Curing HIV AIDS क्या यह संभव है? Medical research to eradicate AIDS explained, Current Affairs 2018

hello everyone welcome to steady IQ so his video lecture me I'm discussing a a new discovery to cure AIDS ignite discovery who here to cure AIDS it's Kiba theoretical computer marry her or acknowledge be Maria it's colorful form they had acquired immunodeficiency syndrome hair or he who died HIV virus Kawara human immunodeficiency virus gaeduara it's Jota Traci bottom touch occurring gay is discovery cube are imagining a this video is presented by me my name is Sarah Pandey UPS is alerted agoraphobic very help me rock face book page visit curse at their my ID is sorrow Pandey 0:09 is literature copy PT be up made a Facebook page to download curse at their its discovery Cosimo's Nikoli dewpoint Sammy salmon I Perla dewpoint hair hair cell structure common summer snap or do throw to point to me so much now whoa hey HIV virus a human immunodeficiency virus a you virus is proc are attack kartha hai you do points agar up something it abhi is discovery Jabari me John pancake a gram cell structure he bath curry to her body her it living just as Treme bubonic you say hey bob anna has sell sell sell Cuyahoga Excel Couric organism hoga ki got multiple cellular organism so sorry cell milker organisms obinata in lake in common some making a common a this subbu a living system cell K Bonet hota hai algorithm silky structure could they can those silky structure code they say a girl exhale had so silky and the octopus nucleus present of the ham or yellow nucleus a is nucleus key under heat DNA present or that or yellow nucleus her ear nucleus a yeah happy could chip or present oh they a pork amethyst Omni a kind of whole shortage shot a hole present or their Jeannie I'm Kathy a nuclear pore nuclear pore a VSO nuclear pore hair joking nucleus me present what ahem yeah facilitate Curt a covetous Jew transfer whole nucleus say just say is portion from cytoplasmic Bolton the nucleus say cytoplasm may transfer your cytoplasm a nucleus may transfer all the yellow structure had nuclear pore car in a in Journal on both the nuclear pore complex yet new a nuclear pore complex a quad important role play karta hai koi beaches transfer chemically cytoplasm and nucleus or nucleus a cytoplasmic I got a bath curry you do virus HIV Ito your virus a human immunodeficiency virus a jokey it's caused Kurt I woke his pro carcass kurta yes a virus hair jokey jokey hamari immune system but he attacked kurta just a for example agar Himiko by Mary ho ta say antigenic term Jota antigen gamete labaki koi be foreign object foreign object they say bacteria ho virus so Fangio dokie coiba Mary cause curse actor antigen an atonium cobalt hominid antigen Cathy in antigen tequila for Murray body may produce ho ta NT body or here antibodies ho tae RA a kind of hamari immune system kappa hot important part hot here AC p– ricardo 3 BSS cells and jokey hamare immune system coke coffee strong kartha hain aapke Kyogre could be mario Nieto's by maurice a hammock on Pachanga hemara immune system member tyga lake in HIV as a virus a Dookie hamari immune system / here take kurta to shake a hickey agar HIV virus egg bar body under talaga tomara immune system it navajo jaga dokey stage Lika Raja today's stage qualms Kathy it's it's a stage I developed acquired immunodeficiency syndrome a key stage i iike stage at the memory body it neva rubinho j'tia external object Keely a key Jesse auger Kobe bacteria reduce recoil B virus your fans I am re body may be hot easily enter ho cetera may be marker Satya – it's called OB patient Jota have uber hot van de bellota GCB be merry kill Lee a dislike Akata it's that related illness it's a casa stages a happy immune system it Navi coca Kimiko be merry ho ho sakta whose be merry say hamari death ho sakte hai – easily ki KI year to HIV virus HIV virus kiss proc arc car Carta hi-yah HIV virus case a car Karenga just say for example Mary body may white blood cells so the hair white blood cells just say example at T helper cells do some cat ahem yo T helper cells what the hell you have our immunity cub hot important part hang up kya hoga ki t helper cell because carbonara T helper cell be in journal cell cahaya does a normal cell ever said T helper cell be a leaking couch complexity sathya up KSK nucleus may be T helper cell key nucleus may be DNA present up ki ki yeh jo HIV virus HIV virus enter Carta virus Kudo could develop your groaning curse act I am multiplying curse at ty was his support area was a host gossip or ta to ki KI yellow virus a virus sa eige enter kreega nucleus kinder G say T helper cell a is kin nucleus kinder enter carry got fill Kiowa Hunter Carnegie path here virus up need DNA come multiply karika multiply Khadijah mechanism co-opt happy cops ro multiplied Haj Agha or multiply Hunicke body Acharya ki jo cytoplasmic or do blood hair waha P or Giada HIV virus is spread Kurdish Allah Jaya MATLAB K T helper cells okey ha may be Marisa botanically a jokey ha may do three foreign