Cypress, Texas Family Medicine Physician Dr. Sandra Irving

– Hi, I’m Sandra Irving. I’m a Family Medicine Physician
at Kelsey-Seybold Clinic. (light music) I want to be the physician
that helps my patients be the best and healthiest that they can be. I believe a lot in preventative medicine so that we won’t have issues later on. My job is to help them be
in charge of their illness so they can manage it and
control it appropriately, and enjoy everything in their life. A long time ago, I had some family members who were ill with cancer when I was young, and I think that caused me to
have an interest in medicine. I think initially I thought, oh, I’m gonna be a
researcher and you know, discover cures for cancer. Then I realized I didn’t
like to be in a lab, that I liked people and I like
to be able to help people. The obvious course for me
was to go into medicine. I think of family medicine as the doctor who does the whole picture. You get to see everybody. I have patients who are in their teens and I have some patients all
the way up into their 90s, so you get to follow
patients for a long time. And I like that continuity of care of being the doctor that
they go to for everything. I came to Kelsey-Seybold
straight out of residency. I liked the idea of having everybody under one roof, so to speak. We have specialties we can talk with and then we can send our patients to. And also, Kelsey is very evidence-based. It always feels really good when I have a patient come back and say, you know, you really
helped me understand that or you helped me through this illness, or you know, I love coming
to see you as my physician because I know I’m making a
difference in peoples’ lives.

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