CPAC 2019 – Promises Made, Promises Unkept: Time to get Serious About Healthcare

hello CPAC hey my name is Peter Pitts I'm a former FDA associate commissioner here to help this is a panel about the power of choice now the question is isn't choice a good thing I Got News for you this is not a no-brainer there are a lot of people out there who don't think that we're responsible enough to have choice to make decisions for our own health care there are a lot of people who don't believe in free market approaches to health care and there are a lot of people that believe that Uncle Sam should be Uncle Sam MD this panel is about trusting Americans about free market solutions about trusting the American people when the Part D drug benefit for Medicare the part of Medicare that pays for prescription drugs was being debated it said seniors can make their own choices and there were many people in Congress who said seniors couldn't possibly be trusted to make their own choices Wow were they wrong today we are pleased to be joined by Governor Matt Bevin from the great state of Kentucky [Applause] and we're gonna hear that states are the laboratories of invention when it comes to healthcare and we're gonna hear how he has unleashed the unbridled spirit of state-based ideas but this is more than just about choices in insurance coverage options it's about choice of medicines it's about choice of physicians it's about choice of hospitals let me ask you a question do you believe that we should import foreign price controls No do you believe that we should import unsafe foreign medicines that's right and of course as you know if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor will more options more flexibility more choices help and incentivize healthy young people to sign up for health benefits I think that they will and we'll talk about that if you really want to bend the curve in health care expenses we all have to buy into the system in ways that are best for us so here's the big question or a verage Americans of all ages small business owners in towns and cities smart enough to make their own health care choices yes or should um chol Sam take charge as Uncle Sam MD I'm very pleased to introduce to you Larry Foster [Applause] it was a twilight evening in October 1981 in Toledo Ohio when a kind pastor was traveling home with his wife and children his van was hit broadside by a semi-truck four times and his life changed in a second that can happen to any of us his wife and daughter died instantly his sons were in the hospital one of them clinically dead and he prayed for their survival but of course in the middle of that a representative from the billing department at the hospital came to the waiting room and said we need to talk to you about how you're going to pay these bills when he said he didn't have insurance and then he went on and he said God's going to have to help me pay these bills she laughed just a little bit and then he said to her I want you to put the word miracle on my folder she did that and weeks later he was in the hospital talking about his bills and she said to him sir I don't know who you are but money has come in from all over America and your bills have been paid in full and there's money left over it was in that moment it was in that moment that health sharing was born from that dark night out on the road that dark night of grief and despair the light of people helping one another began to shine forth and today as we sit here the health sharing has evolved from a neighbor helping a neighbor in one case to a business model that's all across the country that's driving a national health care debate and an option that serves over a million Americans it's awesome and I I'm often asked in fact I've been asked since I've been here what is health sherry and my answer to that is it's simply a different approach just a different approach to pay for medical care it's not insurance and may I add we are proud not to be insurance but it's a way that we match members monthly contributions with medical needs within that group simply put is this health sharing is a community of like-minded people that believe in the biblical principle of neighbor helping neighbor and the biblical principle of choosing to bear one another's burdens the good news is it's open to people from all walks of life every single one of us in here for an example and as so many Americans agonize over affordable healthcare likely some of you have agonized over your health care decisions and as we do that the concept of health care sharing must be a part of that discussion and we're going to talk about that this afternoon it must be a part of it to paraphrase what one industry expert said to me recently he said sometimes the best insurance is not insurance at all but it's allowing faith-based alternatives to provide what insurance cannot provide and that is a community solution and I am proud this afternoon to stand here and to say to you that health sharing is a viable exciting concept it's a 40 year almost 40 year concept that's prompting many people to walk away from health insurance as we know it along with Obamacare and it's often unaffordable premiums that unkept promises members often tell me in fact even here I've had them tell me that the reason they chose health sharing and specifically Liberty health share is that it was the answer to the high cost of health care and the numbers this afternoon are proof the example I would give you is this a Liberty family the average cost per month is around $500 and today we're helping more Americans than ever but members also tell me this they chose health sharing because it's a community and the Liberty community cares and it shows we have a team of nurses and provider and member advocates they work with our members to address