Crystals are Bullsh*t

Today’s topic is why crystals are
basically bullshit, but I love them anyway. Here’s what’s good. People, and by
people I mean New Age hippies first, celebs next, and then everyone else at
Starbucks after that, are very into crystals. And I get it – crystals are nice and they’re shiny. They look good in jewelry, they look good at home, they’re great in…meth? But some people think that they have mystical
qualities that can actually relieve stress, improve mental health, and even cure illness through energy. Why? Well mostly because
they’re old and vibrate. So in theory these ancient crystals can help cure things through this energy. So for example, black obsidian, it can supposedly help ground yourself. Carnelian can help heal the reproductive system. Rose quartz can activate your
heart. Amethyst can treat addiction, and chia pet can turn that frown upside down. To do crystals right, believers say you have to clean them regularly, especially
if someone else touches them. Don’t touch my crystals. You could do this by leaving them out in the moonlight, by burying them in dirt for a week, by cleansing them with sound. You can even burn sage in a procedure that’s called smudging. Sounds like a fun weekend to me. In practice, there’s no evidence for
crystals having special powers. In fact science has evidence
against it. In one example, even ardent believers couldn’t tell the difference between quartz crystals and fake glass ones. But don’t put away your spell book
and give up on your crystals yet, because of something called the placebo effect. You may know a placebo from medicine, where it’s a sugar pill with no active
ingredients – a sugar pill that actually solves the
problem for patients 30% of the time. It’s a similar idea here. Basically, the belief in the crystal and
not the crystal itself is what matters. And that’s true even if someone
tells you that in the first place. In other words if you
believe that rose quartz can help activate your heart, even though you know
it’s just a shiny rock, it very well could. The placebo effect is real. More and more studies show an actual impact and measurable change on the brain. So stop judging all these people with crystals, okay, and maybe get one yourself. I just bought one from Etsy. It’s an apple aura quartz. I bought it because it told me that
it could ward off psychic vampirism, a real problem that I have, and also that it could help improve my spleen. Really I bought it though in the
hopes that you’d keep watching this video, which it seems like it’s working. Long story short, this really underscores the power and potential of intention. Maybe if you can dream it,
you can actually do it. Obviously don’t use crystals
instead of medicine – that’s dangerous. But think about what you’re
telling yourself and what you’re telling others. What you believe that’s holding you back, and maybe buy a crystal, or a chia pet, to help you start thinking differently. Hi Greatists. Thanks for watching. As you know, I’m your friend with health benefits, not an expert, so feel free to disagree in
the comments. And speaking of comments, we’re giving away a Chia Pet, of course. So, all you’ve got to do to enter the giveaway is submit a comment below and
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  1. Real crystals belong to earth. For the perfect balance in nature. People are beibg selfish by using crystals. Just hanging out in nature is just enough for humans mental and physical health.

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