Crohn's Disease; The Basics

let's do this let's do this let's do this it's so hard to feel that you look good when you had no sleep and your face is like a moon literally a moon hi welcome to my new blog and YouTube channel called gut instinct which is basically completely about Crohn's disease and just about everything to do with Crohn's Crohn's crew so cringe no bit no bum it's just basically me try and about because I wanted to make this first video just as an introduction also just to kind of cover what is crazy oh babe what's wrong with you like what is Crohn's don't me to get it I don't even really get it either but I'm going to do the best I can to kind of break it down in the simplest possible way crisis is there's an inflammatory bowel disease I know glamorous sign me up for the bowel disease please or bow disease that's not fun yeah give me one of those that love that though it's basically a disease of the bowel the chronic illness that means that it's incurable so you can have it for the rest of your life just really done a good job for me it affects the end of my small intestine which is called my ileum and then the top of my large intestine which is basically your colon so those two areas mere effective and basically what's wrong with them is at some point in my life they decided no I have had enough of this so I'm just going to throw my toys out the pram I'm done digesting your food I'm going to become inflamed and red and bleeding and offsuit there's nothing you can do about it so as a result of that I'm currently on eight anti-inflammatory toddlers a day eight steroids a day I take vitamin tablets omega-3 bone thinning things ridiculous amount of medication and I'm just about to start on immunosuppressive therapy as well which is not very fun well people ask me a lot is how did I know that I had it and that story is so unglamorous over any point of squeemish I would turn off milk this is not nice so I've had it for just over a year and basically the way I found out is because I was basically pulling up blood constantly non-stop diarrhea as in I would need to go through at about 20 times a day couldn't eat or drink anything without having it comes straight back through me I was throwing up food I lost a lot of weight and then yeah it was the losing the blood I had really painful joints I had like arthritis I was tired all the time and then when I went to my doctor originally they said oh you know you might have IBS I didn't have IBS I know what IBS people getting confused because it's all about like digestion in the GAR and all this kind of stuff but no yes babe like because I think I have IBS like you know I should I was just cut gluten no chill out on the IBS though I got diagnosed took such a long process because they basically it's very hard to recognize could be a million other things could be like in tolerate German anything because his sheer amount of blood I was losing and my fairly medical background I got said through for a bowel cancer screening which is not fun when you're 23 years old to be screened for bowel cancer but luckily that is how I then got diagnosed with Crohn's disease I had a colonoscopy which is a camera going up yep up all the way around through your whole digestive tract and that's when they saw how damaged this part of my body was and it was like altered and bleeding and just like really really not in a good way so immediately I started taking anti-inflammatory I was put on a liquid diet for a little while so just milkshakes boy I love a burger so that killed me for a long time then I've been promised steroids three three courses of steroids in the last year which explained the moonface and the fact that I had these horrendous bags under my eyes because I cannot sleep which is not a greatest time to put your face on the internet you know pale bloated no sleep and I've been living with it for a year now I've just over a year and it's horrible it's really horrible because I can't figure out what makes it tick honey I have a chicken nugget and be absolutely fine and then have a solidly and literally be on the toilet for the rest of the day there is no rhyme or reason to what seems to make it flare up or what seems to make it good or bad or ugly I have no idea flare-ups and remission so flare up is when your body is literally hell on earth you can't do anything you'll be anemic you won't be able to adjust your food you probably have diarrhea you probably vomiting you'll be in a lot of pain or you'll be in remission which is like a holiday for your body you know more Crohn's I'm going to take a little break you know I'm just going to have some time out you take a back seat for a while anyway this is a really really brief crash course on it really good website called Crohn's and Colitis UK dairy charity and there's so much good information on there tell me a lot just to try and understand and get my head around what the hell is going on my stomach because it's really hard coins as well is super isolating it's a very lonely disease not many people want to talk about it not many people wizzy and I've got to talk about your bowel habits like it's just unglamorous which is why I wanted to do it because I don't think it should be so prudish the poo tabooed for a lot of people this is a daily struggle and it's something that people deal with every single day so why should you be ashamed to talk about it and it just makes your life so much easier to be able to say do you know what I'm gonna go over work because I'm literally desperate for the toilet the amount of times I've had to leave work to go to Starbucks I'm so sorry Starbucks my cannot go my work Twitter it really affects people's lives you know learning what you can akan e the amount of medication you have to take it's very draining and a lot of them have not great side-effects talking about something just makes it a bit more acceptable base it a bit more approachable and also relatable to people so I hope that if you're watching this maybe you have Crohn's and this is somehow been helpful to know that I have it too or if you know someone with words you've seen this and thought of course yeah that actually sounds really shitty I shouldn't just ask them they've got sore tummy or oh god I've got an upset stomach yeah like when I holiday last year I had a really bad steak so I totally know where you're coming from hey how do you see the most annoying other thing about Crohn's disease which you'll get is people would just not understand like the fact that you haven't slept the fact that you're knackered the fact that your bones are so sore and you feel like you wish you cannot move that that you can stand up and literally pull you're going to throw up they will not understand that you're getting no nutrients from anything or eating good your stomach just passes them right on through up no it's tough check out my blog I'm going to try doing more videos we've got any questions or comments or you just wanna have a chat then please get in touch because I would really love to hear from you thanks for watching


