Curing the SICK Discus Update How I treated them and What Medications I used

world how's it going hope you guys are all doing great if not as always I hope it gets better for you so I did not do the whistle this time I had to go through all the playlists on the channel and I kept hearing it and it does get kind of annoying after a while so I want to try to switch it up a little bit that way it isn't the same old same old all the time and no I can't see you Leslie Leslie wants to show off his bed jumping skills but anyways I am here to talk about these discus some of you guys who have been following my channel have seen that I got these probably about a month ago actually it has been a month ago since the NEC convention and Cromwell Connecticut and these guys we're not doing that great when I brought them back Leslie what'd I tell you about being quite above me thank you but yeah they weren't doing that great so I got him in the water it was like a live 13 hour trip all the way back so they did have quite the ride back and I started off there getting some issues with their coats and start getting fin rot so usually when I see that and the slime coming off and their fins deteriorating I'll usually go for the fungus cure the API fungus cure this actually was not doing anything I waited today I didn't see anything getting better so I'm like okay that's not gonna do any good so I'm like I have to do a different game plan change the water did a 50% water change got most of those meds out then I tried to hit it with the general curve and the birth of my sin which I don't have the bottle out here right now that didn't end up doing anything and so I had some of this fritzsche guard leftover from aqua Shella I was having some Guppies have issues with their stress coats further uh slim coats from stress and I used some of this at aqua shelling it worked real well so I ended up putting it in the tank with the discus and it ended up making all the difference once they are able to get something to actually coat their slime coat to help them then they are able to naturally fight off what was dealing with them whether it be bacterial or fungal I don't know but I know that bacterial and fungal meds were not doing any justice and they were not helping them at all for that situation sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't but that's what ended up working for me so I would definitely recommend the fritz Guard not sponsored by him Jay Wilson did hook me up and they said they love what I do and all his stuff and he ended up overnighting me some which was awesome of him that whole company's awesome as the way they treat people and everything but anyways he overnighted me some I didn't even have to use it though because just that one dose what I had left in the bottle ended up taking care of them and then they did end up having wasting disease as well where they were getting real skinny but I think that may it came from when I added these Guppies in because they ended up getting the wasting disease as well in their tank so I did end up hitting them with some general cure but now we're a month in and uh yeah they're doing all all good I did lose one yellow and then I lost a blue one to the other blue ones down here and I definitely see why discus or cichlids because they definitely have pecking orders they definitely like to pick on the smallest ones and you do kind of got to watch that I'm loving them I'm probably gonna get them down in at 240 I'm kind of wanting to redo the 240 because there's too much nutrients with all the dirt and that substrate I got in there it's just too rich it's hard to fight the green water so I don't know I thought about leaving this is a discus tank but I think it's also a good breeding tank for other things and I wanted to put my braiding pair of red melons in here and I see if they would naturally breed off in there but yeah I know a lot of you guys were wondering about the update wondering about these discus and what ended up happening to them I absolutely love this guy so cool and I did get a polarizer lens for my phone so hopefully that'll help shout out to you guys who have mentioned those before see that guy's still in the corner he was the one hit the most with that internal infest the internal parasites that I had to use the general kirim ty Hunsicker thank you so much for this in ten dollar super check it is very helpful and very appreciated here's Wesley's airplane he says lrb can you guess what food my discus get as a morning snack it's what Chris what fish crave for sure thinks I can just imagine it's the Tetra killer tropical granules I think go nuts for him I actually feed these guys more than anybody just to kind of keep their aggression down most fish in the fish room usually gets fed once a day a real good meal which they got live foods and plants and stuff to eat on so I know they're not starving but these guys I feed them at least three times a day just kind of keep the pecking down but I think if I get them in the 240 then it'll give them a lot more space to a girl out more and as far as this tank I haven't been running any filter no power head just nice still water no air stone fish tube thank you so much for the support and the $5 super chat says I heard Lucas can walk on water when he's holding tetra colored tropical granules that's supposed to tell everybody that fish too but thank you thank you thank you so much for the support you guys are awesome like it really does make a difference man yeah I'm loving these guys I wish the other blue Oh tomato I had to get some more blues anybody knows I'm a sucker for blue fish even though these guys are gorgeous what do you think of Kasuri warmer Plus never used it but I'm gonna use like a dewormer I'm gonna use the Pankisi dog dewormer which is crazy because there has been an article I'm not gonna I'm not gonna say anything like don't hold me to this or nothing but supposedly that helps cure some cancers and stuff there was been some articles on it it's been real weird so I'm hoping that the pan cure see doesn't go up and cost cuz everybody's like ooh we need that caylor's Aquatics thank you so much for the $10 super chat and the support again bob says Lucas what's coming up for sell so I do have in there I got some killifish on the site lots of plants rainbows I haven't really got up there yet the weather around here is actually still in the 50s and 40s and let's