things every day immediate and long-term physical issues we encourage preventive care wellness we work closely with our members to improve their health supporting them in their weight loss supporting them as they're lowering their cholesterol and managing their diabetes we even help them when they want to quit smoking we have a pastoral staff that's available on a daily basis and I often see them and I talk with them on a daily basis they're offering prayer and spiritual encouragement to those that desire it and our members are found encouraging one another as well you know what happens when this all comes together what it results in is this a health conscious community that helps keep cost down for all of our members and we will go the distance to help our members get the health care solutions that they need health sharing is a uniquely American idea that's based on choice it's based on freedom and access and in today's marketplace yes and in today's marketplace in a health marketplace where we are today so many people probably some sitting in this room have been priced out of affordable health care options health sharing offers a real solution for real people are you all real people today let me hear from you real solutions for real people and every day I hear stories from our members that say how this option changed their life and I want to tell you about one of those today our name is Janine Janine chose to become a Liberty healthcare member Janine is self-employed a newly divorced mother she had depended on her husband's insurance throughout her marriage when her marriage ended she realized that she would possibly have to give up give up the small business that she had built and loved in order to have a viable health care coverage in the state of California she had no insurance the cost of obamacare was prohibitive the day that she learned about Liberty health share from her friends friends who in a very similar situation small business owners she told me this Larry it was the day that I found my lifeboat and Americans now more than ever probably some sitting in this room have family and friends more than ever need a lifeboat in the sea of confusion called health care you need to know today that there are alternatives to the there are alternatives in the healthcare options that you've been given and stories such as Janine's confirm that Liberty how share is one of those options health sharing in general is one of those options and we're at the forefront of a revolution in health care in that sea of confusion complexity Liberty health share is one great option bringing clarity and peace of mind in the midst of it here's what I'd invite you to do today if you want to stay up to date with our revolution in health care follow us right now on twitter at sharing LHS thank you ladies and gentlemen the smartest person on the panel doc badger not sure from the smartest or the most boring I hate to follow that Larry that was just a wonderful presentation thank you you know the health care debate gets pretty complicated and they're gonna be hard to follow at the federal and even at the state level but it really comes down to this who do we want to make our health care choices do we trust those in Washington who believe that we will be better off if they restrict our choices tell us what kind of coverage we have to have and then make us buy that coverage or pay taxes for that coverage or do we trust ourselves our neighbors our communities to be able to deliver new options new ways of making sure that all of us have access to the best health care on earth all of us were disappointed by that vote in the Senate back in July of 2017 in which the Congress failed to keep its promise of overturning Obamacare but there's one thing I want to really drive home to you is that that was not the end of this debate that that was not the end of campaigning for a consumer centered system and I just want to talk to you about two things that the Trump administration has done just in recent months to make Affordable Health Care more of widely available to individuals and small businesses even within the constraints of Obamacare now a lot of conservatives don't know about these things but I will tell you the people on the Left do and they're hard at work in Congress and in the states to try to nullify these very important decisions so we're going to talk to you about two insurance products right now that are available one is called a short-term limited duration plan it's a real mouthful but what it means is an individual health policy that is not subject to federal Obamacare regulations and guess what happens when you when you exempt certain policies from those regulations the first thing is the premiums are lower by 50 to 80 percent the second thing that happens is that instead of getting a choice of one or two insurers in the Obamacare exchanges there are in many states literally dozens of insurers offering different products on the marketplace now you need to be a smart consumer because these aren't federally regulated you need to read what's covered you need to deal with an online broker or a broker in your community to make sure you understand what it is you're buying the insurance company can charge you more based on your medical condition they're not right for everybody because no single insurance policy is right for 330 million people but they're right for millions of people and it's something you should be aware of the second thing is for people who have small businesses people who are sole proprietors a husband and wife who have a have a business for example in which they are the only two employees or independent contractors all of those people right now are forced into buying very very expensive Obama care policies and so what President Trump did and these regulations