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Are you looking for CPR or first aid training in the New Jersey area? Did you know that only about eight percent of people who suffer from sudden cardiac arrest survive that accounts for over 300,000 deaths per year. Did you know that bystander CPR can double or triple survival from sudden cardiac arrest. Did you know that with each minute that passes without CPR the chances of survival decrease by about seven to ten percent per minute. Ask yourself how long it will take for help to arrive…. Did you know every state has good Samaritan laws to protect you when you help somebody maybe it is time to learn first aid and cpr. Safety NJ LLC provides cpr and first aid courses taught under the American Heart Association guidelines both at their Bloomfield New Jersey facility or they can come to you for groups of five or more. Upon completion of the class in American Heart Association cpr cards or ecard will be issued. Scott Larson who owns Safety NJ has over 44 years and EMS experience and 40 years of experience in teaching first aid and cpr. Scott and his team can provide the basic life support course for healthcare providers as well as the heart saver cpr and first aid courses for work sites and the pediatric CPR first aid courses for daycare providers parents grandparents nannies and babysitters All the Safety NJ LLC CPR courses include the use of an AED. For our class schedule visit our website. In addition to cpr and first aid training Safety NJ LLC is proud to sell first aid supplies & first aid kits manufactured in the USA by Certified Safety Manufacturing certified safety has been bringing first aid and safety products to the workplace for over 55 years! Safety NJ sells first aid kits and supplies for your car or home to get used in large businesses as well as a eps and AED supplies for additional information on CPR or first aid training in the New Jersey area give us a call at 973 320 3200 or visit our website safety nj.com


  1. Great! SafetyNJ is a great company to work with. If you are looking for CPR or First Aid training in New Jersey look no further.

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