hello and welcome back to my channel I am here today to show you guys how I created my digital xscape room escape room escape room I'm gonna show you how I did it it was super I shouldn't say easy but it wasn't like that hard and you can do it without like costing any money basically so I just used Google Forms and then I just created the document on PowerPoint so I'm gonna walk you through the steps of how I did it and I'm hoping that I'll remember every single step of how I did it it did take me probably like close to three hours to create it the first time which I know it sounds like a long time but now that I have like the outline of one made if I made one again it would probably take me like 30 minutes max because I already have everything like kind of set up so if you're interested in how I set up my escape room in a digital way then just keep watching okay so I probably should have just filmed like my whole screen but we're just gonna go with it and just show you this way sorry if there's a cool area like on my screen but um so what I did was I first opened up a new Google form so I'm just gonna work off the one that I already have created just because it'll help me to remember every step that I did so I have the missions so this is what the missions looked like each page I just have a different mission and then I hid them around the room which I'll go over in just a second but so created I think this works a lot better with math lessons vs. ela you could definitely do it with ela but as you'll see it's not gonna be quite as easy to get like exact answers so as you can see on the first one I had four questions and then what they had to do was they took the letters of the answers and they had to enter them on to the thing in order for it to take them to the next like page or whatever you want to call it so in order to do that because if you don't set it up correctly it will just let them go to the next page so I did a believe this is short answer response and then I titled at mission one and then I just had like what the directions verses said enter all answers from mission one the only thing that I didn't realize when I did it was I set them up in all caps and then the kids had to type them in in in all caps which was kind of annoying I wish I would have gone back and change that but it's whatever and then underneath um let me see if I can actually okay so I decided just to make a copy sorry I didn't want to mess mine all up so I'm gonna click like a new question and then what you had to do was you change it to short answer and then you click these three little dots on the bottom and then this will pull up you can make a description or which I think I did both but you do response validation and then it won't let them go on without it being the exact answers so I changed it to text and then I changed it to contains and then you type in exactly what you want and then over here this is what will pop up when they don't get it crushed so if you look at mine the answers to mine were I mean so this would be the description so I have description turned on as well and that's why that's where the instructions were for how to enter the answer so then here the answer was dcba and they had to type it in like that and if they didn't then this one this would say dragon one try again so it was all dragons themed if you didn't catch on the bed and then the next one so then this would pop up on the next time and it would tell them where to find their missions so I tried to make them like little riddles that they had to solve just to add like a little piece of more and I'm like a little bit more fun so this one said find your mission under the force but be careful not to disturb the trees so this one was located underneath our plants that we had been planting and then for this because these ones were I did them word problems so they had to actually type in the exact number for one and then the exact number for two so you could easily have set up even those other problems like that so this one was what was the answer to question number one and it was answer to question number two then oh and then I have the exact answer so I for this one it's a number and it was equal to and then um the exact like number and then if it didn't if they didn't win or they didn't get it correct then it would give them that message so that's basically how I set up all the questions so in order for the kids to get access to the Google forum I had one person in each group grab their Chromebook and so they opened it up and I had it linked in my Google posture room if you don't have Google classroom I don't use Google classroom you just have to find a way to send them the link for the Google Form and then actually didn't tell my kids this but it never became an issue thank goodness was that they didn't get away from the Google forum because the second they got away from the Google forum like if they tried to open up a new tab and like exited out of it by accident there was no way they were gonna be able to go back I mean they could go back and access it again but they'd have to retype in all the answers which for second graders that can be kind of difficult I think actually I had one group do that and I just went back and I helped them retype in the answers because I just felt bad and they didn't need to spend that extra time so I did help them with that but um yeah so I just entered it on there and then my missions I put in like the what are they called is it manila envelopes no that's an envelope manila folders manila folders yeah well it's like a little tab I don't know if that's what they're called I think that's what they're called and I just had them like located in the place where the clues led them and they were just printed out paper copies and then they would just go and like find it and then bring it back to their area and then solve it and then one thing I did was I have colored lanyards and I had three of each color so every