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  2. @ NEJMvideo is this cycling therapy works real for parkinson person and how much duration a person has to cycle in a day

  3. In High School, my TV Prods class had a substitute teacher – and little did I know he had parkinsons. He started to walk across the room, and then out of nowhere he started busting out doing a little Irish jig (like the man 'skipping' in the video)…. or so I thought, and I bust out laughing. He explained himself and to this day I still cringe from the feeling I had. It did, however, make me more compassionate and understanding of different people.

  4. hmmm…maybe this is why michael j fox has parkinson and the only way for it to be cured is have him ride an actual hoverboard and that leads to a production of a hoverboard thus completing back to the future promise of hoverboard by 2015. whos with me?

  5. I need to rain on this parade sadly. His motions are alright on the bike but as soon as he's stopping his brain will order him to move onwards and will make him fall over (as you can slightly see at the last couple of second of this video). It (sadly) has no use for any kind of therapy and could possibly worsen the symptoms.

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