Couples Therapy (Ep. 2) | Awkward Puppets

>> BENITA: So, we’ve been fighting a lot because I want to have kids and Diego does not. >> DIEGO: No. It’s not that I don’t want to have kids. That’s not what it is. >> BENITA: Then what is it Diego? >> DIEGO: Of course I want to have babies. Babies that keep me up at night, and scream, and cry and [BLEEP] everywhere and make me abandon my dreams. I’m just not ready. >> BENITA: Diego. Look in the mirror, you’re getting old. >> DIEGO: Wow, that’s [BLEEP] up. >> BENITA: If you’re not ready now then when are you gonna be ready? When you’re dead? >> DIEGO: First of all Benita we’re puppets, we don’t get older or younger. We stay the same. >> BENITA: Okay. >> DIEGO: We’re like, we’re like Pharrell we don’t age. Second of all, are you sure you’re ready to abandon everything? >> BENITA: Of course I’m ready for that! >> DIEGO: I’m talking about like abandon everything. Like no more tequila, no more partying none of that. >> BENITA: Those are all thing that you do, not me. >> DIEGO: Hm, that’s true. Um, I didn’t have a father growing up you
know? He abandoned me and I guess I just get
nervous because I don’t really know anything about raising a kid because I was never raised, you know? That’s why I guess I’m nervous. >> BENITA: Diego, I had no idea. I’m sorry. >> DIEGO: Yeah. [FART] >> BENITA: Are you kidding me? >> DIEGO: I’m sorry. I’ve been holding that in during the entire emotional speech. >> BENITA: You are so disgusting. I should have known. >> DIEGO: It happens. It’s natural. You know those farts that you just hold in for a long time and you don’t know what’s going to happen. >> BENITA: You’re such a disgusting human being. >> DIEGO: Like you don’t know if they’re going to be loud, or they’re going to be quiet. Like it was a 50% chance. >> BENITA: No wonder your father left you.


  1. Oh now i know why he is being such a hoe😂yaa thats why a guy should raise their child properly n not being a hoe by leaving their child n wife

  2. Stereotypes are hilarious, especially when you use puppets to hide the fact that you want to get a cheap laugh off Hispanic men

  3. During Diego's emotional non father stuff I thought the wife was going to say " Diego this is a bunch of bull shit"

  4. “We’re like Pharrell” I’m losing my breathe and I’ve had fallen of my bed XD

  5. Diego-farted😂😂😂
    Blah blah
    Benita-no wonder your father left you!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  6. oh god that "you know that fart that you hold in for a while and you do not know whether it will be loud or not" killed me XD

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