  1. Thank you, my father died from cancer related to Crohn's. I have most symptoms so off to the doctor I go this time with my father's death certificate.

  2. Grate video.. I fishined my pre medical fsc. Course. And then after that I volunteer worked with doctoe. Around sixth month. In pakistan but obviously I was born here in UK but I spent around 20 year in pakistan I was very happy.. But that time most of patient when they came for check up. Most of depresst. So. Accordingly. I got fsc premedical. Plus six month nursing course. Plus one jealogist. So every single human being have cancer ♋. But. Some of them. Get active. So doctor called cancer. So of them is not active mean not consider. Cancer.. Crohn deases. Mean….. Low energy ⛮ low energy. So for crohn deases need regular exercise follow Dr appointment…

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you for making this video!!!! August 2017 I was diagnosed with chronic mild unspecified colitis ➡️ meaning it carries symptoms of both Crohn’s and Ulcerative Colitis, as well as non bleeding gastritis, and GERD with esophagitis. Four in one, isn’t that better than a hole in one? Hahaha not! Doctor immediately put me on 9 mg Entocort EC. Even though the doctor said the unsp-col was “mild”, the dang pain and all other symptoms have been nothing but!
    This shit sucks!!! But I’m staying as positive as I can and am fighting to find a “diet” that works for me.
    When I was younger, I don’t believe that I had ever, ever thought that I’d be dealing with this or any other disease, and I’m still young! Your videos explain everything I’ve been dealing with, you’re totally relatable with so many other sufferers. 😆
    I pray that you continue to get well and remember that you’re not alone 😌

  4. I was diagnosed at 15, I was lucky I was diagnosed because most people just thought I was being overdramatic or a typical teenager I'm 17 now and still struggling but it helps to know I'm not on my own ❤

  5. I’m 13 I got diagnosed with IBD when I was 12 in 2018 I have had a NG tube inserted twice already and I’ve had 2 flare ups and I’m on medication to one I have to have threw my blood and not threw drinking or having a tablet which is hard because I have to go to hospital and put a little tube in my arm threw my vaine and it hurts 👎😔 whish their was a cure 👎🤞🏽

  6. Soo I got diagnosed at 23 with colitis. A year later I was on a shit ton of medicine. Can't even name them all. It's so dragging. 😒 Still having flares. Not so severe now but still here. I notice more blood on my stool now but for real. That saying about the nugget and then you have a salad and you're done. That was great! Haha 😄 so related. I can't stand feeling stuck to the house and I'm scared to even get a job because of how I feel every day. I just got diagnosed like I said so maybe shit eases up haha puns. But I also have GERD, and Endometriosis. My GI said I have colitis with IBS-D. He did blood tests. In August I had a catscan and my WHOLE abdomen was inflammed. At one point I had to sleep sitting up on the couch. I wanted to rip my stomach out. Couldn't eat, couldn't do anything. I'm not sure if I need a second option but I have all the symptoms and my insurance won't even cover humira. I need a autoimmune suppressant but we'll see.. much love to everyone dealing with this..

