found mentors, in addition
to all of the traveling and preparation that goes into it. And I got to meet people that I’d never would have otherwise met had it not been for the HOST Program who opened up their homes to me, so it was pretty easy choice when you’re surrounded
by wonderful physicians. My Passion Project since
I’ve started medical school is working on equal treatment. We were inspired to sort of
create education platform for healthcare students and
providers to talk about issues that effect the health of people of color. So, our three main areas
are race and genetics, healthcare for the undocumented, and incarcerated health. I guess that feeling of knowing that all of the hard
work that you’ve put in, all of the dreaming that you’ve had, the excitement, and knowing
that you’re gonna be a doctor, it’s something that’s
given me so much meaning and I’m just excited to know what the next steps are gonna look like. I think this gonna be a big change and I’m excited for all the growth that’s gonna come with that. It’s kind of hard to not
know where you’re gonna be, who you’re gonna be training with, but I know that the one advantage I have is being well prepared
by my medical school and I feel ready to
succeed in any environment.

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