objects a botanically heyy HIV virus co-op Naboo Jian Binaca yaha Mike has a tanky you see me better curry up Co agro kuraha apnea become multiply kuraha young keiki obtain embargo Giada says odd about Hanukkah Priya's cartilage attitude it needs other virus HIV virus it needed a felling would need Giada hamari body possibility ie its cake repo J its key to stage a raha taco Poitier Optimus Niki you do discovery have a discovery clear her here discovery palette is to publish whoo applause pathogens by Michael melons of King's College London and colleagues in ke dwara publicity approach a yellow journal approach both famous journal or a be Holly may cause dimple 8 and number 29 qui a study published who he had or is macabre tiger but I do you sell so they have yourself a for example here a nucleus Anna a cell candidacy a cytoplasmic or in ETA a nucleus a up his nucleus main nuclear pore complex and you say I'm Karen nuclear pore complex here happy it protein present as protein Kaname Mike so virus resistance to mx2 gig I see protein hand jockey nuclear pore complex may present a discovery clear am to here to protein to protein have a year protein is virus Co HIV carrier virus a ESCO under John is a rock Teja he enter Kernan he Betty hey obvious a agar hemay a cure kita of move Carnahan open a hominid Jana pedagogy is a virus function case a car tire or agar here virus co-infection cause garages HIV virus other co-infection cause karai the hamari body kakeya mechanism a you say but Johnny Kelly a we do Mike Mike Mike so virus resistance to protein a you bought the important role play dirty a just get the healthy do HIV co-infection na get na ho sakta booth oprius yeah hey is the protein ek Dora so here to discovery hey your coffee important to role play curse at the air just a for example a eukaryotic Giselle so then eukaryotic the semi past though three key K cells only economic approach area or the prokaryotic cells SSL so tender unicellular this a for example Coby cell hoga or silk you Pirjo have this a nucleus present toga nuclear envelope present from the Allah glug just sell me organelles present what they had here prokaryotic cells Mesa could be near the nucleus present neo that or you have kind of kind of um Casa cleans my nucleus present and in yoga is my cell organelles president in your gory a unicellular this a for example bacteria a prokaryotic cell a or eukaryotic just hamari body Quito Salem okay eukaryotic cells so here the eukaryotic cell so they have to in make I just a year Garcelle her year nucleus a nucleus super octopus nuclear envelope phota have here just a new nuclear envelope Hagia a nucleus Cooper or is portion come Kathy had a cytoplasm of you nuclear envelope separate Kerrigan nucleus or – plasma Co Abdul Dada Dada movement Tata ham evoke easkey through yoga nuclear envelope K through hoga history kiss a nuclear envelope kid through hoga or he has a pass Jota Jota Joe have a coil VG cytoplasm and nucleus man exactly nucleus a cytoplasmic a Satya via nuclear pores nuclear pores or yield protein decision but car mx2 protein yohimbe presented oke allow liquor t heya in a bit Cartier HIV virus CO and Terhune sa you can I reverse a bar enter wha entra Monica but the Anika Opie occurring or opening up Co multiplied Carta Shailaja I got a year protein to discover who had escaped you car key to be scientist hand jokey-joke your paper kuraha be research Cara have we play Oscar sakthe hai the elds kill eco a medicine man I Jessica yeah it's killing it you're Kia Jessica to his discovery cobalt Barra it breakthrough manager AHA or asleep Joe topic hey Bobby Caffey important agar bad cranky UPS is related to again means may is Sarah Litton oppression naman sakta looking pretty limbs make officer depression burns at the hem Johanna is may discuss class lecture may just say for example which basic points on each on a prokaryotic cells or eukaryotic cells k bar ma the which of the following statements are true about prokaryotic cell eukaryotic cells Osaka high other EC protein keep our MV statement puts of tank mx2 – protein a wok is a related head thomna be Janicki mx2 you have will help course actia HIV infection core Oconee Kelly a or those are the basic basic structure a sales k OB omni-channel just a nuclear pore complex ki a nuclear animal lab kata the Esprit Kirk is our oppression of bunts at the his lecture said it means me it's not going important near Talkeetna Co better question named frame here just now although which information coupe you curiosity' and selecting me so is video lecture me I'm gonna discuss Qian I discovery kibarim a joky help carry ghee or to cure AIDS I hope your video lecture up carry helpful loga thank you for watching the video


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  3. Myxovirus resistence 2(mx2) a new protein found around centroid of cells. That works as resistance btw cells and h.i.v virus … That new protein name is everything to know … Thank me later😉

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