Cristina Woodhouse, MD, MPH – Family Medicine Physician in Marshalltown, Iowa | McFarland Clinic

My name is Cristina Woodhouse.
I’m board certified in Family Medicine. I joined McFarland Clinic in 2019, and I
work in Marshalltown. I guess I first thought about medicine
when I was in junior high and I volunteered at the University
of Iowa hospital in Iowa City, and I really enjoyed the environment
there. I felt like everybody was doing a lot of good things and working together as a team. That’s what first got me interested. Then when I was a little bit older, I worked
in a health clinic for migrant farm workers called Proteus, which was a really great
experience. I loved going out in the field and working with people that didn’t
necessarily have other access to health care and got to use my Spanish
a lot because a lot of the workers were Spanish-speaking. So that was what really
pushed me into medicine and made me realize that that’s what I wanted
to do. I think Primary Care is that one place
where everything sort of comes together, and that person–your primary care
provider–knows what the Cardiologist is doing and knows what the
Endocrinologist is doing and makes sure that we’re all on the same
page and that we’re providing the best care as a team for our patients.
So I think that’s really exciting. That’s one thing that I really enjoy doing,
and I think it’s important for people to have a primary care doctor that can be
coordinating their entire health care. What I find most rewarding about Family
Medicine is building a relationship with the patients and their families and then
getting to see positive changes that come from the work you do and the changes
that we’re able to make in people’s health. When I was a medical student, I started
a project in Honduras that was providing health education for youth, and I enjoyed it so much
that I just kept doing it. So I’ve continued my work there. I try to go every year and
teach the kids. It’s a lot of fun. Extraordinary Care, Every Day is providing
quality care for our patients and our clinic and providing good communication so
that you can better understand your health.

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