Cryoport Innovation and Excellence in Temperature-Controlled Logistics for the Biopharma Industry

At Cryoport, we’re in a
unique group of companies that is really saving
lives through our services. Cryoport is focused on
providing critical, proprietary temperature-controlled solutions to primarily cell and gene therapies. These cell and gene therapies have the potential to change humanity. It’s one thing to invent these therapies, and these vaccines, and so forth, but it’s another thing to
get them there with efficacy. And that’s where Cryoport comes in. Cryoport’s the enabler. Every shipment Cryoport does,
a life can be on the line. We can be delivering a
potential cure to a patient, or in the case of reproductive medicine, we’re helping intended
parents try to create life. One of the biggest
risks is transportation. The logistics process, where
suddenly the drug product is in an unknown environment,
becomes high risk. No-one else in the world has
the Cryoport Express Shipper. Through our methodologies, we bring cells to a level of suspension so that product can then be transported in the exact same condition that it left. We have a 24/7, 365 logistic service that is constantly
monitoring our shipments, getting information back from our portal, and using that data to
proactively intervene on shipments that require service. We actually can talk to the system while it’s in transit. We look in on the package and make sure that the environment that the contents are being shipped in is satisfactory. No-one does that. We record all that information, and we make it available for science and for regulatory purposes. The approach that we’re
taking is to truly integrate all our services into a common platform, so it doesn’t matter where
you’re storing the drugs you will have the same level
of service and visibility on your products and services,
anywhere in the world. Our recent growth has
been explosive, globally. Our footprint around the
globe will most likely double. This industry will continue
to evolve and change, and we have to be dynamic to meet the requirements of the industry. And we’re overcoming this with new technology and new innovation. The reason companies come to us is because of our experience, and
because of our credibility, and because of our no-fail policy. Cryoport is providing a complete solution. Advanced technology, advanced packaging, advanced logistics
centers around the world, logistics know-how, and our
highly trained employees make Cryoport the market
leader and first choice.

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