Couples Therapy | Awkward Puppets

>> BENITA: He’s never home anymore. >> DIEGO: Benita. >> BENITA: He doesn’t even tell me where he is. >> DIEGO: That’s not true. >> BENITA: Sometimes he’s playing soccer. >> BENITA: Sometimes he might not be playing soccer, be playing with another girl you know what I mean.
>> DIEGO: That’s not true. Oh my God. >> DIEGO: That’s not true.
>> BENITA: I call him all the time. >> DIEGO: I’m not…
>> BENITA: He never answers, it’s another girl that answers. >> DIEGO: Benita can I talk? >> BENITA: Yeah right. Yeah, yeah, yeah. >> DIEGO: Can I talk please? Jesus Christ, I thought this was marriage
counseling, not crazy latina women who can’t really cook counseling. >> BENITA: Yes. Haha. Okay. >> DIEGO: Anyway she looks through my Shots and my Instagram and she reads my text messages while I’m sleeping. >> BENITA: That’s because he’s always texting other
girls. >> DIEGO: Benita, I text them because I want to make sure my phone is still working. >> BENITA: Oh really?
>> DIEGO: Yeah. >> BENITA: What about that text you sent Patricia last night? >> DIEGO: What text? >> BENITA: And how come you never like my picture? >> DIEGO: I don’t know Benita, maybe my phone is just a little broken, you know? It’s an iPhone. Maybe, maybe I have to go to the Apple Store and… >> BENITA: I always know when he’s lying to me you know? >> DIEGO: Don’t be crazy I never lie. >> BENITA: Every time you lie you do this little thing with your head. >> DIEGO: What thing with my head? >> BENITA: Watch this. Diego do you like my empanadas? >> DIEGO: Yes, I like them very much. >> BENITA: HA! See I told you. >> DIEGO: What do you mean? I was stretching. >> BENITA: Do you like my mother? >> DIEGO: Yes Benita, of course I like your mother. >> BENITA: Disgrace! That’s my mom! >> DIEGO: Oh my god… >> BENITA: Diego I can’t believe you! >> DIEGO: Benita, please she’s like 97 years old and her farts smell like beef burritos. >> BENITA: Okay. One more question. Do you love me? >> DIEGO: Yes Benita, I love you. >> BENITA: Well, at least that was honest. I mean the least you can do is love me after
all the stupid things that you do. I mean I have to wait for you. You never…


  1. benita,please she's like 97 years old and her fart smells like beef burritos……..and im dead

  2. Diego: Benita I'm going to Starbucks do you want anything?
    Benita: a divorce
    Diego: ok bye I love you

  3. 0:48 She explains that he does this thing with his head when ever he lies but at 0:28 He said that he texts other girls to make sure that his phone is working and his head didn't do that thing so he was telling the truth.

  4. He does not love you 💔😡😡😱😱😭😭🍑💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨

  5. I really love this video.. It's on the top.. The last head shake was absolutely amazing.. Had a Good laugh 😂😂😂😂

  6. Make a love story of benita and diego on how they meet.

    Cause Im wondering how they end up together if diego doesnt love benita.

    Press like if you agree.

  7. Yes benita i love you
    Hmm at you love me
    Starts talling postitive to camera
    Deigo starts excessively stretching

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