CSU's Human Performance Clinical Research Laboratory

hi this is Barry Brahn I'm the head of the health and exercise science department and sitting in this half finished maybe three-quarters finished clinical biomechanics lab converted out of an old racquetball court its current expansion that we're doing and that you're seeing some of right now is going to get us to about 16,000 square feet of state-of-the-art research space to allow us to do we hope three things you know all related to our mission in the HPC RL Human Performance clinical research lab to conduct groundbreaking research really focused on the area of aging age-related disease and what we call or other people called health span maximizing the number of years that you're healthy productive and independent when we say human performance we don't really mean athletic performance what we mean is can you do your job and the best way possible second we really take training of the next generation of scientists really seriously we want them to be better than us that's what we're training them to do we want them to be imbued with that sense of we do this for a purpose two Sciences for reasons that affect public health in a positive way last we are a land-grant institution we take that responsibility seriously we want the research that we do to be translatable to real-world health problems global level policy all the way down to how do we keep your mom from falling down the stairs in her house so that she could be independent for as many years as possible so those are the three pieces to the mission the lifeblood is people and we never forget that that what we're doing is training people improving people working on people trying to make people better so since it's all about people and you whoever you are watching this qualify as people we want to invite you to join us in our journey thank you

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