see I think yeah tomorrow night it's gonna be 40 but by next shipping it should be alright so I haven't put like much for the rainbows or CPD's or anything else there's a lot of organized they're not going doing right now working on the 20 by 20 rank and the guest bedroom trying to get that out I just pulled all the substrate out today and yeah so there has it it's it's a battle with everything there's just not enough time of day but I'm working on it how are the XS doing so Buck Rogers I'm gonna be doing a video on all them soon here probably tomorrow I got our air CS with stringy poo what's the preferred treatment RCS usually hamstringing poo as long as it's brown you should be good or whatever he's eating he's eating a lot of biofilm there's a possibility that it's white if he's eating a lot of algae you'll tend to be green if he's eating a lot of touch of color chalk granules it could be orange just shrimp grainy eller breaths are you ever gonna sell but as it's killing me at this point so if I actually get like a bun in a Mac like I've got some of the ones that I raised up but I don't think I'm ready to sell them yet because I want to bring them outside like I know everybody wants my fish at the same time I kind of want my fish to you know not a fish flipper but I do know the feeling gesture and greeny and I do hope to get more bread out here this summer free RCS or RC simulator says I got a coughs Ickx new silver dollars with 84 plus temp and salt that should probably help you I know some people do it that way with the ick I like to use Ruby reef kick egg it's always done great for me and it acts fast it comes with another thing called rally which helps their slime coat and and it just like it's this some kind of stuff that just grabs all the cysts to all the eggs and I've never had any issue of it coming back on me opposed to like insult they can tend to dig themselves and substrate possibly where it has a better chance of coming back with the other method not so much fish barn thank you so much for the five dollar super chant hey Lucas do you happen to have any more of those white Guppies that you're selling at aqua Shella so I do those are the fire and or the fire and ice Guppies that are on the website right now well thank you thank you Mike for the five dollar super chat and the support but yeah you see this white guy up there in the corner him and the blue one are always kind of off they've been like that for like a couple weeks and I think it's the pecking order here like they're always keeping them at bay he used to be underneath the boob itis there-there guy well his belly did get sunken a little bit see he's already getting picked at hey see they're just little punks that's why he's been stuck there forever they're always always hungry all right so I'm gonna feed these guys a little bit of food and then I'm gonna hop off here it's always fun to watch them eat no Piggy's coming up out of the water didn't intent though and you see there's a nice cut of biofilm on there they don't care though its own natural rail to them oh yes he can keep discus no no filter no that stuff mother nature doing her thing doing her thing they look so tiny in this one 25 though put them in at 240 if we're gonna look even smaller this stinks nice though cuz it's got a quick water change it actually goes straight downstairs plumbed in through the floor I just open out a valve 50% real quick boom back in I like to put some over here for these guys I need to get them Guppies out soon though because Mama's looking Plumpton mm-hmm and that in a guppy water and discus water kind of contradicts each other I don't even know what the TDS is it's actually a good question I think anybody asked me but Boston Maine Mike what's up my man throwing down the $10 super chat so glad to see in here Boston me and Mike mean mike says hey young brother how you doing I'm doing good I'm hanging in there I'm glad these cichlids made it oh look at that that's reading 5 20 on the tds meter that's probably cuz it's mostly meds in there I've been doing extra blah I know general Crerar usually got four rounds dinner water change like a couple days ago and did it again just to make sure but yeah these discus from NEC Boston man Mike Maine Mike and uh yeah hopefully we meet up again cuz you forgot your red tiger Lotus I'm gonna gotta get you on that but thank you thank you thank you for your support I'm glad to see in here like see they want to eat that too like there's such little pigs but I like them alright jeez how much general Chur does that tank was oh so actually I ended up dropping the water level halfway because sometimes with internal parasites this is a good thing too I'm glad you mentioned this before I hopped off here so sometimes with internal parasites it can also affect their swim bladders so I had a couple that we're trying to turn to their side after I was doing their water change and so what I ended up having to do is drop the water level back down so their swim bladder wouldn't cause them to go sideways and when I did that they did alright then after that I only had to dos half the tank and another reason why I do some meds again because if there was any residual and residue up on the other top half then I'll be killing it as I refill it later down the road so I can't actually had this tank halfway full for a couple weeks but that's a nice little trick to help with the swim bladder is take that pressure off of a because it's less weight on their swim bladder then I'll have a better chance of being it'll bounce back from it and let their bodies heal themselves dude so cool love that guy all right so yes very very good question so I'm a hop off here before this gets way too long and uh Patrick Nedley thank you so much for the $2 super Jess says have you ever considered writing a book matter of fact I have multiple times I've got it on a list a couple notes and whatnot already to do so then I also got a friend who loves to write I don't like to write that's the big reason why I haven't read it in the book why don't work office work and that kind of stuff I do not like to write and she does so hopefully we can collaborate and get something done you know yeah should be cool so hope you guys learned something hopefully this will help save some other fish out there and yeah till next time everybody please have a great one thank you all for the support for watching and hanging out


