Cutting edge imaging helps doctors detect circulatory system disorders

in tonight’s woman’s doctor cutting-edge imaging is changing outcomes for patients with a variety of circulatory system disorders Mercy Medical Center is using rizona 7 ultrasound machines in its vascular center they say it’s a vital tool for diagnosing identifying and then ultimately treating things like strokes carotid artery disease poor circulation leg swelling and blockages vascular lab lab technical director Todd Hall says the upgrade in technology is like going from regular TV to ultra ultra high-def TV providing greater images and clarity than even CT scans it was a huge jump in in capabilities particularly in that superficial tissue that first three centimeters of tissue the resolution we have now nabel’s us to see so much more farm beyond what we had previously vascular lab director dr. curtis cam hopes to use the technology for vascular research that might ultimately help predict complications of venous disease for example you know we look at a auric disease and aneurysms and we team ly check them every three months to six months to a year and see whether they work or not if you take that a little further how about we if we could predict which ones are under grow and which ones are not well dr. Kim also says the technology can help manage vascular disease at an earlier stage [Music]

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