Cure Knee pain forever by Ayurvedic Medicine ( Health Tips )

You can find thousands suffering from knee pain. So many medicines have been developed but they are still at pain even after operation When I came to know fmr PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee will be undergoing a knee surgery in America , I tried to stop him but the message never reached him He underwent a surgery for knee pain .As a result of side effects of pain killers , antibiotic etc now he has lost his memory I pray with folded hands , avoid surgery at all costs . A beautiful remedy is in our hands now Mixture of Piparmool (Piper Longum) powder , Turmeric powder , Fenugreek powder – etc etc Had this formula been in the hands of a pharma company they would have earned billions But I am revealing it openly , why should our money go out of the country We have made packets of 15 day doses each wet 10 gm of this mixture in water overnight in a glass of water Boil it till it becomes half a glass , strain & drink in the morning Relief would start within 10-15 days but drink this for 25-30 days Any type of knee pain , pain anywhere else in the body all vanish


  1. peerpramul(ganthoda),haldi,methi powder. you can get these from most desi stores. boil 1 spoon of each in 2 cups of water.when it becomes 1 cup then turn off and leave over night. drink in morning for 30 days

  2. Cure Knee pain forever by Ayurvedic Medicine ( Health Tips )

    "God gives cloth, wood and fire even to a dead man, it is so sad that the living man keeps worrying… – Param Pujya Sant Shree ‪#‎Asaram‬ ‪#‎Bapu‬ Ji
    Murde ko Prabhu det hain, kapda, lakda aag |
     Zinda nar chinta kare, take bade abhaag ||
     – Param Pujya Sant Shree #Asaram #Bapu Ji"

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