  7. I love this channel, all though I dont have Chrons disease, i have something pretty similar which is Bile Acid Malapsorption which has the same symptoms other than the blood, although that is occasional. The amount of times that I had to leave school/work and events is embarassing and having friends that dont understand. This was really imformative so thank you ☺

  8. I was diagnosed with crohns in 2012 they couldn't figure it out in new hampshire ended up moving to washington state they did a colonoscopy and found out right away ive been on pantasa for some time now i take it every once ina while bc i have a low to sometimes mild case but i know how you feel sometimes i gotta call out of work when the cramps get that bad and i was told to stay awat from greasy food or deep fried foods so i eat alotta grilled or boiled or baked foods

  9. Here's my BITCH….. First they don't really know if it's Crohn's or IBS…or what ever…..this started in early 70s….I went through all the Bleeding losing 30 pounds, Transfusions and months in the Hospital…about 4 altogether…..Back then I was treated with FUCKING PREDNISONE…..In 19/0 0 had part of my Colon removed..In 91 I had it all removed and now have a Illistomy…age 65 now…..the Fucking Prednisone ruined my Joints and now I have had Both Shoulders,both Hips and my left wrist Fused and a plate with 8 screws on it….I also got Cataracts…most all my Joints hurt bad and will probably have them fused or replaced at some point… Lately it's my ankles and neck that are hurting……Since 89 I've been on Narcotics… I'm doing 150 mcg of Fentanyl plus 120 Percocet a month and I'm on Remicade infusion every ,6 weeks plus other pills for my joints….I was kind of doing okay until about 3 years ago when things started acting up again….I don't do much anymore but sit around and watch TV…Mow the lawn on a riding lawnmower….Not to many people come around anymore because of the pills and I'm moody as hell….I used to ride motorcycles since I was 12 and sold my last Harley in the early 80s… After I had my hips and shoulders replaced I felt better and bought a of Streetglide… Harley… Then in about 2015 my wrist screwed up and now after 2 years it's still Fucked up….BUT I CAN STILL RIDE….Not to far and not to long….9/15/18 it has been 2 years since my wrist operation….I don't know how long I'll be Riding now because I'm all filled up….. Crohn's starts off back and can get worse as you go along and the FUCKING PREDNISONE takes over…..So try the Humira or Remicade or other things but stay off the FUCKING PREDNISONE….I haven't worked since 95…. I'm a retired Steamfitter and get retirement from that and Medicare…..I do okay money wise but I still hurt all the time…I can sleep very well and I'm using the bathroom a few times a night…. I've been married for 36 years and have a very understanding wife…..You can tell how sick I am by How bad the house stinks…..To the young kids watch your Diet and stay off the pills and Drinking……I never thought I'd be this this bad…..I had to turn the sound off because of the loud mouth girl in the beginning……STFU……IF I CAN HELP YOU IN ANYWAY CONTACT ME AND ILL TRY TO GET BACK TO YOU…..MY ZOLPIDEM IS COMING ON AND IM STARTING TO KNOD OUT…..My daughter has Chrons and hopefully she won't get it as bad as me…..I don't go out to dinner hardly any friends and its the same out ship…..sorry to bitch so much but that's how my……Sorry for all the BITCM…..GOOD LUCK AND WATCH YOUR DIETS

  10. “Chill out on the IBS” omg yes!!! I got diagnosed when I was 23 as well. At first it would thought to be ulcerative proctitis, but after a year, I had a hemmorhoid, fissure, a fistula, and infected abscess that was leaking puss all the time, two surgeries, two colonoscopies and finally diagnosed with Crohn’s disease.

  11. I am here to spread the light in a world of darkness. There is so much misinformation and ignorance floating around and it hurts my heart. We have the cures and we have the knowledge. Mainstream lies and keeps cures from us. EAT ORGANICS. Cannabis Oil CURES Auto immune Dis-EASE

  12. Why dont y'all cure yourselves???Proper DIET. ORGANIC NON GMO. Most of the stuff is killing us sold in the guise of food. Endocannabonoid system research it.RICK SIMPSON OIL Cannabis oil cures cancers and auto immune Dis-ease. My Wife cured her chrones when they almost killed her with chemotherapy and other bullshit the doctors dont know anything they mearly push pills for pills it is a vicious cycle and they should be jailed for killing us. RESEARCH SPIRULINA. CHORELLA .

  13. Hi I was diagnosed 10 ago they caught it early I deal with it and try not to dwell on the negatives effects that goes on with this disease

  14. Hi I've suffered with this for 26 years now. I thank you so much for telling people what it's like. I got so much stick because I couldn't go to work & felt poorly more often than not. I'm 41 now & watching someone like you has made me feel so much better cause this is what it's like. A lot of people think you are putting it on. You are such a lovely person for telling others what it is like. I thank you again. All the best. Xx

  15. You are interesting, I'm having alot of flem every morning and too feel tired out in the mornings. But its pretty general. Thanks for the video. It hurts to see that you have this.

  16. Ye IBS is the one that doctors do say when associated with bowels. They said that for me but just had a endoscopy and gastroscopy which they took a biopsy off my stomach so waiting for the resutl which I am scared; this is for celiac disease.