is amazing only took effect in September of last year and what they do is allow small businesses to band together yes even across state lines and get the purchasing power of large businesses when they buy insurance in these few short months that these have been available we've already seen chambers of commerce for example around the country forming these plans called Association health plans once again premiums are much lower by 23 to 29 percent the left likes to tell you that this is junk insurance but studies that have been done of this are saying that these are good high quality more affordable policies why is that important if you run a small business or you know someone who runs a small business you'll know that their number one issue is providing health coverage for their employees millions of businesses are just not able to do it now they have a new option now these two exceptions to the Obamacare regulations that's not a solution there's work for us to do there's work for Congress to do in order to restore our system to one that is run by consumer choice rather than rather than by government bureaucracies but folks we have something today that a year ago we didn't have we have new options for individuals new options for small businesses we needed we need to make ourselves aware of it our neighbors aware of it and really take advantage of these innovations thank you so much thank you Doug our next speaker is dr. mark Segal you've seen him on Fox I know he looks taller on Fox is the also the smartest person in the room who says he can get across all of his talking points in a minute 30 what could be a little more than that mark the smartest person in the room has got to be governor billion of Kentucky because I want to I want to buy a farm down there so I need to be very very complimentary we're in the post Obamacare era now this was originally billed as a talk on how American health care is already great and here's I want to tell you first off how it is great it's great because we're entering a time of great innovation of personalized solutions and you've all been hearing about these things so if we're up here trying to solve problems I want to talk about the great part first you wouldn't believe what's happening in cancer treatments maybe some of you know this this is a you're all America's patients out there or will be someday what we're bringing we've completely revolutionized the cancer field and we're developing personalized solutions based on immunotherapy and genetics we know everyone's genes now we're learning what to do about it but here's the problem the problem is that insurance was developed in the 1930s by initially by Blue Cross as something that you need in case a catastrophe happens and you have to be rushed to the hospital well the whole medical system has changed since then and I can tell you as someone who works in a post Obama care office that Obama care move things in the wrong direction why here's why Peter Pitts already said you don't get to keep your doctor but guess what you do get to keep your deductible that you get to keep and you know what that does to me that means you come to see me and I want to order an ultrasound of your thyroid but you haven't met your deductible so I can't figure out if there's anything wrong with your thyroid now people aren't as interested in the strain that doctors are under as they should be because the strain that doctors are under and the real untold story here is not even Obamacare it's the simultaneous introduction of mandatory computerization in the doctor's office you know what that did that put us in a position where we had less face time with our patients where we're spending all of our time documenting well you're lucky to get two minutes of our time and it's in those two minutes or what should have been 20 minutes where you say by the way doc on the way out the door by the way doc I have chest pain and then I would then try to figure out what's causing the problem so that's decreasing quality of care and the more government overreach you have the more regulations you have the more we are yet you got a document here here's Meaningful Use we're paying you less for doing more the more that this occurs the less we have a model that fits the innovation of the future so what is what is the solution its choice why because the original idea that went with Obamacare was I call it a Ponzi scheme let's get everybody to pay into a system that takes care of the sickest people that sounds good except the young people rebelled they said we're not taking this insurance we're not gonna pay a fortune for 50 years from now when I get diabetes and get heart disease so they opted out and six million of them a year took the penalty now we got rid of the individual mandate which is a great thing that it's gone and we can replace it as Doug was just saying with more choice with Association plans with skinny plans with health sharing which was already here but that can be expanded the more choices you have the more options you have the more you might be able to bring to the doctor's office something that I can work with something that I'm not stuck with a big whopping deductible the same thing ends up being true for prescription drugs by the way we're stuck in a situation to give you insulin for an exact for example where the cost of insulin the latest insolence which are terrific are ten times more what they were in the 1990s when they came out some of the newer insolence what's the solution to that well we have older insulins we're not using we have biosimilars which dr. Gottlieb the head of the FDA has told me are about to come on the market that will be a lot cheaper we have more options more choice which leads to more competition which leads to lower prices here's another thing related to