Creating a Clinical Note on Dentrix

this video will be I'm entering clinical notes onto a chart clinical notes sections can be found on the tabs on the lower left-hand side of the screen by clicking clinical notes it brings you to the clinical note area we're going to go ahead and start a new clinical note by clicking the left-hand icon that says new clinical note and you see it'll generate a date and time for that clinical note now rather than typing in the box by hand all of the information that you get for your exam it's been made easier for you by creating these templates that you will use in clinic now these templates are fully customizable and can be changed depending on the needs of the office this is something that you will find will be different in every office now the exam information you get from your intra and extra oral exam will also be placed in here to open the prompts let's go ahead and start now part of the extra oral exam was your head and neck exam now we're going to click on exam information and that's going to open up a little drop down menu and you're going to double click on head and neck examination and what that will do is it'll open up these boxes there we go nice and focused and you'll go through and select which one of these applies so the soft tissue exam of the head and neck was it normal or abnormal you select whichever one applies and click okay and you're going to go through these prompt boxes answering all of these questions let's assume that our patient here was completely normal for everything we're just going to keep clicking oh and what that will do is that will generate a nice little template here you can see how that definitely saved us time rather than having to type all of this out now you've also learned to do occlusion so we'll double click on occlusion and here you will be able to input if there were any cross bites present let's assume that your patient had an anterior cross-bite here and we're going to click okay and let's say that they had crowding on all of the anteriors let's go ahead and click those these you'll highlight all of the teeth that exhibit crowding and then you'll click ok this is where you're going to input the millimeters of overbite let's say they have a three millimeter over by any three millimeter overjet now this is where you would input your occlusion for the canines either class one two or three or not applicable all right and you can see here that it generated all of that information for you now we can go ahead and add oral habits and that comes directly from your intraoral and extra oral exam sheet so you want to make sure that you have that in front of you when you're filling this out once again isn't that nice it just kind of does it all for you you can also answer your oral pathology we'll just click OK for those just to save some time and there you go all nice and meet there for you and saved a ton of time now once you've gone ahead and input all of your exam information that you get from your intra and extra oral exam as well as you're probing sheet and your charting sheet you're good you can go ahead and save this information here just like we saved after we input the chart and after we input pareo you're also going to save here once you finish your clinical note and before you save you will change the provider for the selected note so you'll click on there and then this will give you a list of different providers you'll scroll down until you find your name and then you'll click OK once that information has been saved then you click Save clinical notes and you're all done now feel free also to look around and play with some of the templates here if you get time because there's a lot here and eventually you will be using most of this in clinic


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