kid in the class got a colored lanyard and then that represented what team they were on it just made it easier for me to know which team like everyone was on because they were kind of up around the room a lot so like I said I have like the outline kind of set up now so then the next time I would do it it would be a lot easier for me because this one I kept having to like click preview mode and like make sure it worked correctly and when I was completely that I had Skylar go through and make sure it like ran properly just so that there was no like hiccups along the way I was he's like what do you have or why are you having me do this so I was like yeah because I've stared at it for so long that like I probably won't catch up or catch on any mistakes so I needed someone else to like have their eyes look at it so he just looked through it and then solved it all the way through and then realized like I mean he was actually the one who saw that the caps lock was the only thing that worked so I just ended up telling my kids ah I meant to go back and change it and I just completely forgot so when you're on here if you click the little eyeball up at the top it will allow you to preview it exactly the way the kids will see it so you can kind of see oh it's got that extra one in there that's okay uh let's see d c b a so then they type that in and then it would take them to the next mission and so then the little hint was up there so I did that and then I did like find the next mission where the healing stickers are which was where like the band-aids were in our classroom just like little things just to I don't know kind of add to like the fun of it my students enjoyed this so much I had two teams actually escape out and honestly I would have left them just like keep going um I wouldn't put like a time limit on it just because I feel like it didn't really care to put a time limit on it but they had to go to one of our like group class things that we do so I couldn't keep going so I gave them I think we ended up working on it for about 45 to 50 minutes and there was five missions total and only two groups actually escaped but they spent a little bit of time kind of figuring out like how to do it so I think next time it would be a lot quicker just because they wouldn't have to be spending the time to figure out like I didn't give them any instructions so they were just kind of like do we just type in the answers and a lot of those groups were trying to type in the numbers on like that first question rather than the letters so just little things like that they would probably be better at next time if they knew that it's like read the instruction on the top everything like that so I put my students into groups of three now I do teach second grade so I made sure which you may not need to if you teach a higher grade but I did make sure to kind of put someone in the group who is gonna be a strong reader just because there was some reading that had to be done and if they couldn't read it properly they were gonna get tripped up on like the next piece so I did make sure to put someone in there who could kind of be the reader in the group just because they needed someone who could kind of lead them in that way and then other than that I just kind of group them according to people I knew would it work together well and I did tell them like if you guys need to be solving their problems together like one person is not sitting there solving every problem and if I see that then I'll separate your group and it didn't become an issue I didn't see I saw them all kind of working together and it was actually really cool to see them like using their teamwork especially when it came to the riddles it was so cute to see them like working together and kind of like trying to figure out where the riddle would be in the room I thought they would be a lot easier to figure out like I said one of them was find it in the box of colorful building blocks so we have a box of Legos in our room and it took them a long time to be able to find that one which I thought was gonna be kind of an easy one so anyway that's how I created my digital escape room totally free didn't cost me anything escape rooms have always been something I've wanted to try but it's just been like you have to buy a lot of stuff he got by like the locks and everything like that and I just don't know like how to make it work like that so this was the way I found that would work for me and honestly you could use like any like worksheet or anything to like help them solve so then you can kind of make anything a little bit more interactive than just like something boring like it'd be super fun for test prep or anything like that so I just wanted to show that with you guys this week as my teacher talk video if you guys end up creating any digital escape rooms let me know and maybe we can kind of like share them people had asked for me to post it on TPT but because it's so like specific to my classroom you'd have to change so much of it and I don't I just felt like it's easier for us just to start fresh and create your own I did share I was like some people at my school but I was well to kind of like you know talk with them to tell them like things that they needed to change whereas like people out in the world I can't just like sit there and carry conversation with you so I just felt like it was easier probably just to film a video and let you know how to do it and then you can create one if you choose but you probably want to do one at the end of the year because I'm sure you're like me and trying to find anything you can to like fit and that would keep them engaged because we're down to like the wire of the end of the school year stop anyway if you enjoyed this video make sure you give it a thumbs up and make sure you share it with anyone else that might be interested in digital escape rooms and with that I leave you farewell


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