Courtney Lim, MD | Gynecologist, Michigan Medicine

– I became a OB/GYN because
I’ve always been interested in women’s health from a young age. Actually, my interest was first primarily in obstetrics. And so, I did a lot of research in obstetrics through
medical, actually in college, before going through to medical school. I really liked the problem
solving aspects of gynecology, in terms of solving a
women’s pain or bleeding. Her issues with fibroids or cysts with either medical management
or surgical management, and I found it quite satisfying. In my practice, I take care of women with chronic pelvic pain, fibroids, ovarian cysts, abnormal uterine bleeding. So the services that I would provide includes both medical
management of these issues, as well as offer surgical
management when indicated. When I talk to patients, I try to find out what a women’s goal is and what her most bothersome
aspects of her problems are in order to better address them, whether it be a medical
or surgical standpoint, and I try to find an approach that best fits with her values.

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