Cowley College EMS Program

I realized that there was a huge thing missing in my education and in my experience as a nurse that in a traumatic situation, especially outside of a hospital outside of a controlled environment That I didn’t know what to do. So I never wanted to feel that again That’s what I don’t want to be stuck in a hospital. They look Drive an ambulance, you know, go go get go Take care of a patient in the hospital be that calm in someones storm and then I found out that Cowley at 100% pass rate and They’re getting ready to start up right away. So I didn’t want to wait around if they look at these statistics look at the Student pass rates look at the success on the first time national registry exams, they will see that Cowley College is right at the top is not the top program in the state and when I stepped into EMS I realized that This was where I needed to be It was the right fit just because we can ask as many questions you want is what’s clarifications you need It’s great. Just having the teacher right there. I’m not having to sit back behind, you know 20 other students 50 other students, you know It’s really nice so one of the things that Cowley does very well is they look at the adult learner and the adult learner has very specific and Different educational needs. I’m just really glad that I came down here. It was a hard program Which was why I came as well. I wanted that challenge The EMT class was a 16-week class the one I took started in January and ended in May and by the end of May I had already taken my state boards and my national registry exam But I may find myself in A place I never knew I would be because of the experience I had here with clinicals and and field Internship, it just kind of opened my eyes to something new

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