Cypress, Texas Internal Medicine Physician Dr. Cynthia Basaldua

– Hi, my name is Dr. Cynthia Basaldua. I’m an internal medicine doctor here at Kelsey-Seybold Clinic. (light music) Educating my patients is
the most important thing. If I am able to educate them
regarding their medications, their illnesses, their
conditions and how to prevent long-term complications, it’s
gonna be a more effective way of taking care of my patients
and they begin to understand why we’re doing what we’re doing. (light music) If you asked me a long time ago, before medical school, I
would say I’m interested in physiology, science. Now, it’s because of the interaction and the long-term relationship, that I’m building with my patients, with this interaction, we
begin to have a relationship, a trusting relationship and a
very fulfilling relationship with my patients. (light music) Because of the variety of patients, I get to treat a lot
of different illnesses, get to meet a lot of different
people, different ages. I really like the interaction
and the feedback that I get from my patients. (light music) I sit down and look at them in the eye and then I ask them specifically, what brought you here? What can I do for you? When they give me an answer, I try to acknowledge what
they’re concerned about. Once we discuss a plan
and I think they know what direction we’re going. I try to reassure them. I appreciate the fact
that they are willing to listen to my advice and they trust me. (light music)

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