that that I think is hugely important the administration has a proposal where the middleman the pharmacy benefit manager who takes about $100 per prescription out for profit and I'm not judging that but I'm telling you the rebates don't go to you you go to the pharmacy and you're hit with it in a copay so you say well who cares what the list prices of the medicines are well if they're high your copay is going to be high and you're gonna end up paying more out-of-pocket so I want the rebates to go to the patients and I also want you to know when you can pay less you can you can pay less for cash then your copay is for another drug nobody's even telling you about so the pharmacist tells you now and there's price transparency more and more that we didn't have before so I'm in favor of all of those things and we have to go back to a doctor patient centric system where you get to talk it over not to a computer thank you ladies and gentlemen from the great state of Kentucky Matt Bevin thank you very much thank you CPAC it's good to be with you it's awesome it's late in the afternoon it's been a long day you've had a lot of great people and you're still packed in here listening to a bunch of people talk about health care you are diehard that is awesome and I'll tell you what really and truly I'm coming from a slightly different perspective I'm not here specifically to talk about health care options other than to say that as the governor of a state I'm a big believer in the fact that this is indeed a government of and By and For the People but frankly for that to work we the people have got to be engaged we the people have got to be involved and we the people have got to let our voices be heard and we're doing it literally through things like CPAC and so thank you for being here grateful to you for that it's interesting though when you talk about this I mean the oven buy-in for the people though has been increasingly in recent years seemingly hijacked a bit and it seems to be increasingly more of and by and for a few but guess what it happens because we have abdicated our responsibility and if we allow it to be oven by and for a few and if we allow a handful of people be they in Washington or wherever to make decisions that are then foisted down upon us and become what we are forced to live by it's going to cover more than just health care it's gonna be what we have in our schools in the form of a common course good in theory bad in policy one size does not fit all soon enough people may be trying to tell us who does or doesn't go into which bathrooms and locker rooms in our schools people may start to decide what dictates water and moving water and what the federal government has jurisdiction over even if it's a puddle in your driveway literally these are the kind of things that are our apathy and abdication of our responsibility as free citizens will ultimately lead to if we allow it to and so as the governor of a state I'm blessed this is the first political job that I've ever had I've never been in government so come at this from a perhaps non-political perspective but I think this is healthy because truth be told in large measure this is the same perspective that drives you we've got a tremendous amount of responsibility for ourselves and freedom that we have been blessed with but we need to use it wisely but that's quickly on one thing first of all let me simply say this this idea that government needs to be involved in healthcare but would have really pushed back on that the most credible argument that I've heard is that well they've got to because it touches every single human being every day every single day almost with no exception every one of us is somehow affected by the healthcare system and our health is a daily regular part of our lives true enough you know what else touches us pretty much every day pretty much a daily part of every American's life your car your car is but guess what the federal government doesn't dictate to you what kind of car you're gonna drive doesn't say whether you're gonna buy a new car or a used car you've managed somehow god bless you you've managed to figure it out for yourselves you have figured out how to buy yourself the car you want you knew or used you've managed to figure out how to finance that and guess what you use that sometimes more regularly than you use your health insurance so if we can trust you for those kind of daily decisions why not this the more the government gets involved I would defy you can you think of anything that the government has taken control of anything where they provide a better alternative than the private sector and free choice there really isn't I mean literally where there is a private sector choice there really is no example of the government doing a better job of it and so given that what I'm a proponent of as a governor and I don't think I'm alone in this is return the responsibility to the people the Tenth Amendment is a powerful amendment the Tenth Amendment says clearly the Tenth Amendment states very clearly that those powers not given to the federal government are the responsibility of the states and of the people simple as that we're it so in Kentucky when I was elected and I'll make this tight we had expanded Medicaid which was never intended to be for people like us able-bodied working-age no dependents but now it is millions of people including 500,000 more people in Kentucky able-bodied working-age no dependents now getting free health care at a cost that is frankly prohibitive and unable to be sustained so I came up with this crazy notion that maybe people who receiving free healthcare should be expected to do something in exchange it's a crazy concept something small so again long story short Kentucky was the first state to ever be given permission to require