cute songs to help you cope with depression


  1. Thanks dude i love this so much i will hear it any time someone brings that feeling back anyway i like saying im a lil devil like bendy! It makes me feel happier

  2. Those who are struggling with depression: call help. If you think nobody cares about you, your wrong. I care about you amd so do many others. God bless those who struggle. Your life is like a book, a good book has an interesting plot and story. Dont end your story too early 😘

  3. This helps me Every Time I feel anxious AND, depressed , are there subliminals ?? it's just weird how this helps Every Time

  4. Lyrics I think about for the first one.

    Hey pretty stranger!
    How ya doing!
    Are you ok I
    Am here for you!
    If you would me help it’d be ok! ~

    (Dunno! Just thought this! :3)

  5. If you are going through somethin, please for the love of God talk to someone. Remember, there are people in this world who love you and care for you. Don’t worry, you’ll get through this <3

  6. Depression is not a mood
    Its a hard life
    If i should even call it a life
    When u say cure depression its just stupid depression cant be cured

    Dont even think about commenting about my pfp i cant change it for some reason

  7. Life is better when you have a friend to share it with <3

    Fellow people with depression, just know everything’s gonna be alright.
    Remember you’ve made it this far, just try going a little bit farther until you’ve reached your happiness. <3

  8. I really want to talk to somebody at the moment… i feel like i wanna die. Lets talk about problems in the reply's :):

  9. This is for you,MY BEST FRIENDS.Read this message until the end,it’s adorable.I sent an angel to watch over you last night,but it came back.When I asked "Why?” the angel said "Angels don’t watch over angels." Twenty angels are in your world.Ten of them are sleeping, nine of them are playing, and one is reading this message. God has seen you struggling with some things, and God says "it’s over." A blessing is coming your way. If you believe in God, send this to fourteen friends, including me. if I don’t get it back, I guess I’m not one of them. As soon as you get five replies, someone you love will quietly surprise you… Not joking. Pass this message on. Please don’t ignore it. You are being tested and God is going to fix two big things tonight in your favor. If you believe in God,drop everything and pass it on. TOMORROW Will Be The Best Day Of Your Life. DON’T BREAK THIS CHAIN. SEND THIS TO FOURTEEN FRIENDS IN TEN MINUTES. IT’S NOT THAT HARD. NO GROUP CHATS (ps I dont care who u r cause all of u are my friends whether u like it or not)

  10. My friend,
    You may not be the answer to my questions
    You may not be the hero in my story
    You may not always be around me
    But you made some of my days better
    Thank you, 🙂

  11. Roses are red
    Violet's are blue
    My older sister in foster care has depression
    And I think a lot of people do, too.

  12. Dear You,
    You may be familiar with crying yourself to sleep,
    With heartbreak,
    with low self confidence,
    with hurting yourself physically and mentally,
    with seeming life is unfair and wondering why it happens to you..
    It’s to test if you’re strong enough to have a positive perspective, YOU choose your own destination in life despite the difference you may have compared to others.
    YOU are YOU so don’t try to change yourself to please society. Everyone is different and just know you’re accepted and loved by me. So if you ever need to…
    CONTACT ME! I will always be here to listen and if you don’t want to.. just know you will be okay and you will fight through it…
    I, WE, EVERYONE LOVES YOU but you need to love you.

  13. this comment section is pretty much a meetup for 11 year old girls who say they have depression because they think it makes them different

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