Cover Crop Vaccine – Mock Pharmaceutical Ad

Our land is often exposed to the
elements between growing seasons. Wind and water erosion can make your soil feel pretty awful. To protect the soil, my doctor prescribed, the Cover Crop
Vaccine. He said that cover crops are fall-seeded, providing a living cover for the land during the winter months before
spring planting. Your soil can be easily vaccinated with
cover crops by drilling, broadcasting, or aerial seeding into standing crops. They
can be readily integrated into a corn- soybean rotation. Cover crops are
available in a variety of forms, including winter rye, winter wheat,
triticale, clover, hairy vetch, even radishes, and turnips. I can choose which type works best for me. The cover crop vaccine is known to be safe, and effective. Side-effects may include, reduced soil erosion, decreased nutrient transport and loss, improved water infiltration, increased soil organic matter, increased microbial activity weed suppression, and improved overall soil health and productivity. Other side-effects include the joy of seeing green fields in late fall and early spring. If you have highly
erodible land, or land that is vulnerable to erosion, you can’t afford not to use
cover crops. The more people who use cover crops, the better off we all are.
You should try it: I’m sure glad I did. Contact your local agronomist today to
discuss which cover crop is right for you.

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