work and/or volunteering and/or education and/or service and/or taking care of others and/or training for jobs that exist of some 120 hours a week in exchange for the receipt of Medicaid based benefits again not too much to ask and I've been called everything under the Sun as will all of you but I want to make very clear before I sit down and we open this up to some questions this doesn't come from a position of sympathy I'm offended by liberals who look down on people who are poor I was such a person I never had any access to any healthcare in my life until I was an active duty Army officer in my 20s it was the first time I ever had health care I grew up well below the poverty level in dollars we didn't have access to the very things we're hearing about on this stage so I'm not coming at this from sympathy it's from empathy I understand that world and I understand this there is dignity in work there is dignity in doing for oneself and there's dignity and being given that opportunity and the expectation that we seize that opportunity in order to make our own versions of the American dream come true in the Liberals who look down on people like I was and so many are still I consider that a level of bigotry that's unacceptable to look down on poor people who are financially disadvantaged with the scorn that these somehow rabble are unable to rise up that they need to be taken care of by the government because they can't possibly pursue the American dream without government deciding things for them is nonsense we deserve better than that not only in Kentucky but in America take dignity and respect and trust sounds like what government should give its people to make their own choices absolutely I mean you think about this what did our founders understood that we the government does not give us the vast majority of things that we are blessed to have including those certain inalienable rights that were defined and codified in our Constitution the right to life the right to liberty the right to the pursuit of happiness not a guaranteed outcome not a guaranteed Universal wage and not all of this nonsense the fact honestly Peter that concerns me perhaps the most is how many young people and this is why again I'll keep thanking you for the umpteenth time I'm encouraged to see young people who do not believe that socialism is better than capitalism you're here I'm encouraged by that though Larry kind of taking off on the We the People concept I mean about a million people in the US you don't use health sharing it's not insurance right who is it right for why is it a viable option that's gonna propel people towards better health well you answer that if you look around this room today who is it for look around it's for people just like sitting right here all around all around the country it's that it's a group of people that are interested in in not having it being a part of the insurance system of profits but people it's a group of people that say we want to be we want to talk about care not necessarily cost we want to talk about control we want to talk about making choices it's about people who believe in the calling to help bear one another's burdens people like that that are sitting here and around the country it's a it's a great fit for individuals that believe in that and I love that word calling because marks a physician he has a calling doug is devoted to smart public policy that's a calling governor Bevin is devoted to the folks in Kentucky you know and then and that's a calling marked relative to health care options and trusting people trusting patients how does that help you be a better physician I think it I think the dynamic between doctor and patient doctor-patient relationship is at the center of the healthcare model and it's unfortunately been interfered with by government being in the room by now if we god forbid god medicare for all we'd have to make a million phone calls to get approvals from on high something out of Kafka I mean it's got as government every helped you become a better physician know all government does is restrict me and tell me what I can't do it's always telling me what I can't do now to the point that was just made I want to add something which is that it's a health model we need not a disease model and what does that mean and this is where you're you're going you're going with health care which is we should incentivize people getting up and exercising people getting a more plant-based diet people eating a Mediterranean diet we have to we have 203 people in the United States overweight we have to work on the obesity epidemic here that leads to diabetes that leads to heart disease so we're focused so much on illness which of course we should be we have to protect our ill are sick people and we need to cover pre-existing conditions but we have to figure out a way to reward health you know Larry one thing that appeals to me about health searing is that many insurance plans kind of traditional insurance plans will give you money towards smoking cessation programs or they'll defray your gym membership so it's a little bit of a carrot but for what I understand and health sharing does that as well but there's also a stick there is it's called accountability there is still accountability in America do we know that and in our health sharing program if you are part of the preventive health if you're part of the Odile the health and wellness program on the regarding weight diabetes or quit smoking our coaches are going to work with you to do that and if you don't do that there are consequences you can no longer be a part of the program though when secretary Hayes or HHS proposed the modification to the thin health health plans they you just took a beating they were excoriated by the other side saying this is gonna sell people fake