  1. So over the last 3 months I've ordered hundreds of dollars of plants from LRB. He's now my go to source for plants, for the quality they come in at. Not one single plant has died because he grows them submersed for us. I chose to get rare plants from him and boy am I glad I did because I have something different than anyone else.

  2. only thing that sucks about having alot of tanks is theirs always a sick fish somewhere…i try not to bring fish in if i can help it.

  3. Really love the "texture" of the bottom , from sand to gravel , looks very natural .
    I also like the green cover on that rocks ..
    Why don't you move the discus into a smaller tank where you can treat them much easier ??

  4. Dude, you need to get some flow and aeration going in that tank. Their breathing is laboured. Get them on some beef heart to put some weight on them, and please consider filtration. They have been bred far and away from their wild roots, and they need help. "Mother Nature" alone, at this point, will not do it for them.

  5. Hi Lucas, I get your nature approach in your tanks but with the discus situation medication and all don't you need some air stone or flow to help your fish?

  6. How's the one to the back left? That's not a good sign. Might have to QT and keep temp at 93 degrees until it recovers

  7. id trade ya some of my blue discus for ur red ones.. and i use dog de-wormer too! cheers!!!

  8. I LIKE the whistling and song.
    It's familiar and comforting, when I hear that, I know it's LRB Time, and good things will be shown and spoken of.
    Please don't change it up too much.

  9. Love it…"I know everybody wants my fish, but I kinda want my fish too." πŸ˜‚
    Well that is the #1 reason we breed fish and shrimp, right, so that we can have cool critters that we can point to and say…I bred that magnificent speciman.

    Then when they breed and we start to get over run, then we can share them. So, don't feel bad about keeping fish back for yourself.

    I've got 3 tanks running on deep sand/gravel, plants, fish, water, hard wood leaves, and mother nature. Six months in, everything is still gravy.

    When I get moved and settled into my own house…everthing is going all natural. Thanks Lucas for proving it can be done successfully on a large scale and that it's sustainable long term. πŸ’ͺ

  10. Good luck bro. Once mine got the wasting disease they just slowly died one by one and I couldn’t ever get rid of it.

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