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will we ever see a world without HIV can we change our genetic makeup can gene therapy help cancer treatment recent breakthroughs have allowed scientists to replace faulty genes with healthy genes using a technology known as the CRISPR caste 9 system I'm Sally LePage and this is breaking science too scientists from opposite sides of the globe Jennifer Doudna and Emmanuelle Charpentier joined forces and their research changed the landscape of genetic engineering and the inspiration behind their work bacteria bacteria get infected by viruses – and so have their own immune system when a bacterium detects the presence of a virus it makes a copy of the virus's genetic code and pairs this with a special protein called cask 9 which acts as molecular scissors we can use the CRISPR caste 9 to not only cut a viral DNA but any DNA and by tweaking the caste 9 scissors we can cut it in a way that means that we can fix the gap with any DNA sequence we want so we can replace faulty genes with healthy genes I was lucky enough to speak with the co-creator of CRISPR Professor Jennifer Doudna this was a project that was just part of an effort to understand how bacteria fight viral infections we recognized that this could actually be applied as a genome editing technology and that really was a very exciting moment where I really felt chills down my spine I would like people to understand that this is a technology that enables a permanent change to be made to the DNA of a cell and if you do that in a cell that is an egg or a sperm cell that is then used to produce a whole organism then that change is something that becomes part of that entire organism I think in most cases we actually don't understand enough about the function of genes in the human genome yet to really be sure that a change that is made would not have unintended good news there are a number we're making a change to the DNA in need a fraction of the cells that are affected could have a very strong therapeutic benefit for years we've dreamt of being able to fix genetic diseases science shows it's more possible than ever as always thanks for watching and don't forget to like this video if you enjoyed it and subscribe to watch more science videos like it did you know that butterflies are helping us fight crime they're not joining the police force just yet but the science in their wings is helping us to detect explosive


  1. Good day!

    This is Carlo from Thailand… I just want to ask if this is the technique or the method that was used by
    Dr.Kamel Khalili to eradicate the HIV VIRUS from the bodY to become HIV negative?

  2. I'm literally hyperventilating and having goosebumps right now! I can't wait to work with this! The possibilities are endless!!!

  3. If they find a way to deal with the error-prone NHEJ, this can be one of the most phenomenal breakthrough in gene therapy.

  4. Lady, do you know the explosive worms that are inside this can you are trying to open?  You're a scientist so you do know the world as your lab, a sterile & controlled environment.  1-companies will make a much money as they can through this without actually caring about what negative consequences will happen to people & the world.  2-Genetically modified people will get out there & breed at will, not controlled in your lab.  IS it good to have genetically modified DNA?  I am a biotechnologist, I know what your "CRISPR-Cas9" is, restriction enzymes (DNA's "scissors" is how every professor refers to them).  These are not new. I'm beginning to think you're keen on making money, & if you're a real scientist then also so confident in your work, that you're never going to stop to really ask the question of whether or not we should be doing this.  If you were a real scientist you would see a bigger picture beyond your lifetime, you will know that rushing to put anything out into the world has the potential for danger until you understand everything about it.  To understand the consequences of genetic modifications to humans would take several lifetimes and generations.  And the sloppiness of DNA work… what other bits of genes are you breaking up or inserting into people?  Do most people know how a gene gun works?  If anyone doesn't know why GMO's are messed up.. I urge them to look up a gene gun which is what scientists use to insert genes.

  5. Wow Science fiction become Science fact. Imagine how many people will be benefited. Science and scientists are rock.

  6. I hope it will one day cure me of my psoriasis…or turn me into Captain America…well I'm Canadian…so I guess Captain Canuck LOL

  7. I was lucky enough to speak with Professor Jennifer Doudna, the co-inventor of CRISPR-Cas9; a gene editing technology that is revolutionising genetics. You may have heard about the first genetic engineering on human embryos a few weeks back, well this is the science underpinning that controversial study, plus many more studies that could cure us of genetic diseases.

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