policies it's gonna lure people into bad programs and that hasn't happened no it hasn't but it you know what they typically say is if if you're not in this insurance program designed by the government than you have junk insurance anybody here ever had with an Obamacare policy ever had a surgery never had to see a doctor the Kaiser Family Foundation not a conservative group issued a report this week that said Obamacare plans deny 20% of medical claims for inpatient services 20% in the state of Kentucky one in five it's 40% twice that so don't let them tell you that this these other policies are junk insurance the the junk insurance is the insurance that is chosen for you by the government the the best insurance is what you choose for yourself and your family and I guess when the when the facts don't match up with your rhetoric what you do is ignore it right governor in Kentucky you've been you've gotten a lot of CMS waivers do some pretty creative things when you when you met with your your health care staff and they said look we can do things differently here you know was there a moment that you said well maybe we should just do what Washington tells us to do no in fact I'm quite the opposite I don't know if I've made myself clear earlier but not even a little bit to me everything is wrong if we fall like so many sheep in line like lemmings and follow bad policy I think everything you're hearing here is the greatness of America in the idea that you even have to go to CMS that you have to do mother mae-eye to get waivers and exceptions to bad policy you come up with a good idea you have to go beg and ask permission to be able to try a good idea at the local level is insane to me and so one of the things too even what was noted here that we are doing in Kentucky with this health care waiver and first of all I'm asking CMS and HHS anything they approve to Kentucky let any other state do the same thing and vice versa why reinvent the wheel but it encourages people to be engaged and this is what healthy people are engaged people people that are engaged in their own communities in their own health outcomes who have a vested interest in what they're doing where there is accountability these people tend to be healthier people mentally healthier physically healthier and at the end of the day it's not about coverage so many on the Left want people to be covered but it's not about coverage it's about whether or not you're getting better health outcomes that should be the purpose of all of us you're here more quickly I want to add to that that I think the key word is access the governor is right you know it's not about coverage it's what happens if your network is narrow even if even if you even if Obamacare does approve your your-your-your request you're not going to get to see the doctor because they're not in the network the hospital you used to go into is not in the network the drug that you need is not is not approved so it's diminishing of access to the actual care that leads to the better outcome that's the problem government promises or insurance company promises but what's the actual health care that you get so Larry you're there you're the solution you're one of the solutions you're the representative of a solution what do you tell a family or a healthy young person who's been failed by their Obama policy the low premium high deductible they can't get covered you want them to move into health sharing what do you tell them my children now's the time to do it tell them that they don't have to be a part of the system they can be a part of a system that is about people and nonprofits and if they come in and start right now they can they can work with a group of people that are going to see them and go that go the distance really to provide them the solutions the technology that will provide them an opportunity to look for the lower cost and look not just lower cost but the quality that goes along with it the people that are going to walk alongside of them they're not just a number and in any large insurance organization employer based coverage they're a number and part of that and so when I think of the young people coming out now don't join the system joined join a program like ours and be and take a difference make a difference okay Doug we have a minute eight left take a little bit of time and talk about is the only way that the federal government can expand options and decrease cost and increase access by getting out of the way absolutely getting out of the way and I'll tell you there's a group of us that have been involved for a over a year and trying to develop an alternative to Obamacare here's what we came up with the Obamacare pipeline goes from the Treasury Department to the insurance companies tens of billions of dollars a year well we're saying is the pipeline should go from the federal government to the state's let governor's like governor Bevin design programs that are centered on consumer choice on the doctor-patient relationship if you want to learn more health care choices org you'll see a lot about it but yes the federal government is not the solution for health care it's the problem governor Bevin it last word is horse let me just simply say this a number of you see this little button I'm wearing it's a pair of scissors cutting through red tape that's what this is about let's get government out of the way let's pray the people up it's not that complicated the state motto in Kentucky is united we stand divided we fall as conservatives as Americans as people who believe in liberty and freedom let's stand together let's stay united because divided will fall Blue Moon of Kentucky keep on rising ladies and gentlemen thank you very much panel thank you very much [Applause] good job guys


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