Crenshaw Explains Vote on the Strengthening Health Care and Lowering Prescription Drug Costs Act

everybody up here in Washington I want to give you some quick insight into what we just voted on and it's a it's a good window into how things work here so what we just voted on was HR 987 it's called the strengthening healthcare and lowering drug costs Act all right half of that is somewhat true here's what this really is it's three different provisions that were actually bipartisan that were meant to get generic drugs to market faster and they passed out of the Energy and Commerce Committee in a bipartisan fashion okay but then they were about to the brought to the House floor where we all just voted upon them well guess what the Democrats wanted to add something in there that they knew Republicans would vote against what they added in there was was a provision striking the lower-cost short duration plans that the Trump administration has made available made available to who well young people healthy people people who don't need an excessive amount of things added to their insurance plans because they won't use them this is good especially if you're near 20s or 30s and it just gives consumers more choice there's really no reason to be against these things but the Democrats are because what they really want to do is prop up a failing Obama care market that's really unfortunate and it's some insight into how things work up here they add a poison pill into a otherwise decent bill that we could vote on and that could pass the Senate this won't go anywhere we're not governing all right there just playing partisan politics it really is the definition of partisanship and it's unfortunate see you next time


  1. After Mr.Trumps next 4 more great years please run. You are the future of the party and of America. God Bless you and thank you.

  2. Nothing in the Constitution about the federal gov't being involved in healthcare at all. A local man (now in his 60s) was arrested a few years ago. His crime? Dr. Monus, who had a medical degree but had not kept up his license), was offering protocols to people who came to him. First heard of him from my midwife around 1995. Later heard about him for some people who had been helped, including a man sent home from the hospital to die of cancer; Dr. Monus healed him; the man is very well today! We think you should not be helping pharmaceutical companies with their expensive prescriptions or their vaccines; if they cause more harm than good, the companies should be legally liable, not able to use tax dollars to keep themselves financially well off. Also we need a parental rights act so hospitals cannot medically kidnap children to force cancer treatments that parents do not think is for the best. Maybe citizens could make their own healthcare / insurance coops and keep the gov't out of medical care.

  3. Thank you for breaking down thinks for us. And sharing the truth of the bills that are being proccess. This type of glass door governing is what is going to keep our country great.

  4. Lt. Commander Crenshaw,
    As always we Texans appreciate your updates. Credit and praise is due to your wife; the hardest job in the military may be being a soldier's wife, but being an officer's woman is harder yet. As one officer's woman to another, I salute her.

  5. Thank you, for explaining this. Great example of how all the representatives should be. Imagine being responsible to the people who voted you into office, what a novel idea.

  6. Dan, run for president in 2024. Use this personal platform to talk to us directly with substance. No more political speeches that go on for an hour and a half and literally nothing is said. Tell us the mission, tell us the plan , and tell us how to execute , we are behind you.

  7. Congressman Crenshaw, you are a Godsend. The only other person I know who does what you do, ie, making sure the public understands what’s going on so that they are NOT left in the dark while processes are taking place…is me. I work in a very complex retail operation (IKEA) and see how our customers can get lost with their first experience. It takes a lot of patience, interest in the public’s interest, and compassion to post your thoughts and relay information online. You are destined for greatness. Thank you for loving this nation the way that you do.

  8. Rep. Dan Crenshaw just keeps on making me like him more and more. Thank you Texas for voting in such an awesome Representative.

  9. I kind of already knew this happened a lot on an instinctual level, but it really boils my blood to see it validated like this.

    I'm sure the Republicans do this a lot too when the shoe is on the other foot, and as MechaTex (another commentator here) pointed out, who will be the first to reject these bipartisan games?

    I implore you my good sir Rep Crenshaw, continue to lead by example. Point out when your opponents and peers are being disingenuous, and never waver yourself. Continue to be a positive example to both sides of how you can indeed be an honest statesman and still get things done. (The word politician is reserved for those who do the job for power or benefits rather than for the people.)

  10. Feels like the bill burr joke when you're in a hostage situation and the guy making demands want an escape helicopter. We all know he's not going to get it, just ask for a rental car lol

  11. Thank you for keeping us up to date in what's going on with politicians! Transparency is always appreciated!

  12. These videos are very helpful, please continue to be transparent with us and encourage your colleagues to do the same. When you guys are silent, you allow others to dictate the narrative. This could easily be spun into "GOP doesnt want to lower drug costs".

  13. Thank you for confirming what I have believed for a long time. I know both sides do it, but something good comes along, it gets "doctored", and then come election time, it's "Dan Crenshaw voted against blah blah blah" or Dan Crenshaw voted for blah blah blah". No, Dan Crenshaw didn't vote against giving kids lollipops, he voted against the "tie in" that gave all members of Congress a $25K Christmas bonus.

    Thanks for your past, present and future service .

  14. Good info. Wise use of social media to speak directly to your constituents of TX and America as a whole.

    Sad to say its normal business as usual with last minute addendum added or removed.

    You seem to have a good grasp on quickly articulating these issues as they happen. You should definitely help out your fellow freshman and long standing Republican allies with this aspect of communication. They need it.

    Have a bless day.


  15. Your channel doesn't get many followers or subscribers but don't get discouraged and keep doing these videos. While your channel is honestly dead in itself your videos are shared across popular public spheres. Social media aka the new public square. I am subscribed to many of these channels and see your videos through them more often than this channel itself. I can't imagine how frustrating it must be to want to make a difference and improve lives only to be stopped by "well we just don't like you". Childish and insignificant games played at the expense of real tangible results that both parties should agree on.

  16. You should do a semi personal video on your housing situation. Your pay, travel, keeping 2 homes or sleeping in your office and explain it to us. I don't really think you make enough cash to keep up 2 homes but average citizens make a lot less than you so they think your salary makes you "rich"., i personally think reps should get paid a lot more but be forbidden to legalize insider trading and "legal" schemes to enrich yourselves. But don't take us to the dentist or barber lol

  17. This is a huge problem in Washington. Maybe the problem. Seems as though we are in a catch-22 as Republicans will do the same thing to prevent Democratic "political wins". Who will be the first to stand for the American people and reject these partisan games? Starting to feel like this is an impossible ask.

  18. We the people have got to get you a bigger platform. You are making way to much sense, and this get out the truth moment is just what we the people need! I not in TX, I'm in TN but you have my vote shipmate. Thank you, and may we never forget.

  19. Keep doing these kinds of short vids that show who the dems really are. I will keep sharing them to Facebook all day long.

  20. Thank You for taking the time to let us know and remind us of what poor sports the Dem's really are.

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