  17. I think I have chrons, because of my stomach problems and also i HAVE SO MANY MOUTH ULCERS! It hurts to eat sometimes

  18. I’m 21 and I just got diagnosed a week ago! Mine is in the end of small intestine. I have had stomach issues since middle school but I was super sick in January! I go Thursday to get on medication and I’m going to go for humira!

  19. GUT INSTINCT At least you go to a shitty coffee shop to take a shit! All jokes aside sadly I may have to deal with this shit too soon. About to start Imuran and waiting for the call to do Remicade. Although I have no diagnosis after multiple resections, scopes and MR enterogram ALL with NO definitive diagnosis. So lets try this they say, I have no day to day discomfort just fistulas from anastomotic breakdowns, but no evidence of anything to cause this. I reckon my body rejects the staples they use in the bum gun ( bowel stapler ) but you can't argue with them and I don't think they will hand sew the anastomosis next time. Plus the best surgeon you can get in Aus doesn't want to operate unless I am near death, so kind of stuck with options there! Best Regards and I hope things continue well for you.

  20. Just found your channel now and watched a bunch of your videos. I was diagnosed about 3 years ago and everything you talk about is SO TRUE. Thank you for making these videos, it makes me feel less alone in my battle with Crohn’s!!!

  21. Your video really made me smile today (in the best possible way!) I am awaiting biopsy results but looks like I have Crohns – so I have been searching for information to get my head round it all. I think your attitude is brilliant 😊 thanks for making this video!

  22. Bakers Yeast!!!!! Google bakers yeast and Crohn's disease- clinical study published journal found the connection. Patients who completely avoided bakers yeast went into a complete remission and when reintroduced it they had a severe flair up again. It's a miracle they found this connection!!! I just avoid all bakers yeast foods and symptoms eased up and disappeared. But remember Non-Fortified Nutritional Yeast is perfectly safe and needed for your B vitamins! Please try and eliminate all yeast foods for a month and try it out and let us know how your doing. I got off the hydrocortisone so maybe you can too! Peace

  23. I’m 20. I got diagnosed 7 years ago, and the past year has been worse with my Crohn’s than all the other years combined. You probably won’t see this but I’m so glad I came across your channel and I definitely don’t feel as alone anymore!

  24. I have just been diagnosed with Crohn's disease at 19. This has been going on for a while but I was just too embarrassed to say anything but when I did I had so many tests done and month's later they tell me I have Crohn's disease. I still feel like I'm in the dark because I'm still struggling to get to know what it is exactly. I love watching your videos they are really helping me to know what is going on and wrap my head around this. I'm glad I'm not in this alone. Thank you!

  25. You are so funny i love your personality i got diagnosed about 3-4 years ago when i was about 10 years old im 13 as of now and its been very difficult for me because i also have social anxiety and unspecified trauma with stress disorder so yeah i have panic attacks often (If you have never had one) it genuinely sucks and i know that people on the outside can not see what i am feeling they can only see me crying shaking and basically breaking down my panic attacks are mostly due to my Crohn’s disease like if i have a flare up i dont want to go anywhere and if i think about going to my therapists then it gets me anxious and a panic attack ensues so that sucks lol i really love you channel btw its so fun watching you

  26. I've been thinking of diagnosis of Crohns for so long.. last time I was at the drs I had a new dr who did a test and they found im loosing blood somewhere not much but I had no idea that could be a symptom.. I've had IBS since I remember! Like since potty training they couldn't figure out what I had so they decided to just say IBS.. theyre still shocked I can even go with my digestive system.. Its so not fun to have IBS when ur a kid! I cant imagine going now! Joints are worsening.. its a tired almost everyday but nights are usually better… uhhh..

  27. I just got diagnosed with Crohn's two weeks ago and I've been looking EVERYWHERE for a channel where someone talks about their experience with this!! I hope you can make more videos!! what's been most daunting for me is trying to figure out what my triggers are…it seems like such an impossible process and I don't even know where to begin with food some days.

  28. I am nearly 23 and got diagnosed at 21. Keep posting, you help so much 💕 You explain chron's so well and what it's like in the daily life. I can relate to so much, people and family can't understand at times that I cannot work :/ My bones get so sore to the point I was getting ready for work brushing my hair and I just broke down on the bathroom floor from being so tired and sore.

  29. Thanks for explaining this so well. I was curious what camera You use for Vlogging? Hope you have a good day.

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