CPR 06 – Adult CPR – American Health Care Adacemy

before responding to an emergency situation into an injured person always check if the area is safe for you and the injured person and no one is in the way of harm remove clothes from the chest before performing chest compressions now let's get in position forgiving chest compressions no down and position your body to perform CPR place the hill of your hand and the center of the chest bone which is between the nipples place your other hand on the top of your first hand by interlacing them keeping the fingers away from the chest keep your arms straight and your shoulders straight above your hands now you are ready to start giving chest compressions push the chest hard and fast at a rate of at least 100 compressions per minute for adults and children each compression should be at least 2 inches deep follow the beat make sure the test Rises back every time you give each chest compression after giving 30 chest compressions give two breaths tilt the head and lift the chin and give two breaths each breath should last for one second continue giving compressions and breaths for five cycles or until a edy or EMS arrives

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