1. YE! WHO HATES ONLINE GAMING except for other parents… But i have to say i blame the parents cuase other kids are addicted cuase the parents just let them play like for 6 hours non stop he will jot be that if the parents are stopping the kid when if your kid says no Force him like this Parent: i will take your xbox for 2 days Kid: NO! Parent: No xbox for a while if i cant have it ok Kid: FINE like that and dont blame the games BLAME YOUR SELF if your a parent cuase gmaes are not harmfull others are harmfull like Gta V cuase all the unusual stuff and the words fortnite,minecraft ETC are not harmful there both creative stuff fortnite is a strategy game or build whatever you want Minecraft is Like a open world you can survive or just do whatever you want there there is even mods,resource packs to make the game more cooler just listen if your still reading this dont bla,e the games does the games harm you huh? like when you play it like you got scar like that NO! ik im kinda addicted but i still take a break so ye if your a parent and your child is addicted to online games do not blame the game blame your self cuase your the parent you teach the kids just take their gadget or xbox like that just for 1 week so he can explore the world without the technology so ye thats that

  2. Heres how you make sure your parents dont hear violent stuff in ur games:
    step one:plug in ur headphones

  3. I love playing games and I treat my family and my teachers and my stuff nicely I don’t break anything

  4. Btw to get GTA you need to be over 18 so his mom bought it for him so it’s her fault that she bought the GTA for him

  5. These parents aren’t good at there JOB. I mean the MOM just does what ever her SON get what’s he wants, And I’m 12 years old and a better parent. I’m just spitballing send him to MILLITARY SCHOOL!

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